Jayden Jesse Jay Noel

December 15, 2010  -  January 18, 2012
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I think that most of want to believe that the goal of any parent would be to protect their child, keep them safe, love and nurture them and raise them to be a good person. in July of 2011, Jerraco Noel noticed a bruise on his son face, the bruise was covering half of his face. Noel suspected that this could be abuse so he did what he should, called the Indiana Department Of Child Services abuse line and said that he thought his child was being abused. Jerraco was the kind of parent that would nurture his child, Ryan and Chelsea were not.

Reports say that DCS had been to the home of Jayden Noel to investigate, but a case worker didn't find anything wrong. How do you NOT find anything wrong when a child has a bruise over half of his face? Unfortunately, as is often the case, the investigation didn't start until a few days later, which meant the bruise could have been mostly gone if not all gone by that time. Chelsea told CS that her boyfriend, Ryan had thrown a toy into Jayden's crib, while he was in it. Just how much force would he have USED to throw that toy? Seems like it would have had to have been hurled at the child's face with a TON of force to leave a bruise over half of his face. For whatever reason, the case worker accept the excuse.

Jayden was taken to the hospital and the Doctor noticed his ear was bruised and had discoloration and he has a bruise on the side of his face as well as a cut lip. The Doctor questioned Ryan and Chelsea who told him the same story about the toy being thrown into the crib and the doctor believed them. Five months later, on January 18, 2012, Ryan and Chelsea called Police to say that they went in to wake Jayden up and he was not breathing. Jayden was pronounced dead as soon as they arrived. Jayden died of repeated blunt force trauma to his head and it was determined that he had been beaten to death, the coroner ruled his death a homicide.

Chelsea Taylor, who was 20 years old at the time and Ryan Worline, who was 29 years old at the time, were arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent, resulting in death which is a felony charge carrying a 20 to 50 year prison sentence. Ryan was was being held on a bond of $50,000. and  Chelsea bonded out with the same amount. I am not sure how this could be called "neglect" and not abuse, the only thing they neglected to do, was NOT beat this little Angel  to death.

In January of 2014, Chelsea got a disgusting sentence for beating her son to death. Chelsea has been convicted of the charge, neglecting a dependent resulting in death and after saying in court that Chelsea had to have known that her son was being abused and she just ignored it, Superior Court Judge Lisa Borges sentenced her to 30 years in prison with only ten to be served. Chelsea would spend four years in prison and then six years in home detention with five additional years of probation. People were very unhappy with that decision since her own father, John Taylor and Jerraco both walked out of the courtroom directly after the RIDICULOUS sentence was handed down. The Judge said:

"I know that's not a sentenced anyone likes. I don't think there's any appropriate sentence because
nothing will bring Jayden back"

No sentence will bring him back, but this sentence is a slap in the face to him for all that he went through. Prosecutors had asked for a 40 year sentence with 30 years to be served. David Page, Chelsea's lawyer had asked the judge to be lenient on her and apparently the Judge felt that was a good option. Chelsea had stood up and asked the judge to have mercy on her adding that she would mourn her son forever:

"I'd be lying today if I say that I forgive Ryan for what he's done"

In court, David Page said that there was no way for Chelsea to know that Ryan was going to kill her son and that the majority of his injuries were caused when she wasn't there. An IDIOT friend of Chelsea's named Casey said that she had called her a baby killer until she saw pictures of Chelsea with Jayden:

"I knew in my hear that this beautiful woman could never do something like that. You can tell in her
face that a part of her was gone forever"

It sure was, Casey, because she had allowed her child to be abused and didn't bother to help or do anything to save him. It was OBVIOUSLY more important for her to have a man in her life, than her own son. You can be assured that "beautiful" women do it all the time and children pay the price!

Jerraco was disgusted with the sentence saying:

"Jayden didn't get a chance to live his life, why should she"

Prosecutor Courtney Curtis said that even though they were not happy with the sentence, any time she spends in prison was a success to them. Ryan Worline was sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Jerraco had put his trust in DCS to do the right thing for his son, they failed him. At the time of the abuse, Jerraco and Chelsea were in the middle of a custody dispute and he wasn't able to be with his son as much as wanted:

"I've played it over in my head a hundred million times. What more could I have done? I called DCS
and they said they looked into and everything seemed to check out OK. When they tell you that, what
else can you do?

Jerraco now knew that when you call DCS and they say nothing is going on, don't always take their word for it. Since ha had lost  his father at the age of three, Jerraco said the loss of HIS son had been made worse since he had grown up without a father:

"All I ever wanted  was a father - son relationship"

Since 2007, the number of child abuse related deaths who were in the system with DCS was raised to 25 with the death of Jayden Noel. Rep. Gail Riecken had pushed for a study committee to try to figure out what needed to be done on the part of DCS after Rep. Cindy Noe was talking about how the committees usually don't begin to have meetings until late in the Summer. Rep. Gail Riecken said it didn't make sense to wait until Summer:

"People in Indiana are very, very concerned about this issue. With children dying, we can't wait. We
can start this process now and we should start it now. Child advocates and lawmakers are tired of being
patient. We want to see results and changed. There is a lot we need to learn about child deaths that we
don't know. This death may be another indication that we just don't know enough in this system about
how to prevent children from dying"

CLEARLY someone needs to figure SOMETHING out if children keep dying over and over even though DCS has them in the system. Jerraco filed a lawsuit against DCS and the hospital as well as the E.R. Doctor claiming negligence. His Lawyer, Michael J. Woody said that DCS had allowed Jayden to remain in a home where he was being abused and was later killed and that DCS and the hospital and the Doctor were also negligent when treating his child.

Jerraco was suing for the maximum allowed by law, $700,000. for loss of love and affection.


Jayden Jesse Jay Noel

December 15, 2010 - January 18, 2012

Jayden Jesse Jay Noel, 1, of Shelbyville passed away Wednesday, January 18, 2012 in Indianapolis.

Born December 15, 2010, he was the son of Jerraco Noel and Chelsea Taylor.

Survivors include his parents of Shelbyville; maternal grandparents, John and Vickie Taylor of Shelbyville; paternal
grandmother, Frances Noel of Shelbyville; maternal great-grandparents, Robert and Bonnie Bable of Shelbyville and Donald and Ginger Pottenger of Glendale, Arizona; unlce Ashton Egerton of Shelbyville; aunts, Meliah Jeffries and Lindsey Taylor, both of Shelbyville and Jessica (husband, Jason) Ebert of Indianapolis.

Jayden was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Terry Noel; maternal great-grandmother, Bette Cavaness; paternal great-grandparents, Paul and Judy Noel and Danny and Doris Yarber; and paternal great-grandfather, Walter

He was a happy and loving baby.

Jayden enjoyed pushing his cars and toys around going "Vroom!"

He attended Harvest Community Church.

Visitation will be from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, at Freeman Family Funeral Homes and Crematory, Carmony-Ewing Chapel,
819 S. Harrison St. funeral services will follow at 5 p.m., with Pastor Robb L. Barlow officiating.

Committal will be at 10 a.m. at Forest Hill Cemetery.

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