Tears On Your Face

How could anyone ever tell you
or possibly ever begin to explain
that there could be no logical reason
for the time you spend in so much pain

Some times when your mom and dad
are upset or don't know what to do
they look for a place to let off steam
and they find it when they look at you

They strike before they stop to think
of the kind of damage that will be done
when they raise their voices or a hand
to their precious daughter or their son

With hands that hurt and words that sting
over and over the abuse will take place
while you silently wonder how it can be 
 they look right past the tears on your face

Author: Sharon Schafer

For a state by state listing of placed to report child abuse, please click below:

MAKE THE CALL - State By State

Call this number to report child abuse ANY WHERE in the United States!
1-800-4-A-Child 1-800-422-4453

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