Hadley Arnett
2012 - January 28, 2013
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Four days after the death of her son, Brittany Nichole Arnett, who was 20 years old at the time, went on Facebook to ask for donations to help bury the little Angel. Brittany played the grieving mother and played on the sympathy of others to collect money to bury her child, however, she left out one small detail, the reason her son was dead, was because she had killed him. Brittany posted a message:

"This little boy is my world. He is the reason I wake up every morning. And now that God took
him to be with him, my heart is broken and empty. I will never be the same.
I ask myself
repeatedly, why did this happen to me? Why did it have to be my precious

I am not sure what Brittany thinks happened to HER, but I can tell you what happened to her son, she abused him to death because she was angry with her boyfriend. God did not TAKE your precious boy, you SENT your precious boy to be with God. Brittany's post asked for prayers and money to pay for his funeral costs. Brittany also posted this message:

"Coming to the realization that my son isn't going to come back. I won't hear his cries, but most of all
I won't feel  his grip on my arm when holding him up"

Brittany tells anyone reading her post that the funeral home will make her son beautiful. I have to wonder, which cries is Brittany going to miss, the ones where Hadley is hungry, the ones where his diaper needs to be changed, the ones where is teething, or the ones where SHE is causing him the most horrible pain he would feel in the little time he was allowed to live?

Police questioned Brittany after she and her boyfriend took Hadley to the hospital after the boyfriend came home from being out of town. Hadley was said to be acting abnormal and was having a hard time focusing, he was sensitive to being touched and there was blood in his mouth. Hadley was not breathing and attempts by hospital staff to revive him, were not successful.

Brittany eventually admitted to the police that she had been upset that her boyfriend left her alone with the baby so she put him in his swing and then slammed his face into the tray of the swing several times over the next few hours. At some point, Brittany grabbed Hadley around his waist and pulled him from the swing and in the process, his head was moving back and forth unsupported causing him to hit his head on the tray. Brittany admitted that she was afraid to tell her boyfriend what she had done because she didn't want to get into any trouble.

According to the autopsy report, Hadley had broken ribs, brain hemorrhaging and his spine was separated and he had a bite mark on his thigh. I wonder if Brittany will miss the crying all of that pain must have caused this precious little baby. Brittany was charged with first degree murder and was not allowed to go to the memorial service for Hadley. Why WOULD she have been able to? I don't believe that people who kill other people should then be allowed to attend funerals as though they just lost someone who was important to them.

Neighbors were shaken up by the death of this little baby boy and most said they didn't even know that Brittany and Hadley were living there:

"It's awful, it's terrible"
Dayna Peterson

Sadly, Hadley's obituary picture was one of him and his mother. I find that disgusting and inexcusable, to make a child's last statement on this Earth be one of a loving nature with his mother, when in fact, she's a monster who cares about no one other than herself.

Hadley's first and last Christmas. He'll be spending Christmas with Jesus from now on.

In February of 2014, Brittany Arnett, who was then 21 years old, plead guilty to third degree murder and child neglect and was sentenced after accepting a plea deal, to a SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING 12 years in prison. Brittany's mother spoke up about what her daughter had done:

"She loved her son from the moment she conceived him. Something terrible went wrong that day.
I am her mother and her best friends and along with her family, forgive her. We stand in faith with
God beside her and behind her to help here through all this"
Jessica Anderson

Brittany was crying while her mother spoke, wiped away her tears and then she was taken out of the court room


Hadley Charles Thomas Arnett, 6 months, of Iverness, Fla. passed away on Jan. 28, 2013.

Hadley is survived by his mother, Brittany Arnett; father, Joseph Powlette' grandmother, Jessica Arnett; grandfather Eugene Arnett; grandfather, Bobby Anderson; grandmother Kathy Kaldeneberg; grandparents. Brian and Chrissy Powlett; aunt and uncles, Keith, Chris and Michelle Arnett. He is also survived by his great-grandparents, Sandra Campbell, Danny Campbell and Thomas Butzer.

Visitation will be from 5 to 7 p.m. with service starting at 7 p.m., February 4, 2103, at Brown Funeral Home & zvtrmsyoty in Lecanto.

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Death occurred in the state of Florida

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