O Sweet Child

O Sweet Child, do not cry for the Lions at the Gate
Instead, cry for the Angel who stands at your doorway
The one who yearns to heal you with a touch

There are so many dangers in the darkness
The terrible misunderstandings of an angry parent’s heart.
Smothered in the nighttime, muffled by the need

O Sweet Child, you do not dangle by threads
You hang in mid-air, not wanting to fall into the fires
Yet not knowing how to reach for the far-flung stars.

That is what the Angel wants to show you
A protector long wished for, strength that has never been there

O Sweet child, you are to be naked and exposed no more
An end to the endless attacks from the dogs you’ve fed forever
Let it go

Now is the time to sleep the long, long sleep of healing,
Rest in new arms, arms for once just strong and caring
And trust the universe outside your heart

O Sweet Child, I know it is hard to trust an outstretched hand
So many were grasping and angry, clinging and cold
So many were threatening and others were fisted

But look into the Angel’s heart and see the gentleness there
And see that who follows is a million others, just as strong
Willing to fight for a child’s heart as it cries out in the dark!

Author: Kevin - 11-28-94
Thank you for allowing me to use your poem

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1-800-4-A-Child 1-800-422-4453

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