Carla Nicole Bone

  April 4, 2001 -  May 23, 2002
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For five months prior to her death, Carla Bone suffered horribly at the hands of her mother's boyfriend. Reports said that Andrea Bone, who was 20 years old at the time, allowed her boyfriend, Alexander McClure, who was 27 years old at the time to beat her daughter. Carla was not even a year old when Alexander thought she should start walking and when she didn't he would physically punished her.

In the weeks before he ended up killing her, Alexander force fed Carla, slapped her and tried to force her to walk by making her stand up for long periods of time. What did Andrea do about the abuse her daughter was going through? NOTHING, not one thing and on the day Carla died, Andrea lit up a cigarette and watched as Alexander threw Carla into a wall several times. Alexander believed that Carla was not walking because she had bad eating habits and he said she was lazy. Friends of Andrea and Alexander were of the belief that he was jealous of the child because she was not his biological daughter.

For 20 minutes this man tortured this precious child by grabbing her around the throat, lifting her off of the floor and then slamming her back down and then he proceeded to swing her around while she was upside down, bashing her head into the wall over and over. When the couple finally realized that Carla was seriously hurt, they took her to the hospital, but of course it was too late for Carla.

In September of 2002, Andrea bone who had originally been charged with murder, though she never laid a hand on Carla, was found guilty of culpable homicide by a jury who took about seven hours to decide her guilt. Andrea had tried to say she was afraid of Alexander and that was why she didn't help Carla. People said she was an "inadequate and vulnerable mother of low intelligence". Police said it was the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen:

"McClure's brutal treatment of that poor little girl bordered on monstrous. Our investigations
uncovered a catalogue of assaults and cruelty against a defenseless child by a heartless man
who displayed in creasing levels of violence"
Det. Insp. Ian Birnie

Ian Birnie added that Andrea had been ready to lie in order to cover up what happened to Carla and she had made attempts to manipulate Police as well as witnesses while trying to play down her own role in the death. Andrea had moved to Aberdeen in 1998 with David Shorrock, who is Carla's biological father. Carla was pregnant with a second child who was also the biological child of David, when Carla was murdered. In an attempt to ensure that David's parents would get custody of the baby, Andrea and David got married just a few days before her trial. The baby, a girl named Tanya Nikita, was born two days after Carla was buried and she was place into foster care.

I do not understand when people say things like "she wasn't very intelligent" or they bring up the IQ as a kind of defense. I'm sorry, but you don't have to have a high IQ or even the intelligence of a five year old to know that it's just WRONG to beat on children. It is completely wrong to allow other people to beat on a child and do nothing about it. It doesn't take BRAINS to know that children are the most innocent among us and that they need our love, our care, our supervision, our hugs, our patient and our understanding, it takes a LOVING HEART to know all of those things, Andrea and Alexander were both lacking hearts!

After she died, Liz Berry, David's mother, said that if Social Workers had acted on tips that something was wrong, Carla would still be alive. A spokesperson from the North-East Scotland Child Protection Committee said that Carla had been seen by them on a regular basis, though she was not on a child protection register they added:

"In her brief life, while resident in the north-east of Scotland, Carla Nicole was seen regularly
by health visitor staff and monitoring and support was also provide by Social Workers. These
staff agreed that Carla Nicole's parents required advice and help in their care of Carla Nicole
and this was provided. The standard of care was assessed by staff as not requiring formal
protection procedures"

While two calls had come into the office with charges of child abuse, visits to the home to check on Carla never showed that anything was wrong.

In court, after Lord Abernethy told her that she would never be able to take care of another child, even the one she gave birth to that was taken from her, Andrea Bone was given a three year sentence for her part in the death of Carla:

"You woefully failed to protect your daughter. You were under legal obligation as Nicole's mother
to do what was reasonable to protect her and as the jury have found, you woefully failed in that
obligation in a way that contributed to her death"
Lord Abernethy - High Court in Edinburgh

At a later date, there was another court hearing after an appeal was filed. The details were difficult for me to understand so I won't print them here, I will only say that after serving only 18 months of her sentence, Andrea was out of prison and living in England when the court date came up. Andrea was sick so she was not in court. Another charge was being addressed in court that day, the charge of neglect. Lady Cosgrove gave Andrea a sentence of 18 months, though she would not be sent back to prison because of the time she had already been there. Andrea's Lawyer, Margaret Scott, QC, said that Andrea had already served almost half of her original sentence, which meant she would have been released and she added that Andrea had been in no trouble since her release and she had started her life with a new fiancé.

I am not sure how it matters if she was in more trouble since she allowed a man to beat her child to death. Three years cannot possibly make up for what was done to this little Angel, the suffering, the torture, the pain she went through all while her mother watched. NOW to add insult to what she had been through, the woman who should have saved her was getting away with allowing her death because she was behaving nicely. It's sickening to say the least.

Alexander McClure was in court for sentencing in November of 2002 after having been found guilty of murder in a three week long trial. Lord Abernethy, at the High Court in Edinburgh had a few things to say to Alexander:

"When you became frustrated while she resisted your efforts to care for her, your temper got the better
of you and you took it out on the child. You exploded into a level of violence and ferocity on the morning
of the death that was altogether on a different scale. It seems you completely lot your temper and in that
state of mind assaulted her so severely she died"

In court it came out that when he heard that Carla was dead, Alexander's first thoughts were not for the innocent life he had taken, they were of concern for himself:

"I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do that will bring her back, so what will it be in jail terms,
six to ten years"

Alexander was sentenced to life in prison and would have to serve only 13 years before he would be eligible for parole, apparently, he wasn't far off when guessing about the value that is placed on a child's life by those imposing sentences for the ones who kill them.

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