Kevasia Edwards
   2011 - February 4, 2014
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On January 23, 2014, Ashley Diaz, who was 28 years old at the time, was in Family Court with her five children who ranged in age from two to ten years old. Ashley had been taking classes for parenting and had been in therapy to better help her deal with her children. Since 2010, the police had been to Ashley's home at least nine times for domestic disputes and in January of 2014 they had been there for the last time when a complaint came in. A caseworker paid a visit to check the children and though it was not established if she actually saw the children, she said that things seemed to be okay in the home.

In Family Court, a Judge looked over the records and after being told by her therapist, a Child Welfare Agency and several Social Workers that she had been to all of her classes and had shown that she was doing better, the Judge allowed the children to remain with their mother, who was not living with their father, Kevin Edwards. Once again, a mistake was about to be made.

On February 4, 2104, Kevasia Edwards was taken to the hospital where it was found that she had cracked ribs and missing teeth. Kevasia went into cardiac arrest and died at the hospital. An autopsy would reveal that Kevasia had new and existing and lacerations on her head and body as well as scars and hemorrhages under her scalp and she was suffering from injuries to her optic nerve. Ashley Diaz was arrested and charged with second degree murder and first degree assault. Kathleen Clifford Gallow, Ashley's lawyer was present at the arraignment and said that Kevasia was a small child because she was born premature:

"This was a very compromised child. The baby can walk, but cannot run or stroll. She falls a lot"

Surely this woman was not blaming the injuries this child had on falls? Well, not ALL of them any way. Kathleen Gallo went on to the tell the court that a caring neighbor had been the cause of some of the injuries:

"Most of her injuries in the past came from being born premature and her broken ribs came from
someone who did not know C.P.R."

Perhaps Kathleen wasn't aware at that time that Ashley had lost custody of of her four boys and one girl Kevasia, in 2012 after it was discovered that she was neglected the boys and Kevasia had suffered from being burned. A spokesperson for the Legal Aid Society commented that the family had been having regular visits from their caseworkers as well as visits from Children's Services:

"There were many eyes on this case. This was not something that fell between the cracks"

Bill de Blaso, the Mayor, said that a review was going to be done in much deeper detail of the policies and practices at A.C.S. since another child had died in January of abuse. Here we go AGAIN, reviews and outrage and changed in policy, been there, done that, blah blah blah. Nothing ever changes, excuses keep getting made and CHILDREN KEEP DYING!

The District Attorney said:

"The defendant has been charged with causing the death of her own child, a defenseless
two year old girl who suffered greatly in her short life. The alleged actions of the defendant
are totally incomprehensible"

If Ashley is found guilty, she would be facing 25 years to life.

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