Bradley Gene McGee

June 6, 1987  - July 28, 1989
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I honestly don't know why people expect a child to be fully, accident free, potty trained at the age of two. I also do not understand how people believe that spanking or hitting a child is going to stop them from having accidents, if anything, it's going to cause more because of the anxiety. Idiots like Thomas Coe fail to understand even the basic principals behind raising a child and should NEVER be allowed around them to begin with.

Bradley never really had a chance from the minute he was born. Bradley's mother Sheryl claimed that she had been abused sexually as well as emotionally growing up. Sheryl told people that she had been raped and that is how she got pregnant and after he was born, she moved to Florida where she would meet the man who would help her make mistake after mistake with her son. Thomas Coe was a man Sheryl met when she moved to Florida, he was living in his truck at the time and at the age of only four months old, the two abandoned Bradley at a mall. Bradley ended up in foster care. Thomas and Sheryl got married and soon had a child together, a baby girl.

Two years after abandoning Bradley in a mall, Sheryl learned that his foster parents wanted to make him a member of their family by adopting him. Sheryl went to court asking for custody and it was granted. Bradley left the comfort and safety of a loving family who adored him and went to a home with people who would kill him 66 days later.

Thomas Coe, who was 22 years old at the time and Sheryl Coe, who was 20 years old at the time, were arrested after Thomas admitted to slamming Bradley's head into the toilet because he had a potty accident. Sheryl lit a cigarette and watched and then later joined in when Thomas started hitting Bradley in the head with couch cushions so hard and so much that he finally collapsed and would die the next day. Sheryl admitted to Police that Thomas had been torturing Bradley since the day she got custody of him and while she said she had helped in the abuse, Thomas was the one who abused the child the worst though she admitted to cleaning the child with a garden hose using cold water, shaking him and putting a fork on his mouth after she had used it to clean feces off of him:

"I know it was gross. I know it was harsh. That's something I see when I close my eyes"

In November of 2001, Sheryl was in court again, this time asking a judge to give her custody of her nine month old baby. Sheryl had remarried to a man named Randy Hardy and she wanted to get custody of their son. Sheryl had served nine years in prison for helping to kill her son, Bradley and now the court was handing over a nine month old baby to her. Sheryl had lost custody of two daughters, one born while she was in prison, and luckily for those two children, they had been adopted and Sheryl would most likely never see them again. Sheryl told the court that she could be a good parent, not everyone agreed:

"She's an evil person, a murderess. This baby is going to end up dead too"
Paul Schaill - Lead Detective in Bradley's case

Judge Thomas Russell didn't feel the same way and said that he thinks Sheryl can be a sensitive and nurturing mother:

"This may be one of those rare cases where a parent has been able to progress from a point of total
inability to parent and protect a child to a point of competence"

MAY BE? You'd better be 100% sure that it is because the live of another baby is at risk. If you had ANY doubt in your mind at all, even a percentage of 1% of a doubt, you should NOT have returned that baby to the monster who gave birth to him. In cases like this you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, that's 100% of the time, err on the side of the children. If he dies, you will have blood on your hands. Let's pray it never happens.

The Judge was looking at the fact that Sheryl had taken parenting classes as well as gone to counseling while in prison and had managed to earned her GED and he said these conditions would make her a good parent.

Even the Illinois Child Welfare Agency gave the opinion that Sheryl should not get custody of her son. Martha Allen, who was Chief Of Staff said that in the history of her six years she had never heard of a parent who was convicted in the death of one child, gaining custody of another. The prosecutor planned to appeal the decision. Sheryl said that her son was doing great and she wants to live her life. Bradley just wanted to live his life too, Sheryl!

After Bradley's death, $79 million dollars was spent to make changes in the child protection laws and to hire more social workers to help with child abuse cases.

A former foster parent to Bradley said:

"I think of him as a happy, laughing, smiling baby. That's what I'll always think of
when I think of Braddy"


Thomas Coe was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. In April of 2013, he was hoping to be paroled and some people were going to fight to keep that from happening:

"Thomas Coe should never see sunlight again unless it's filtered through razor wire and bars. He
should never escape a prison setting"
State Attorney - Jerry Hill

Jerry Hill was afraid that if his parole was approved for the year 2029, Thomas might be able to get out sooner and that as far as he was concerned, Thomas had done nothing to improve himself while he had been in prison:

"This case represents the worst case of child abuse I have never seen in all those years"

Donald Coe, father of Thomas said that he hopes that there will come a day when his son is paroled.

Thank God for the Florida Parole Commission who ruled that Thomas Coe, who was 46 at that time, will NEVER be getting out of prison. This group of Angels, sent straight from God above refused a release date of 2029 and set a release date of 2084, Thomas would be 117 years old if he lived that long.

Etched into Bradley's headstone is the following:

"Bradley's silent cry is being heard in this country and in this state
and in this nation louder than all our voices put together
Rev. Jerry C Sawyer

On June 5, 2014, I received an e-mail from a woman claiming to be Sheryl's daughter. She pointed out some mistakes in the above story, which I have corrected after doing a bit more research. I landed on a story that had a time line of what happened and at the end of the story were comments. I found this one, from the woman who sent an e-mail to me, though her e-mail address was different on this post than it was in the one she e-mailed me from. I deleted her name for her privacy, but her comments were made on the site, exactly as they are printed below:

amen i agree my mom SHeryl should have never been released i finally found and met my mom a few years ago and made a big mistake moving in with her she is still crazy and admitted to me that she was the main one in this murder and that shes glad my dad got charged for what she did.. i love u bradley u are always with me..November 11, 2013 at 8:29 p.m.

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