Malaya Faith Heun

October 13, 2012 -  January 22, 2014
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Christy Heun was at work while her sister was baby-sitting when she got a call that something was wrong with her daughter, Christi went home. In January of 2014, a two year old little Angel was taken to the hospital where she would have emergency surgery in an attempt to save her life. Malaya F. Heun had a broken collarbone, her ribs had been broken with evidence of past abuse in the form of some of those ribs in different stages of healing with five new breaks at the time she was admitted. Malaya had new and old bruising over her entire body and she had bleeding on her brain and she had a perforated colon as well as signs of sexual abuse. Surgery was required to remove parts of her colon and that injury, which was caused by blunt for trauma would be what caused her to life to come to an end. Having been with John Travis Turner, who was 30 years old at the time and Malaya's Aunt, Alisha Nicole Carlisle, who was 20 years old at the time, when she became unresponsive a few days before she died.

A search of the home revealed bottles of liquor, pills and in the safe they found drug paraphernalia, Travis was arrested that day and Police were waiting on the autopsy results:

"We want to get this resolved. We're doing all we can to get this wrapped up as soon as
possible. Any time a child's involved you want to make sure all your T's are crossed and
your I's are dotted"
Police Chief - Woody Chavis

It took Police several months to build a case against the couple and in June of 2014, while John was already in jail on other charges, Alisha was arrested and they were both charged with first degree murder and felony child abuse with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury  in the death of Malaya. The couple was being held in two separate jails and they were being held without bond.

Malaya's father was there to see Alisha taken in to custody:

"Just seeing their faces makes me angry, to know that they would do something like that to
my daughter. My daughter's gone, I'm always going to have to deal with that fact"

Jamie Heun said that he believed these two people should be locked up in a steal cage and his mother said that they were glad to see this finally happen and that their entire family was happy about the arrest:

"I'm glad they arrested the ones they feel like did it. I'd like to see them go to prison, either for the rest
of their lives or the death penalty"
Loretta Heun

Police were shocked at the extend of the abuse this little Angel had been through:

"The brutal murder of Malaya Heun was one of the worst case of child abuse I had seen in
over 30 years of being a Police Officer. I have seen many abused children during my career
but this one was extremely disturbing know how much this baby must have suffered before
she died. My investigators have worked so hard on this case and every one of them has a
picture of Malaya hanging over their desk to remind them of the pain and suffering which was
inflicted upon this little girl. This case has been priority one since day one for us to ensure

that justice was served."
Police Chief - Woody Chavis

I read the following comments that were made by Christy:

"I want them to pay for the simple fast it's my baby and I won't ever get her back. My sister called me
told me to call 911 and I asked what was going on and she said baby's unresponsive. I've talked
to my sister 
a couple of times after it happened, but I haven't talked to her since and I just don't
understand it. I wanna
know why"

Of course many questions come to my mind at this point. How is it that this child had broken bones in various stages of healing, yet no one seemed to notice?  Broken bones usually produce a bruise, broken bones mean pain and pain means crying  which should have lead to visits to the doctor. I have to wonder WHO broke the bones that were healing?  How did this child suffer for so long and NONE of the adults in her life knew about it? Children should NOT have to die in order for the abuse they are going through to be revealed.

I guess as this case gets older, we'll find out the answers to many questions that are surrounding the death of Malaya.

Sadly, this is all I could find for an obituary for this little Angel.

In Memory of
Malaya Faith Heun
October 13, 2012 - January 22, 2014


Arrangements under the direction of Linn-Honeycut Funeral Home, China Grove, NC.

As of June 10, 2014, there are no updates for this story.

UPDATE: November 11, 2014

While searching for updates today, I found that Alisha Nicole Carlisle, who was 20 years old at the time, was in front of Judge Christopher Bragg and he set a bail of $500,000. and put in place stipulations for if she was actually able to bond out of jail. Prosecutors had asked for a bond $2 million after Alisha's Lawyer asked for a bond hearing.

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