Lucas Ruiz

  -  January 24, 2014
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What do you do if you have a child who was born with Down Syndrome and you feel he is suffering and you want to end that suffering? If your name is Erika Wigstrom or Cesar Ruiz, you poison that child with Rum and Hand Sanitizer until he dies. In March of 2014, Erika, who was 20 years old at the time, told Police that she had put Germ X Hand Sanitizer in her sons feeding tube because he had been born with Downs Syndrome as well as a heart defect and she didn't want him to suffer any more. With the active ingredient in the hand sanitizer being alcohol, the child died:

"The baby's blood alcohol content was .280. The legal limit in Louisiana is .o8, so that would be
almost four times the legal limit"
Sheriff's Office Commander - Eric Becnel

Even more shocking was that Erika told Police this was NOT the first time she had tried to kill her son. Cesar Ruiz had been arrested in October of 2012 for allegedly putting Rum into his sons feeding tube just a few days before he was supposed to be having heart surgery, Lucas was only two months old at that time. Lucas began  having seizures, but he didn't die. After she was arrested, Erika told Police that SHE had been the one the put something into her sons feeding tube at the time and that Cesar was covering for her. Erika told Police she had used perfume oil, not rum, to try to kill her son at that time. Erika was taking the full blame for what was done to her son:

"From what I gathered from the detectives, they basically said she had no remorse"
Eric Becnel


In April of 2013, after SHE had given her son perfume oil and then allowed Cesar to take the blame, Erika had said:

"They say you don't understand a mothers love until you hold your baby for the first time. I had
seen the ultrasound. I had felt the kicks, but the first time I held him, it was like it wasn't anything
better than that"

Quite the little actress, Erika has been at the hospital when her son had started to have seizures because she had poured perfume oil into his feeding tube and allowed his father to confess, saying he had poured Rum into the tube:

"The baby had a seizure in that hospital bed with me and all the Nurses and the ICU Doctors
standing around his before, for 58 minutes. I talked to that baby the entire time, trying to get him
to come back to me"

THAT BABY? I HATE when parents refer to their children in that way, rather than using their name. Erika told hospital personnel that Cesar Ruiz, who was 19 years old at the time and the father of Lucas, was on the couch sleeping while doctors questioned her about respiratory distress that Lucas was suffering from. Police questioned her for quite some time and then Cesar confessed that he had put Rum in the feeding tube and said he only wanted to help his son to go to sleep, though at one point he said he wanted to end his sons suffering.

After he was arrested and charged with second degree cruelty to a juvenile, Erika kept up the lies:

"Right now, I have no relationship with him. I do not desire a relationship with him. I will never have
 a relationship with him"

Erika told of conversations where Cesar asked if she still loved him or though that he could harm their child, saying that he loved her and Lucas. Claiming she never asked him WHY he did this to their son, she said she only wonders why it wasn't her who was doing the suffering.


RUIZ Lucas Ruiz

On Friday, January 24, 2014, God called upon Lucas to don his angel wings and return back to his forever home while cradled in the arms of his beloved mother.

Those left to cherish his memory include mother Erika Wigstrom and fiancÚ Darrell Summers, Grandparents Cindy Decuir (David), Bill Wigstrom, Jr. Far-Far (Melanie), Melinda Summers, Cesar Ruiz (Alba), Great grandparents Carroll Ferniz (Alice), Judy Ponson, Bill Wigstrom Sr, and adopted great grandparents Russell (Carol) Gainey, Aunts (names removed at family members request), Darla Rooks (Todd), and Sandra McPherson, Uncles Douglas Decuir, Wilvur and Daniel Ruiz and Michael McPherson (EJ), Special cousins (names removed at family members request) and many other relatives and friends.

Preceded in death by sister Ellie Summers.

Our forever gratitude to the staff at Children's Hospital, Westside Clinics, PSA Nursing, LSU Speech and Hearing, ARCGNO, Early Steps, and Crescent City WIC Office. A very special thank you to Nurses Harry, Australia and the hundreds of people who lifted our little angel boy up in prayer during his short stay on earth.

Please join us in a Celebration of Life Service, Pastor Terry Bell officiating at Exceleration Church, 208 Woodland Hwy, Belle Chasse on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 10 AM with interment following at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery, Belle Chasse, LA. Visitation will be at Exceleration Church on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 6 PM-9 PM. and resume Friday morning, January 31, 2014, from 9 AM until Service at 10 AM. In lieu of flowers, please bring with you a toy or monetary donation to be given to Children's Hospital on behalf of Lucas. For further info contact Ducote Clark Funeral Home, 392-7773.

Site creators note: Once again I am left wondering, who wrote this obituary? Cradled in the arms of his beloved mother? This is the same mother who admitted that she made sure he child died by putting Hand Sanitizer in his feeding tube. Loving mothers DO NOT do that kind of thing.

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