Damian Rylan Sutton

June 4, 2011  - August 27, 2013
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Ronald Dimambro called 911 and told them that his girlfriends child was not breathing, even stopping to ask her: He's not breathing right? On the 911 call, Ronald's voice is very calm as though he were talking to a friend while he finally said that Damian was breathing though not properly and he sounded like he "might have Asthma or something", then he goes on to tell the 911 operator that the child is two and "he has Asthma or he might have something in his throat my dad says". Ronald starts breathing heavy as he gives out the address and tells 911 that they need help immediately. Ronald then starts talking and asking someone, presumably Ronald's father, to check if the child has something in his mouth, telling the 911 operator that the child has his jaw clenched and he's sure he has something in his mouth. The call goes on for almost ten minutes before medical personnel arrive on the scene to try to save Damian. The last thing Ronald says is; "he's breathing, but uh, he's not responsive".

At the tender, innocent age of two years old, Damian Sutton was about to have brain surgery. Damian didn't have any disease, he wasn't born with a brain defect or anything that caused him to need surgery. Damian was beaten by his mother's boyfriend to the point where his brain had swelled and surgery was necessary to reduce the swelling, put into a medically induced coma, Damian was in for the fight of his short life and unfortunately, he would not win that fight.

I just keep looking at Damian's eyes in the picture below, what a joy it would have been to see him light a room just by opening them and smiling.

Nicki Sutton believed in miracles and was holding on to the hope that her son was going to be okay, even though doctors had already told Timothy Sutton that if Damian survived, he would have permanent brain damage. On August 27, 2013 at 7:41 a.m. Damian lost his battle after being taken off of life support:

"Damian had a very stressful night as the doctors weaned him off of the medications that were no
longer working to control his blood pressure and brain pressure. We ask that you continue to pray
for our family as we continue this horrible and difficult journey"
Great Aunt Cora

It was first believed that Damian had fallen out of his playpen but it soon became apparent that he had not. Nicki Sutton, Damian's mother believed that her boyfriend, Ronald Dimambro, who was 26 years old at the time and had at first told Timothy Sutton, Damian's biological father that Damian had an Asthma attack, had deliberately hurt her son because he was jealous. When asked what she thought would be an appropriate punishment, Nicki said she hoped he would go to prison for life and said:

"Because Damian deserves justice. He is such a beautiful boy who had a lot stolen from him and it
wasn't his fault and his mommy's here for him"


Ronald turned himself in to the Police and finally admitted that he had shaken Damian quite roughly and then thrown the child. Timothy wanted to know what brought on this attack:

"Was he mad, or was it just because he wanted to. That's what I wanna know. How did a 27
year old man
get so agitated by a two year boy to do this to him"

Ronald was arrested and held on $500,000. cash/surety bond. In November of 2013, it was reported that Ronald would be undergoing a mental evaluation, which was requested by his lawyer, Randy Rodnick, this would apparently be his second evaluation since being arrested.

Circuit Judge Jennifer Faunce approved the request for public funds to pay for the testing which would include $2,500. a for psychological or psychiatric expert, $3,500. for a Forensic Pathologist to study reports and $1,000. for an  investigator. Prosecutor Eric Smith, who was working on the case, had no objections to the money being spent as this seems to be the way things usually go. Ronald has previously been found fit to stand trail by the Center For Psychiatry. Also granted was the release of Damian's medical records, notes from an interview with Ronald's niece and blood and tissue samples taken during Damian's autopsy. There was no ruling on a motion filed to turn over a criminal history of Nicki if one existed:

"It's a substantially difficult case and the motions address what was brought up or will be brought
up by the time trial occurs"
Randy Rodnick

Even though the Medical Examiner, Dr. Daniel Spitz, had previous testified that Damian died from two blunt force impacts to the right side of his head, adding that the symptoms would have begun just minutes or even seconds after the impacts, Randy was trying to find a way to say the impacts had not happened at that time:

"I'm trying to see if the injuries could have happened the day before. I'm trying to find a timeline"
Randy Rodnick

If Ronald is convicted as a felony murdered, he would face life in prison without parole, we can only pray for that because that is what should happen when ANY child dies due to abuse.

People graciously donated money and Damian was given this beautiful headstone as a tribute to his life, though he, like so many others, was gone too soon from this world. Several benefits were held to raise money for medical and burial costs. Whenever I read about the generosity of others in helping someone they might not even know, it repairs a bit of the damage done to my heart by reading about the children who suffer and die every day.


In June of 2014 Ronald DiMambro Jr., who was 27 years old at the time,  was convicted of first degree felony murder and first degree child abuse. A jury of six men and six women deliberated for less than one hour before finding him guilty. Judge Jennifer Faunce listened to the verdict and so did Ronald, who had no reaction at all while his mother and father cried:

"They're destroyed"
Randy Rodnick - Defense Attorney

Tim and Nicole Sutton were also destroyed, by the death of their son and Nicole said that Ronald is a monster:

"My son got his justice that he deserved. I don't think prison is enough but it's better than let him
on the street so he can hurt someone else, some other child"
Nicole Sutton

"I'm happy, I'm relieved. I'm very relieved they did go with first degree. It's a lot more calming, not
as much anger"
Tim Sutton

"Justice spoke for Damian today. We hope that this verdict helps bring some measure
of solace to his mother and his relatives. The death of this little boy shocks our community.
The loss of this tender young life strikes each of us at the heart"
Eric Smith - Prosecutor

Ronald is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without parole, on July 17, 2014. Let's hope that is exactly what happens.

UPDATE: July 24, 2014

On July 24, 2014, the day I am updating this page,
Ronald DiMambro Jr. was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Ronald said in court that he didn't intend to kill Damian and he wishes this would never have happened. Damian's parents were in court and said:

"Damian Marion Sutton, my son, lived for two years, two months and 23 days. I would like to
believe that he knew I loved him. To me, I would like to be that Damian saved my life and I will
never be able to thank him the way I wanted to"
Timothy Sutton

"My baby boy died in my arms in this blanket. As I held him close to my chest, my heart, against
my chest, he took his last breath. What is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a
mother? I cannot answer for every mother, but I can tell you the worst possible thing that could
possibly happen to me as a mother, that is losing my boy. He took my Damian's smile away
from him. I hope he never forgets Damian and what he did to him haunts him for the rest of
Nicole Sutton

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