Adacelli Snyder
March 31, 2003 - June 29, 2005
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There are no words in the English, or any other language, that convey strongly enough what happened to little Adacelli Snyder. Imagine a child, face covered with bites and insect eggs, bruises on her belly, eyes that are discolored, open sores on her bottom and thighs, her lower body covered in her own feces and urine. Now imagine this child has Cerebral Palsy and the people who are to blame for her condition, are her parents. Now, imagine she didn't make it. It's not hard to imagine this, this is exactly what happened to Adacelli Snyder and the people who did this to her were her parents, the people entrusted to take care of her, the people who failed her, along with Child Protective Services.

Living in a trailer in Las Vegas Nevada, little Adacelli and her siblings were forced to walk among garbage, rotting food, dirt and what appeared to be animal and human feces. Flies, lice and roaches were everywhere. What wasn't there were the people who SHOULD have taken these children away before Adacelli died. Adacelli who was two years old, weighed only 11 pounds when she was found dead, in her home in June 29, 2005. 

Jack Richardson and Charlene Snyder have been booked on charges of  second degree murder, child abuse and child neglect. This goes FAR beyond the abuse and neglect of a child. Las Vegas Police Captain, Terry Lesney said:

"This case was horrendous, the worst I've seen in my 24 years of  law enforcement. It's 
very rare to see a second-degree murder charge on a neglect case without physical abuse." 

In a broken crib, surrounded by bugs, having a severe diaper rash and using soiled blankets, Adacelli was kept isolated, with her two sisters in totally unlivable conditions. With reports dating back to 2002, Clark County Child Protective Services SHOULD have done something to intervene. In July of 2003, Charlene Snyder was reported to CPS TWICE for the filthy conditions in her home as well as Adacelli's weight loss and neglect of her other children. For a year, CPS had an open home-monitoring case against Charlene. In June of 2004, Clark County CPS said they had done all they could and closed the case with Susan Klein-Rothschild, director of the Department Of Family services stating that the county would not have any legal grounds to check on the family after the case was closed, unless another report was made against Charlene.

Terry Lesney said that a police investigation uncovered several recent reports made to CPS about this family. Questions about this were referred to CPS. Susan Klein-Rothschild claims they have no records at all of reports on this family between the time the case was closed and the time they found Adacelli dead. Claiming the county had given intensive case management in the case of Charlene and Adacelli, was Ann Rubin, manger for the county's Department Of Family Services. Ann Ruin claimed that the social workers met with the family on a regular basis, bringing along a public health nurse who focused on teaching Charlene how to handle her child and an early childhood intervention worker.

"The social workers involved in this care are grieving for the child, they worked so hard and
thought they
had success with this family." 

Police reports show that as little as a year after the case was close, Charlene had stopped bringing Adacelli for necessary medical visits. Charlene admitted to the police that she had missed doctors appointments as far back as seven months prior to Adacelli's death. Charlene stated that adacelli was often hard to deal with and irritable. She would sit with at times and calm her, other times she would leave her there and let her cry, shutting the door behind her, stating it was good to let babies cry.

Donna Coleman who is President of the Children's Advocacy Alliance says that as she has read the case, she is finding there is plenty of blame to go around. The family was provided intensive help for a long period of time with very little improvement and Donna Coleman says the children should have been removed from the home under those circumstances.

Police reports show that Charlene file a domestic violence report against Jack Richardson in April. Donna Coleman said:

"If there's a report of domestic violence in a home that's had two referrals to the house by
CPS, shouldn't that
be a big red flag?"

Any sane person would think so, I guess no one who could do anything before Adacelli died, cared enough to try. The lawyer who represents the Adacelli's siblings said the children, Annalisa Dees who is 5, Maryposa Dees, who is 4 and Jack Richardson who is one, will be released from the county's temporary home for abused and neglected children and will be able to live with Beverly Snyder, Charlene's mother.

Upon learning that Adacelli was buried in an unmarked grave, a woman by the name of Jen Critchlow decided to do something about it. After raising $5,400. for a memorial bench and headstone, in January of 2006, the memorial bench and headstone were put into place and a memorial service was held. Jen Critchlow said:

"As a mother it just ripped my heart out to think not only that she had to suffer, the suffering
she went
through and then to just be buried in an unmarked grave with no sort of a memorial
or remembrance
of what life she did have."


Jen Critchlow's generosity does not stop there. Every year on March 31st, she plans to collect teddy bears to donate to Child Haven in memory of Adacelli who was born on March 31st. I give her my own undying admiration and thanks for what she has done and will continue to do in Adacelli's memory.

Flowers, teddy bears and other gifts were left at Adacelli's grave site after a service on August 18th.

January 2007

During her court appearance Charlene said:

"I didn't know how to take care of a special needs child. I
'Im sorry, that's all I can say. Please give me mercy."

Where was her mercy for Adacelli and what is her excuse for not taking care of her other children? Making them live the way they did? Luckily, Judge David Wall didn't buy her story and said the following:

"I'm going to sentence you to life in prison with a 
possibility of parole after 10 years has been served."

Now we can only hope and pray that a parole board will NOT see fit to let her out, EVER!

Adacelli's Godmother, Keli Cruz was happy about the verdict:

"I hate to say it but she deserves what she gets,"

Keli Cruz said she noticed when things started to change:

"I had her for a couple of nights and then [Snyder] would take her 
back to the house and as soon as she hit that crib, she just 
started screaming. She knew... She knew she wasn't in a good environment."

Keli Cruz says she thinks Adacelli's death was for a reason, to stop her brother and sisters from being abused and neglected"

"She died for a reason. She died to save those other kids,"

Jack Richardson's attorney, Public Defender Timoth O'Brian asked Judge Wall to choose a lesser sentence for him, asking for 10 to 25 years stating:

"This was a case of not knowing any better" 

How could ANYONE with a conscience NOT know that this little girl was being abused and her treatment was wrong? Jack's attorney tried to say that he was abused as a child and was thrown away as a very small child. He also said:

"This is a guy who was doing the best he could with what he had,"

Tinmothy O'Brian said that Adacelli was severely brain damaged and he felt she probably would have died a natural death by the age of five stating that he doubted the evidence in the case would have shown that Adacelli was even neglected at all. The words spoken by Keli Cruz about how Adacelli would begin to cry when she was taken away from her, speak differently.

If a person is abused, they KNOW how terrible it feels and certainly they would try NOT to abuse another person. The defense of "I was abused as a child", is one that is use so much when someone commits a crime these days, it's a shame and anyone who uses it needs to be made away that it is NOT okay to abuse someone else simple because THEY were abuse. Jack Richardson didn't say a word as Judge Wall imposed his sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after ten years. The Judge added:

"My hope is that Adacelli had no recognition of what 
was happening to her"

What goes through the minds of the judges who impose such a ridiculous sentence for the suffering and murder of a beautiful child?

O'Brien said the girl was severely brain-damaged and probably would have died a natural death by the age of 5. The lawyer said he doubted that evidence in the case would have shown neglect caused her death, "but indeed this child was neglected."

Death occurred in the state of Nevada

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