My name is Charles J Stecker Jr. I am the Founder and Director of The International Child Abuse Prevention Task Force INC. Along with being an Empowerment Speaker with another company I founded, Chahlie’s Angels LLC. 

I am here today by personal invitation of the surviving loving family members of Khalil Wimes to speak on his senseless, preventable murder, First allow me to share with you why I am very qualified to speak on the subject matter at hand. I’m globally known as the Voice of the Voiceless Children, those are the children who were Murdered as a direct result of Child Abuse. I will share with you why I qualify as their Voice. It was under the watchful eyes of the Department of Human Services here in Philadelphia that in February of 1967 after just 13 days in our new home at the tender age of 4 years old I watched in horror as my then 2 year old brother was bludgeoned to death right before my eyes, The murderer then attacked and severely wounded me causing me bodily disfigurement that to this day still exists. A Murderer who just 10 months before had another child die in her care. My brothers Murderer was supposed to be Our Assigned Mother Figure, instead she became Our Tormentor and His Executioner.

At this time I will address Khalil’s Biological Parents, Mr. Floyd Wimes and Tina Cuffie. I say this… GOD gave you a Living Angel and you both chose make him one of Chahlie’s Angels where he now resides in peace with my brother and countless other Angels. Your selfish despicable actions stole the life and future of a little boy that the world will never know as a man. Obliterating any chance for Khalil to become a productive, successful contributor to society. As a parent myself I could not remotely fathom treating my child, another child or any living creature for that matter in the way that you did your own flesh and blood. May GOD have Mercy on Your Souls as you reflect daily on the choice the both of you made to destroy Khalil’s Life. May his Warm Smile be ever present in your mind every moment that you are awake and may that same smiling face be embedded on the back of your eyelids so even as you close them to rest, you see his face. An angelic face that none of those who truly loved him will ever get to see again.

To Khalil’s Loving Family who only wanted the best for him and were providing that in abundance I say Thank You. Thank You for giving Khalil, 3 wonderful years of childhood, filled with all that a young child could imagine, Love, Joy, Friendship, Direction, Hope, Nourishment, and a Multitude of Other Wonderful Experiences that sadly were cut short not only by his Biological Parents but also by the Failure of Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services along with the Family Court’s decision to return Khalil to his Den of Death. 

To Judge Barbara McDermott… A Heartfelt and Warm Personal Thank You from me to you for not allowing these Murderous Parents to walk free. If only you or someone like you was around in 1967 so that the woman who murdered my brother could have been brought to justice. She never saw the inside of a courtroom, jailhouse or any punitive place for that matter, she walked FREE. Thank You for all you have done and will do in this case and the many others that you have been involved with and will be involved with for years to come. Thank You for your attention to every detail pertaining to Khalil and this horrid case. Sifting through document after document, looking at those grotesque photographs, listening attentively to testimony after testimony, asking pertinent questions and denying frivolous ones posed to you, all leading to the Verdict that you chose. While we had hoped for a First Degree Murder conviction, I respect and Thank You again for what you did in finding that these parents were and are in Fact, GUILTY of Murder in the Third Degree, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, and Gross Child Abuse/Neglect. I respectfully request that your Honor remand Mr. Floyd Wimes and Ms. Tina Cuffie to the Maximum Punishment of Sentence allowable by law set forth by the guidelines you have sworn to abide by. I further request that if allowable they both be placed in the General Population of the Corrections System, and not in Protective Custody where so many Child Murderers end up serving their time.

In closing I would like to address all others in the courtroom. Today we are witnessing the ending of this long arduous trial. But in it is an opportunity for a new beginning, the opening of a new proactive concept to truly Stopping this Pandemic of Child Murders from Abuse that permeates societies around the world. Please join us as we begin the process of creating legislation that will hold ALL who are responsible for a child’s life accountable when that child experiences abuses at any level inclusive of murder. Legislation that will hold Judges, Administrators, Child Care Workers, Teachers, Family Members and Anyone who comes in contact with an abused child accountable for their actions or inactions. Where punitive punishments will prevail and ALL who failed the child will be brought to justice. We will be lovingly presenting this legislation as Khalil’s Law here in Philadelphia with hopes that it will reach throughout our state, country, and perhaps around the world, ending senseless childhood abuses and murder that could be easily prevented.

Thank You, God Bless and Remember This…

The Well Being of All Children is All of Our Responsibility

For information about how to report child abuse, please click the link below and you will be taken to a page that has an alphabetical, state by state listing of how to report child abuse for which state you are looking for and for some other countries.

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