Nathalyz Rivera
   September 2009 - September 9, 2013
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It is sad that while so many couples are unable to have children, so many others who DO have children, do not appreciate what they have. Nathalyz Rivera and her siblings, were children of parents who didn't want them and could care less about their well being, the children were just a way to get money from the government.

Carmen Ramirez, who was 27 years old at the time, wanted to spend time with her new boyfriend, nothing new there. So what did she did? Hire a sitter to take care of her children? Of course not, she left her daughter, the daughter's twin brother and two older siblings alone in a home that was said to be covered with bugs and trash a foot deep. Furniture in the home was said to be broken and there were holes in the ceiling and floor which allowed the bugs to get it. It was speculated that Carmen and the father of the children, Carlos Rivera, who was 30 years old at the time, had just stopped taking care of the children and left them to do whatever they wanted to do.

Carmen was receiving at least $2,130. a month to care for her disabled daughter, who was suffering from an undiagnosed genetic disorder that caused her to be partially blind and unable to walk or talk, the money was also to take care of the other children in the home. Carmen didn't use it for that and Carlos didn't seem to care. Carmen went partying and spent time with her boyfriend, leaving the children to care for each other while she gambled and drank in the clubs, which an investigation would reveal, she had been doing for months.

A child weighing only 11 pounds would normally be a child of about three months old, not three years, Nathalyz was three years old, only a few days from turning four. Nathalyz's bones could be seen through her skin. Carlos told Police that when Carmen began spending time with her boyfriend, he had to go to work and while off doing odd jobs, he had to leave the children to take care of themselves. The remaining children were removed from the home and placed in foster care.

Both of these loser parents were arrested, charged with homicide by starvation and held without bail after Carmen brought Nathalyz to the hospital saying she was not responding. A preliminary hearing was set and it was expected that the Doctor and Medical Examiner who had been in charge of the case would testify that the children in the home were neglected, malnourished, had lice and had other bug bites on their bodies. One of the children was said to be so anemic that she would not have lived much longer if not removed from the home and the other child was hospitalized for behavioral problems.

While Carlos would not be charged for the misuse of the funds for the children, Assistant District Attorney Gwen Cujdik told Municipal Court Judge James M. DeLeon that Carmen had been using cash that had been given to her by the Government for her children, to party and gamble:

"The money was provided by the Government for the care of the children. But there is clear evidence that
these children were not cared for in any sense of the word"

In January 2014 Judge James DeLeon heard about how even though she was receiving money for the children in the home, Carmen had removed them from school a year before the death of Nathalyz and had not been to see her children or even been home in over two months. Carlos said that he had been feeding his children pizza and that Nathalyz had been eating baby food also claiming that he changed her diaper twice a day, though he had stopped a week before she died because he ran out of diapers and had no money. In court, pictures of Nathalyz's body were shown to the jury. Carmen cried as the pictures were shown and Carlos looked at the table.

Dr. Aaron Rosen said that Nathalyz was three years and ten months old, that she was about 2'8" tall and weighed only 11 pounds and that she had shown many signs of starvation and dehydration and that her kidneys only weighed about half of what they should have weighed. Dr. Rosen ruled that Nathalyz died of homicide by starvation. Dr. Rose was asked by Carlos' lawyer if any of these conditions could have been caused by the fact that she was disabled:

"Whether a 3 years 10 month old child is with disabilities or with no disabilities, if you don't
feel the, they die"

Carlos had told Police that he would feed the child by filling up a baby bottle with baby food and laying it on the pillow by her head. This child could not move her hands to get to the bottle, I wonder how he thought she was going to use them to get the bottle to her mouth. Carlos worked making $20. to $30. a day and on the day Nathalyz died, he had left at around 11:00 a.m., returning at 9:00 p.m. one of his children told him that Nathalyz had stopped breathing. Carlos called Carmen who had been at a friends house all day. In court, Carmen claimed that when she had last seen Nathalyz, she had looked completely different than she did when she died. Bobby Hoof, Carlos' lawyer said:

"He was there. He was the one that did not abandon the children. There was testimony that he brought
food home every night. He made sure that all the children were fed. He may have been a little negligent,
but there was no intent to kill"

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