Hunaina Chaudhry
- October 2010

When a one year old little girl disobeyed her mother by "waking up" and bothering her, the woman, who was
chatting with her boyfriend on Skype, asked him what she should do. Of course he suggested that she push the child's head into a bucket of water and that is exactly what Yasmin Chaudhry, who was 26 at the time, did. Ammaz Qureshi, who was 33 at the time, watched from his home in London while Yasmin held her daughters head under the water until she was dead. Don't worry Yasmin, she won't wake up and bother you any more.

When Yasmin realized that her daughter was not breathing, she called paramedics and told them that her daughter had fallen into the bucket and that her death was an accident. It would eventually come out that
Yasmin had been talking to her boyfriend on Skype at about 3:00 a.m. and that when her daughter woke up,
they began to discuss what she should do to punish the child. Yasmin said it was Ammaz's idea and he said
they both came up with the idea after talking about what would be a good punishment. Yasmin and Ammaz both say they never intended for Hunaina to die. This couple had only met one time face to face and they had been "internet dating" for over a year.

Yasmin was arrested on suspicion of negligence because her stories were inconstant and her five year old son was taken away from her. In October of 2011, a full year later, Yasmin finally told police what really happened:

"She said it was done to discipline the child. She had been holding her under water.
She had discussed the discipline with this friend, with whom she had a relationship.
They met online and had met in person only once"
Kristin Rusdal - Police Prosecutor

A charge of murder had been filed against her and police were deciding if they should extradite Ammaz after questioning him and a preliminary murder charge was filed against him. At that point, Ammaz was married
and worked as an accountant, he had not told his wife what had happened to Hunaina before police come to
question him about the death of the little girl:

"This is a very troubling time. I have not told my wife about this yet. You have to understand
what I am going through. I know what my side of the story is. I'm trying to get my side of
things clear"
Ammaz Qureshi

Ammaz said that he did not agree with Yasmin's story saying that he was not to blame for what she did to her daughter. There were no formal extradition requests made for Ammaz and his lawyer, Geir Hovland
denied that he had anything to do with the death of Hunaina saying:

"I want to express that we want Mr. Qureshi to be extradited from UK and face trial in Norway"

If these two people are convicted of murdering this little Angel, they face a sentence of up to only eight years
in prison.


In May of 2014, Yasmin Chaudry was sentenced to eight years in prison. A Judge was going to sentence her to nine years, but instead chose eight sighting the fact that she had cooperated with the police during theinvestigation. What a nice woman she was, to cooperate with police after killing a child:

"The court notes that for any person with sound judgment, the immersion of the head of a child
around one and a half years old in a bucket lacks any reasonable purpose"

It came out in court that for the last six months of her life, Hunaina had suffered abuse at the hands of her mother, often while
Ammaz would watch on the computer. Hunaina was forced to eat chili powder, gagged with tape, slapped in the face, took cold showers and slept on the floor, all in the last six months of her short life.

Ammaz Qureshi received nine years in prison for what he did. The prosecutor had asked for 16 and 18 years for the couple. I guess Judges will never place any value on the life of a child.

Death Occurred in England

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