Brooklynn Mae Eskew
   - September 20, 2012
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It is horribly wrong and sad that in this day and age a woman can ADMIT that she shook her child, the child dies and the woman is found not guilty of the charge she faced, deliberate homicide and instead be convicted of assault on a minor. When a child is abused and dies as a result of that abuse, that is NOT assault, that is murder and the person who does the murdering should NOT ever be free to walk the streets again.

On September 18, 2012, Jasmine Nicole Eskew's daughter was taken to the emergency room with Jasmine saying that her daughter could not breath. Doctors examined Brooklynn and tests revealed that the child had a brain bleed, police were called for suspected child abuse. Brooklyn was flown to Spokane, Washington where she died two days later. Jasmine told Police that her daughter had been crying so she picked her up and shook her. Jasmine was arrested and held on $100,000. bond.

In April of 2013, Jasmine was pregnant with twins and was released from jail on her own recognizance. Due to a medical condition, Jasmine had been hospitalized since February of 2013 and was expected to stay in the hospital until she gave birth, which would be in June of 2013 and she was expected to be arrested when she was discharged from the hospital, her trial was to begin in September.

In her opening statement, Jennifer Streano said told the jury:

"You are going to hear that Jasmine was a loving, caring mother for Brooklyn. This child was a gift
to the whole family"

Prosecutor John Parker stuck to the confession that Jasmine had made when he said:

"It was medically diagnosed as non accidental trauma. Which is child abuse. Her mother, Jasmine
Eskew was the only person who admitted to physical harm that day"

In April of 2014, even though she had admitted to what she had done to Brooklynn, Jasmine Eskew, who was 23 years old at the time, was found not guilty of deliberate homicide, however, she was convicted of assault on a minor. Public Defenders said in court that Police had asked leading questions that caused extreme emotional distress on Jasmine and that was why she had confessed, at one point, the Lawyers tried to say that the injuries might even have been inflicted on the child by the man who Jasmine had been dating for only two weeks. Jasmine hugged her mother after the verdict.

The lead attorney said that her client was often looked at as socially impaired by those who know her and that she was easily manipulated into admitting something she had not done:

"Innocent people will say they do things they didn't. Nothing indicates she was shaken.
What Brooklyn had
was a massive skull fracture"
Jennifer Streano - Public Defender.

So, the child had a skull fracture and that means the doctors are wrong, she didn't die of shaken baby syndrome? You're an IDIOT Jennifer!

Sentencing was set for May 21, 2014 and on that date, Jasmine was sentenced to only five years in Montana's Department Of Corrections after Judge Sandefur confirmed that Jasmine shook Brooklyn, but that the state could not prove it caused her death. After the verdict, Jasmine said that she wishes she had told police that her boyfriend was there when Brooklyn was injured, but she was in a vulnerable position, so she lied and said he wasn't there. Jasmine said she regrets that she will never be able to hug her child again and that she misses her. Well, all I can say to that is, let's hope if you have any more children, or are ever allowed to raise your twins, that they make it out of your care, alive.

Site creators note: I do NOT know who wrote this obituary, but I find it an insult to Brooklyn that it says she is survived by her mother who misses her greatly. I wish these obituaries would tell it like it is, her mother caused her death, even though a bunch of IDIOTS on a jury said she only assaulted her. Put two and two together and the assault caused the death!


Brooklynn Mae Eskew, 6 months old, who was born in Great Falls, died Thursday, Sept. 20, at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane.

A memorial service will be held at a later date. Cremation has taken place through Heritage Funeral Home, Spokane.

Brooklyn was an organ donor and a hero. The organ donor flag was flown for her in Spokane. She was a most beautiful, happy, loved and cherished child.

Brooklyn is survived and greatly missed by her mother, Jasmine; uncle Robert; grandparents Frank and Patti of Great Falls; and great uncle Toney and wife Marylou Grossman of Power.

Memorials are suggested to Gift of Life Organ Donation; Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane; Life Way; and Emily Center of Great Falls. Prayers are appreciated for the whole family.

Condolences may be posted online at: www.gftribune.com/obituaries

Her death is under investigation.

This page was created on May 23, 2014

Injury took place in Montana, death occurred in Washington.

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