Ania Rael Macias

July 2, 2000  -  December 25, 2013
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It is hard to understand the "If I can't have them, you can't have them" mentality that allows a parent to kill their children. Connie Villa, who was 35 years old at the time, had no problem doing just that. Connie tried to kill her four children and her ex-husband Christmas night. Police received a call from Adam Villa, a 33 year old man who said that his ex-wife had stabbed and tried to kill him, Adam was on his way to the hospital, but there were children in the home.

Earlier in the day, Connie had forced her children, ranging in age from three to 13 years old, to take prescription medications in an attempt to kill them so that her ex-husband could not have them in the custody battle they were going through. Police had to force their way into the home of Connie and they found her holding a knife to her chest, she had several stab wounds and three of her children were standing beside her. In the bathroom, Police found the body of 13 year old Ania Rael Macias and after making sure the scene was secure, they took Connie and her three remaining children to the hospital. At the hospital, the three children were tested and found to have trace amounts of Opiates in their system. Adam made it to the hospital for treatment and was listed as being in stable condition.

The remaining children in the home told Police that their mother had been abusing them, beating them with hangers, sticks and wires that would leave bloody marks on their bottoms and backs. Drinking water for the children was given to them in dirty jugs filled with bathtub water and were later found in the home with mold in them. The children said that they were watched on video camera by their mother and stepfather and were forced to raise their hands of they needed to go to the bathroom and then were given a very short amount of time to go.

NOTE: I have been contacted by a family member who tells me that the information I have listed in the above paragraph is not true. I have been told by that same person, that everything else on this page is true. I am respecting the wish of this person to remain anonymous and am thankful for their input.

Connie later admitted to police that she had strangled Ania Rael because she couldn't force her to take the medication she tried to kill her children with. Connie was charged with premeditated first degree murder, four counts of attempted murder, kidnapping and four counts of child abuse. Prosecutors said they would seek the death penalty in this case. Connie plead not guilty even after admitting what she had done.

Reports say that Connie's mother, Anita Salazar and her brother Erik had been in the home that day and Police wanted to question them as material witnesses. It was also said that the two might have removed some items from the home and from Connie's car and if so, the Police wanted to find out what those items were. Anita and Erik had told Police they would not be interviewed without their lawyer and then they didn't show up for scheduled interview that had been set up for January 31.

Later it was reported that a suicide note had been found, addressed to Connie's mother, saying that she was going to die and take her children with her, also found were several prescription drug bottles and an open bottle of wine.

A statement was issued by Ania Rael's remaining family members:

On behalf of Michael Macias, Ania's father, Vera Macias, Ania's grandmother and extended family, we request that the focus of this tragedy be a celebration of our precious Ania's life. She was a gentle, kind and beautiful spirit who was taken from us much too soon. Michael and his family are heartbroken. Ania was always smiling. She loved her brothers and sisters. She enjoyed spending time with her father and sister Gaby. We are writing this statement in hopes that the media and other outlets will allow Michael and our family to grieve peacefully. We thank everyone for the outpouring of support for our family. We appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts. We pray that justice will be served.


Ania Rael Macias

Visitation will begin at 9 a.m. Friday at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, with rosary recited at 10. Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10:30 by the Rev. John Arnold. Burial will be in Mountain View Cemetery.

Ania Rael was born on July 2, 2000, in Chandler. She was an eighth-grade student at Legacy Traditional School, loved to read and played softball and volleyball. She loved everyone, especially her brothers and sisters, and was kind, helpful and thoughtful and had a gentle spirit. She was a Cardinals fan and liked to write, draw and listen to music.

Survivors include her father, Michael Macias of Casa Grande; her mother, Connie Villa of Casa Grande; her stepfather, Adam Villa of Casa Grande; two brothers, Aden and Zacary Villa of Casa Grande; three sisters, Adason Villa, Gabrielle Macias and Monique Estrada, all of Casa Grande; grandparents, Jose Macias of Arizona City, Elvira Macias, Anita and Phil Salazar, all of Casa Grande; and great-grandmother Lucia Garcia of Casa Grande.

J. Warren Funeral Services, Cole & Maud The Gardens Chapel is in charge of arrangements.

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