Jeanette Marie Maples
  August 9, 1993  - December 9, 2009
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In our society we have created agencies, by many names, that are set up to protect the worlds children from abuse, neglect and other horrible things. In order for these agencies to work, they have to do their job, more and more I am finding that they do NOT do their jobs and the most innocent among us pay the price, often with their lives. Jeanette Marie Maples is another one of those children.

There were people in Jeanette's life who cared enough about her to call DHS and try to get her the help she needed. Grandparents, friends and teachers called the State Department Of Human Services stating that she was always hungry, very thin, bruised up and they were sure she was being beaten. It wasn't a stranger who was harming this beautiful Angel, it was her mother, Angela McAnulty, who was 41 years old at the time and her step-father, Richard McAnulty, who was 40 years old at the time. The very people who were supposed love and take care of her would be the very ones to cause her death.

In 2007, a friend of Jeanette's listened to her excuses for why she was always bruised up and didn't believe her. Pressing her for the truth, Amber Davis was able to get the truth out of her:

"She told her mom was abusing her when we were in 7th grade. It's hard to understand
I told. Everybody told and nothing happened"

Amber told her parents about the abuse her friend was suffering and they reported the abuse to the states child welfare office. Teachers at her school also reported the abuse, though it seemed to do them no good. Also reporting the abuse was Lynn McAnulty, Jeanette's grandmother who called twice to report the abuse, trusting that something would be done. Child Protective Services FAILED them all, especially Jeanette.

By not sharing information about child abuse and families who are already in the system, the agencies set up to protect children, fail them each and every day. If the system allowed for information to be shared it would have been known that in 1995, Angela lost custody of one year old Jeanette as well as her two older brothers, due to neglect. The children in the home had very little contact with their father, Anthony Maples, because he was in prison on drug charges. The three children spent years in foster care, though the two brothers wrote letters to the family court judge asking never to live with their mother again, after 5 1/2 years, Jeanette was returned to the care of her mother. Angel had another daughter by that time and would soon meet Richard who drove truck for a living, they were married in 2002, had a son together and the family moved to Oregon in 2005.

Jeanette was enrolled in school in the sixth grade in 2006 and was though she was sent to school in ratty, dirty clothing, she was said to have loved school even when she was teased by other children for how she looked. Jeanette loved to write and read and poetry was something she loved, though it was said that most of all, she loved to be away from her home and would become almost depressed at the end of the day when it was time to leave school:

"Once the bell rang to go home, you could see she didn't want to go"
Karina Mora - Friend

Jeanette was never allowed to have friends over or to have them call her at  home. Amber Davis said that Jeanette never complained to her mother because she didn't want to pulled out of school and away from her friends making things worse for her at home. When people started calling DHS about the abuse, they were told that secondhand accounts of abuse were not serious enough to cause a home visit. School officials then called and it seems even with their complaints, DHS couldn't be bothered to try to save this little girl.

In 2008, Jeanette graduated from the eight grade and it was decided by Angela that she would be home schooled from then on, though the other children in the home were still allowed to attend public school. Jeanette was rarely seen outside of the home and seemed to have little or no contact with anyone outside of her home. Richard was away from home most of the time due to being a cross country truck driver and when he landed in the hospital for open heart surgery, Angela brought the children to visit him. Lynn McAnulty said that at that time, Jeanette looked horrible, she was very thin and her hair had been cut very short and Lynn took note that Jeanette had a busted lip. Lynn decided at that time to make an anonymous call because she didn't want her son to find out it had been her:

"I said I was a neighbor and told them to check on the kids and said that the older girl is extremely thin and they said they'd check into it"

A few months after that, Lynn was visiting at the home and Jeanette was standing against a wall as punishment for God only knows what. Lynn talked to her and noticed that she had another split lip, Angela said that Jeanette had fallen and hurt herself. When Lynn left the home, she called DHS immediately never suspecting that day in October would be the last time she saw her granddaughter alive.

Lynn answered the phone in her home on December 9 and it was her son stating frantically that Jeanette was cold and not breathing, Lynn told him to call 911 and he did, though it was already too late for Jeanette. Richard and Angela were arrested later that evening and when Lynn asked to see her granddaughter, she was asked not and she followed the advice of the Police:

"They told me I didn't want to see this body because it was the most horrifying thing they'd ever seen"

Jeanette had been found by firefighters laying on her back, shirtless in a dimly lit room, Angela was pleading with them:

"Help my baby"

It didn't go unnoticed that Jeanette was very small for a 15 year old so it was not odd when Angela was asked several times about her age by the fire captain, Sven Wahlroos. Finding no pulse, paramedics started CPR and put a tube into Jeanette's lungs trying to get her to breath again. Though Angela appeared to be agitated she would become quiet at times and then she would be hysterical, however, mostly noted was the way she would burst out laughing:

"I just remember it was an odd response. Very odd. I have never had that feeling in 18 years. All I
wanted to do was run. In 18 years I have never cried about a call. I cried about this call"
Sven Wahlroos

Angela told paramedics that she had last seen Jeanette about an  hour ago after she had fallen. Angela was talking so fast and seemed very nervous. Richard was there, but no one remembers him talking at all. Ryan Sheridan, who was the lead paramedic, said it was a hard call and that Jeanette had been found with no shirt, wet hair and having bruises on her face as well as cuts above her eye, she was skinny and frail, you could see her bones.

At the hospital, Dr. Elizabeth Hilton had the sad task of examining Jeanette who had no signs of life. Angela said that Jeanette had been eating, but that she had gotten very skinny lately and that she had no medical problems at all. No medical problems except for the fact that she had cuts and bruises both old and new that seemed never to have been treated medically as well as broken front teeth and wounds all over her legs and back. Dr Hilton noted that this was a petite girl who was emaciated and she was pronounced dead at 8:42 p.m. on December 9, 2009.

After police took away boxes of evidence it was up to Lynn to clean out the house and she was shocked by what she found. In the kitchen, cupboards were padlocked, junk, toys and garbage were everywhere and there was blood splatter in the bedroom.

In February of 2011, Angela McAnulty plead guilty to aggravated murder. A jury would have to be chosen to hear the evidence against her in order to decide if she would be eligible for the death penalty or not. Richard's trial would begin in May, but he was not facing the death penalty.

At a court appearance in the penalty phase of her trial, Angela entered the courtroom, she was crying and saying that she knew what she did was wrong and members of her defense team tried to calm her down. Angela would keep crying and wiping tears throughout the opening arguments and would at times put her head down on the table. Prosecutor Eric Hasselman said that the it would be proven that Jeanette had suffered for months before she died adding that Jeanette had been starved and dehydrated. Eric Hasselman said that Jeanette's mouth had been "pulverized" after having been hit with a belt as well as stick over the past few months, her face was disfigured, her head was bandaged and a spot on her hip showed that she had been hit so hard that the flesh was torn off clear to the bone:

"She had the appearance of a concentration camp victim"

In court it was learned that Jeanette slept on cardboard in a room that had blood spattered on the walls, floor and ceiling. Leather belts and other "torture devices" were found along with chunks of Jeanette's flesh:

"Jeanette was constantly in trouble with her mother"

Angela had been taking Jeanette into the room and beating her while running the vacuum cleaner to cover up the noise so that her other children would not know what was going on. Jeanette was often tied up or made to collect dog feces and then it would be rubbed in her face and stuffed in her mouth. Prosecutors informed the jury that Jeanette had never done anything to provoke her mother and that her death was caused by "intentional maiming and torture" and the jury should consider giving her the death penalty. The jury was asked to consider several things, was Angela's abuse deliberate, its it likely that Angela will abuse again, did Jeanette provoke Angela and should she be put to death for what she did? If the jury chose no on the death penalty they would have to choose if she should get life without parole.

On February 24, 2011, the jury had listened to the testimony in the penalty phase of the trial and after six hours of deliberating, they sentenced Angela to death.

In April of 2011, after Richard had plead guilty to murder by abuse, he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years, by Circuit Judge Debra Vogt:

"Words cannot describe the horrific nature of this crime and I'm talking about your crime, not your
wife's crime"

Judge Debra Vogt

Richard, who claims he has trouble articulating his feelings, didn't speak in court, though his lawyer, Gordon Mallon said in court that Richard regrets not having helped Jeanette, who he considered to be his daughter. Richard said that he had not been aware of the abuse in the beginning since he was mostly gone from home, however, he saw it after he had a heart attack and was home more, though even then he was so ill from an infected catheter site that caused him to pass out and be put into the hospital quite often. Even so, in the last weeks of her life, Richard knew about the abuse and how bad it had become and he did nothing to stop it and even allowed the child to go without food and water:

"Finally, shortly before her death, Jeanette showed Richard the extent of her injuries and the blood
room where he ad absorbed most of Angela's whippings. Richard did nothing to protect
Jeanette, this neglecting
his duty towards his stepdaughter, when she needed him most"

One of Jeanette's sisters, a 13 year old, prepared a statement to be read in court in which she asked the judge to give her father at least 25 years because he had never tried to stop the punishment and that he had, at times, showed favoritism towards the only child who was biologically his even to the point of physically hurting her and her sister:

"With all of this said. I think my childhood is not ruined, but depressing. I am slowly healing"

DHS of course wanted to downplay their role in the death of Jeanette, as they do with ALL of the children who die due to their lack of doing their job. Child Welfare Advocate, Robin Christian had this to say:

"The leadership of DHS is finally willing to work with advocates and scrutinize themselves. The state
is not making the kind of child welfare investments they need"
Director of Children First Oregon

Someone, WHO I LOVE AND ADORE THOUGH I HAVE NEVER MET HIM, more in touch with reality said:

"Trying to make this agency accountable is like trying to push a freight liner with a canoe paddle. They are
interested in maintaining the status quo. People call the hot line expecting something is going to happen,
but you are dropped into the abyss without any rope"
Attorney David Paul <~~I LOVE THIS GUY!

An Administrator for the DHS Office Of Safety And Permanency For Children said:

"Our response times are within 24 hours to five days. We have to document that a delay does not
compromise the safety of the child. If a social workers goes out and determines abuse or neglect is
not a concern, that is also documented"
Lous Day

It wasn't immediately clear as for what steps the agency took after the complaints came in about Jeanette but Amber though they didn't do enough and I agree:

"The injuries on Jeanette were completely obvious. There's no way anyone from the department could have
seen her and said she was okay"

As it turned out, Jeanette's death was just a drop in the bucket and for the past five years there had been numerous complaints filed with the same sort of results, DHS had failed to check on children, follow up on cases that were already open and failing to properly document results, which resulted in lawsuits:

"This agency cannot hold itself out as protecting children when the repeated fail. I am tired of hearing
they need new resources. They don't need new regulations or a blue ribbon panel. What's needed is
accountability and public oversight and it's not happening"
Attorney David Paul <~~Also LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy!

Family, friends and strangers left memorial gifts for Jeannet.

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Death occurred in the state of Oregon

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