Emma Marie Baldwin
September 4, 2010 - October 22, 2012
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Emma was a beautiful, happy little girl who at the age of two, was said to love life and love her family. Pictures show Emma smiling and having a good time with her family, videos bring her back to life if only for a few minutes and they show how much she was loved, at least by those who TRULY loved her:

"Everybody would stop and stare and say "Oh what a doll baby", she was a beautiful two year
old girl. She was my baby:
Benjamin Baldwin

Sadly, not everyone felt that Emma's life was as valuable as they should have.

Emma Marie Baldwin was taken to the University Of Tennessee's Medical center on October 19, 2012, where she was pronounced dead. When Police were called to the home where Emma lived, they were told that a two year old was not breathing and that she was choking on a foreign object. What the doctor found was everything EXCEPT evidence that she had been choking and in fact they told police that there was no physical evidence at all that she had ever been choking that evening. What the DID find was that Emma had been injured quite severely with bruises on her face, chin, back, arms and bottom as well as a broken right arm and trauma to her head.

People were very angry about the case when it was found that the children in the home were being abused and one of them had died from the abuse:

"No child deserves that"
Nikki Hensley - Friend

Nikki was happy to know that Brandie and Juwan were indicted on charges:

"That sounds bad because it's someone's life we're talking about, that going to jail, but Emma lost
her life and she deserves justice"

Commonwealth Lawyer, Ron Elkins, talked about the indictments saying that Juwan was could face the death penalty:

"It's a big thing to walk into a court and ask a jury to take someone's life. So in any death
penalty case you have to be serious, ready and better be prepared"

It was expected that testimony would be based on the findings of the medical examiner who would talk about the autopsy results. In the home, Police found synthetic drugs, pills, needles and other drug paraphernalia. Juwan was said to be home alone when Emma was hurt, Brandie was said to be out.

Brandie Baldwin, who was Emma's mother and was 29 years old at the time and Juwan Moore, Brandie's 30 year old boyfriend were taken into custody. Brandie was charged with second degree murder and three felony counts of child abuse and neglect, relating to two other children who were living in the home. Juwan was charged with capital murder and two counts of child abuse and neglect related to two other children who were living in the home, making him eligible for the death penalty. Juwan was accused of willfully and deliberately premeditating the killing of Emma and Brandie was said to have accidentally and without wanting to, contributed to the death of Emma.

Benjamin Baldwin was there and said that the charges against these two people who had hurt and killed his daughter, was the beginning of justice for Emma. When Emma was with her father and her sister for visitation, they would play outside or make necklaces, fun things to do. Benjamin said that Emma was a beautiful, loving child who was curious and intelligent, just beginning to talk. Benjamin said:

"Emma's in Heaven. I know she's with me and that's comforting to know"

In January of 2013, Brandie posted a secure bond of $25,000. and walked away a free woman. Benjamin was there for the bond hearing and felt a bit uneasy at what was going on:

"It's a surreal experience to talk about the mother of my children and this trial. How are you supposed
to feel about something like that. They put Brandi on the stand and she testified. She deserves to speak
for her actions, but let's not forget the main objective, the death penalty for Juwan Moore. I don't wish
the death penalty for her. Now, if she does life, 40 ten or 20 for the other three counts of neglect
 and abuse, then you know, she needs to speak for it"
Brandie had waived her right to a speedy trial and she would have to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and be required to take a drug test at least once a week and was forbidden to have contact with her children.

Benjamin said that since his daughter had died, there had been a huge amount of support shown by the community and he was happy to see that so many people wanted to share the story of his daughter. Benjamin has joined forces with child abuse prevention agencies to help in the fight to stop child abuse saying he wants not only to prevent child abuse, he wants to end it!

In March of 2013 Benjamin was having to defend himself and stated that he had called Social Services many times to try to get his children out of that home and his call were basically ignored and at one point he was told by one Social Worker than he didn't need to her how to do her job. It turns out that Benjamin had custody of the children and Brandie withheld that information as well as the fact that he was the father of the children so the state of Virginia illegally took custody of his daughter Breanna after Emma's death. Benjamin had help from the state of Kentucky where a home study was being done to determine his fitness to raise Breanna.

In December of 2013, Brandie, at the age of 31, was in trouble again due to an investigation into her and her mother when information came to light that they had been selling prescription drugs. Brandie and her mother, Sherri Beverly, who was 49 years old, were being watched as they sold narcotics to an undercover agent. Brandie and Sherri were being held without bond. At least she was back where she belonged, even if it wasn't for what she did to Emma.

In January of 2014, Juwan Luvies Moore plead guilty to murder as part of a plea deal to get life in prison instead of the death penalty. Benjamin was there and had this to say:

"Emma was just starting to grow into herself. Emma was becoming the person who she was
meant to be. Emma did not deserve to die the way she did. Emma deserved a life full of happiness,
free from drugs and violence. Emma did not deserve the fate that was handed her. Even though
Emma is no longer with us, she is still changing the world and Emma will continue to live on in our
hearts. Emma has touched the lives of thousands of people who never knew her in this life but they
all over her like she is their own child. That's because Emma is a special person and she always
will be, no matter what. That is something no one will ever take from her. Now you have to live with
choices that you made and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Never forget
Emma's face because she is everything in this world that is beautiful. You will have the rest of your
life to think about how Emma's family has been destroyed because of what happened to her and ho
you played your part in that. Emma can never be replaced and we will live with this grief for the rest
of our lives. We will continue to honor Emma's memory every day that I am alive and she will never be
forgotten. Emma will be remembered for who she is as a person and not because of what happened
to her. Remember my daughter. Her name is Emma Marie Baldwin. Enjoy the rest of your life in
prison as a child murderer"

Benjamin said that the conviction of Juwan  due to a plea deal was in no way a scapegoat for him to get away with the murder of Emma adding that Juwan knew that the evidence against him was so overwhelming that he decided that he would rather live in prison, than die for what he had done and though they were a long way from making things right for Emma, this was the start of justice for her.

A woman named Shyann brought to my attention that there is a petition online to collect e-signatures to get Brandi convicted for what she did. You can view and sign that petition here: Justice For Emma Marie Baldwin

UPDATE: August 23. 2014

On August 19, 2014, Brandie Baldwin was in front of the judge and plead guilty to a felony murder charge as well as three felony child abuse charges. The judge sentenced Brandie to 30 years for the murder charge, though 16 of that would be suspended for whatever stupid reason and she would only serve 14. For the child abuse charges, she was sentenced to the maximum sentence and the two sentences would run concurrently. Brandie will spend about 14 years in prison and then be on supervised probation for five years and after that, she'll have ten years of unsupervised probation. If Brandie messes up, she will have to go back to prison and serve the remaining 16 years. Seems to me that she ALREADY messed up in the biggest way possible and should serve it ALL. Brandie plead guilty under the Alford Plea and she smiled as she was taken from the court room to begin her prison sentence.

You can read Benjamin's impact statement, here: Benjamin's Impact Statement

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