Khalil Wimes

February 14, 2006  - March 19, 2012
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Khalil Wimes was not listed as someone who was being supervised by the Department Of Human Services, though two of his siblings were and they were being monitored through supervised visit. Khalil was seen during those visits and people say that Khalil had visible signs of abuse during those visits, though none of the Social Workers reports would ever reflect that anything was ever seen by her. Khalil had been returned to the home after being in a good, loving and supportive foster home only to return to a home where he would die at the hands of the monsters who were his parents. It was reported that a judges preference to mend broken families took precedent over the safely of the child.

Khalil had a been a happy, loving child who was thriving in the home of his foster family who he had lived with since being born in 2006. In 2008, his mother,  went to court in order to get custody of their son. The couple had done all of the things they had been asked to do by DHS after having their five other children taken away due to drug abuse. Khalil went to live with a cousin, Alicia Nixon when his parents couldn't support him and didn't have a proper home for  him to live in.

Floyd and Tina were required to take six months of drug treatment, take parenting classes, find jobs and find a suitable place to live if they wanted their children back, they did all of those things and it was ordered the they could get Khalil back. No one bothered to worry that Khalil was already adjusted to the family he lived with and knew them as his family, it didn't matter that Social Workers and a court appointed Child Advocate said it wouldn't be in his best interest to go to his mother and father. Whatever the IDIOT judge decided was going to happen and it was decided that Khalil be ripped from a good home and given to one that would kill him. Sometimes it's okay to admit that a family isn't a family and leave children where they are, I hope that Judge now realizes that.

Khalil was in the system for two years after that and things seemed to be fine. When DHS stopped monitoring him, the abuse started right way. Two of Khalil's sisters who were said to be adults, told DHS that the little Angel was beating with extension cords, shoes, books and belts and often sent to bed without any dinner, neither of these two bothered to report or tell the case workers about the abuse. SHAME ON THEM!

Something was wrong with Khalil and Floyd and Tina, the good good parents, (insert eyeroll here) waited 13 hours before they called to get any help for their son. Tina told police that she had hit her son while he was in the bathroom and he fell to the floor and became unconscious. When he was finally taken to the hospital, his body was lifeless and he had scars and bruises in various stages of healing all over his body. Floyd and Tina were afraid that hospital staff would call the police and report the abuse, so they had waited all that time, time that could have help their son, saved his life, to bring him in. Police were called. At the time of his death, Khalil weighed only 29 pounds, not enough for a three year old.

Mayor Nutter promised that a thorough investigation would be done as for why this child died, but said that DHS does the best they can:

"They are committed and they live their work 24/7"

Not really, or any caseworkers who were visiting the home would have noticed that Khalil needed help. A Medical Examiner said that Khalil died of blunt force trauma and malnutrition:

"He suffered from malnutrition because nobody's feeding him. I mean like any six year old child,
you're depending upon your parents to take care of you. Or some other adult. I saw photographs
of the body and clearly signs of abuse"

Police Commissioner - Charles Ramsey

Floyd Wimes, who was 48 years old at the time and Tina Cuffie, who was 44 at the time, were arrested and charged with murder in the death of Khalil.

In November of 2013 Khalil's death was called a slow, torturous death and a crime against humanity by the Prosecutor, in court. A Common Pleas Judge, Barbara McDermott, said that Khalil had been nothing more than a pawn to his parents and she sentenced them both to 30 to 60 years in prison.

UPDATE: November 28, 2014

In November of 2014 Floyd Wimes and Tina Cuffie were found guilty of murder and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. The Prosecutor and Judge both agreed that Khali's case was the worst of child abuse they had ever seen. one of Khali's grandmothers made the suggestion that the couple should have to have pictures of this little Angel in their cell as a daily reminder of what they had done to him. Edward McCann, the Prosecutor said that a better idea was that they be forced to wear pictures of him, one of him healthy when they first got him at the age of 3 and one of him when he was laying the coroner's table:

"Everyone should know what they did over a course of, as the Judge aptly said, three
years, where this child really was tortured, physically tortured, deprived of food, deprived
of company and kept in a cage essentially, locked away from people who loved him"

Khalil's family was blaming DHS for what happened to him after he was released into the home of his parents even though they had a history of violence and drug abuse:

"They gave him back to the very people who hurt him and now we're getting him back dead.
We're sick and broken and there's nothing anyone can do or say that could give us comfort
right now, except the fact that Khalil is no longer suffering at the hands of those monsters"
Alicia Nixon - Aunt

"DHS is supposed to protect children. He was in a very safe home, he was ripped from a safe
home and taken back to squalor. I'm very saddened but I'll be honest with you, I'm extremely
angry, I'm angry right now"
Sulaiman Hadi - Uncle

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