Conrad Alex Ayala

June 1, 2009  - February 14, 2011
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On February 12, 2011, Police were called to the home of Cassondra Ayala, who was 20 years old and her boyfriend Anthony Robinson, who was 32 years old. A call came in at about 7:25 p.m. and Police were told that a child in the home of the couple, was not breathing. That child was Conrad Alex Ayala and Police found he was bruised from head to toe. Conrad was taken to the hospital with a body temperature of only 91 degrees. Staff at the hospital were of the belief that even though he was placed on life support, Conrad would not survive what he had been through.

Two days later, the decision was made to take Conrad off of life support. I can't even begin to imagine having to make the decision to take my child off of life support, my heart breaks every time I hear of this happening. Conrad died at 1:42 a.m. on Valentines day of 2011.

An autopsy was done and it showed Conrad had suffered a cracked skull and a broken jaw. Conrad's cause of death was listed as blunt head injury as a result of battered child's syndrome and was ruled a homicide.

Anthony and Cassondra told police how they had often punished Conrad by hitting him with a belt or their hands. Evidence on his body showed bruises and cuts in various stages of healing. Anthony admitted that while potty training, Conrad had a lot of accidents and his punishment was to be spanked with a belt. Neither of the two who had admitted to beating this precious baby boy would admit to cracking his skill, they said he had fallen, though they tried to say he fell on a carpeted floor.

Anthony and Cassondra were arrested and charged with murder. Police Sergeant David Goodman said in court:

"He was covered from head to toe with bruises, marks and injuries. Bruises were in several different
stages of the healing process"

Cassondra's lawyer, Eric Baunman asked the judge to dismiss the murder charge against her:

"There is probably cause that the child abuse occurred, but not Class AA felony murder"

Cassondra was pregnant at the time and was supposed to give birth at the end of that month. Steven Mottinger, Anthony's lawyer, said that Anthony was the father of that child though Prosecutor Mark Flagstad said it had not been confirmed yet.

Mitchell Debus is the biological father of Conrad.

A memorial was held for Conrad and a family representative said:

"It's wrong, no matter how you cut it. A 18 month old child was cut short and he's never gonna
be a hero, he's never gonna be a fireman, he's never gonna be an astronaut"

Family members said that even though is life had been cut short, they were always going to remember the way he was able to brighten up a room with his smile and his special way of singing and dancing. Hundreds of blue balloons were sent up into the sky, toward Heaven, to honor Conrad.

At trial, friends and family tried to say that Cassondra was controlled by Anthony and that her lawyer said that Anthony had physically and sexually abused her and that she was also suffering from mental problems. In court, Cassondra read a statement:

"I will always miss my son. I want to tell him I'm sorry. I made a terrible choice"

Luckily, the judge wasn't buying it, he told her how he felt about the abuse and her request to get married:

"I don't care about any of that other garbage you experience. That in no way excuses you
after the very first beating and wounding of the child. I've never had a case where someone
has been so blind"
Judge Douglas Mattson

In January of 2012,  Anthony Robinson was sentenced to 27 years in prison after striking a plea deal. Cassondra was just as lucky in striking a plea deal of her own where she was sentenced to only 22 years in prison. The judge told Anthony that he had been lucky that his plea deal was as good as it was because he felt he got an easy sentence.

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