Piper Ann Webb-Molinski
October 20, 2011 - February 14, 2012
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The picture to the left is a picture taken by the mother of a four month old baby girl when the mother SUSPECTED that her boyfriend was abusing her twin girls, Piper and Ella. Mary Leanne Webb, who was 22 years old at the time, saw bruises on her daughters faces and noticed that one of them had a burn mark on her foot. So of course Mary took her daughters to the doctor and got them away from her boyfriend, right? WRONG! Mary took the pictures claiming she was going to show them to a doctor. Mary didn't want to lose her boyfriend, so after questioning him about what happened to her little Angels, she took the pictures and let it go. Robert Molinski, who was 23 years old at the time, was able to talk his way out of what was obviously going on with these two precious babies, for that moment any way.

On February 12, 2012, Robert could no longer get away with what he was doing, he had to make a call to 911 and let them know that Piper was not breathing. Piper was taken to Children's Hospital Of The Kings and two days later she died. It would soon be revealed that both of these babies were for sure being abused. Piper and Ella's injuries were horrific with a skull fracture, broken ribs, bruised eyes and a burned foot, Ella was missing also thumbnail.

Leanne and Robert were living with his father when most of the abuse took place. In January of 2012, Leanne had gone online to ask if anyone could help her with baby sitting her
daughters while she went to work as a Certified Nurses Aid. On Facebook, a couple of her
friends offered, but Leanne thought that one of them was too pretty and she didn't want to tempt Robert, who she thought would cheat on her. Leanne was aware of the fact that Robert smoked synthetic Marijuana while he was watching the twins.

Robert and Leanne were arrested and Leanne was still making it known that she loved Robert. Leanne had bonded out of jail and made more than one phone call a day to Robert, who was still in prison. Jail records showed that Robert and Leanne had talked on the phone for over 300 hours, all at Leanne's expense:

"Nothing mattered more to her than losing Robert. I've never seen anything like this. It's been
a miserable last year"
Assistant Commonwealth Attorney - Steve Edwards

Leanne had lost custody of Ella and another girl who was a half sister to the twins. Ella was sent to live with cousins in Kentucky and the other child went to live with her father.

In court for her sentencing when she said:

"Looking back, I realize I should have grabbed my children and gone running down the
street for help. I'm sorry"

I guess Leanne thought that she would get sympathy if she said that she should have left, apparently she forgot that she had already burned that bridge, people knew she was lying. Leanne admitted in court that she had been afraid that Robert would leave her so she didn't protect her children. Leanne was sentenced to three years in prison for allowing her children to be abused and one of them to die:

"The magnitude of what occurred over a period of time, not just one time, establishes the enormity
of wrongdoing"
Judge Rodham T. Delk Jr.

Ella on the left, Piper on the right.

The lawyers who represented Robert and Leanne had asked for leniency for the couple with Robert's lawyer throwing in that he had been abused a a child and wasn't prepare to be a father:

"Mr. Molinski simply had no parenting skills. He certainly should have never been put in a position
to care for these babies"
Deputy Public Defender - Antoinette Tucker

Really? Then MAYBE, just maybe, your client should have spoken up about that before he abused his daughters and killed one of them. It doesn't take parenting skills to know that beating a child is not the way to treat them, that takes heart and love and the willingness to care about someone other than yourself, some things that Robert didn't have:

"It's difficult to imagine how this case could be worse. This was more than shaken baby"
Assistant Commonwealth Attorney - Steve Edwards

Leanne's lawyer, Adam Carroll only wanted to make a big deal of the fact that Leanne had not actually abused her children, that she was only guilty of being naive and ended up neglecting her children in the process.

I am of the mind that I should become an attorney because it seems you don't have to have any common sense or feelings in order to be a lawyer, some seem to feel that you just have to say whatever stupid thing comes to mind and you get paid a lot of money to say it. I could never do that, especially when it comes to the lives of innocent children. Leanne ADMITTED that she didn't protect these beautiful babies because she didn't want Robert to leave her, sorry Adam, that is NOT naive, that's selfish and evil!

In July of 2013 Robert Molinski was sentenced to 40 years in prison for abusing and killing one of the twins. Before his sentence was read he said:

"I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused"

Prosecutor Steve Edwards said:

"This is the most hellish case I've ever seen"

Steve Edwards made a comment about Leanne's devotion to Robert, how she knew he was smoking Spice while he was watching the girls:

"As she admitted, she would do anything to maintain her relationship with Robert
Molinski and that was the trade she made"

EXACTLY! This woman traded the love of a child, the safety of a child, the very LIFE of a child, for someone who was such a big man that he had beat on helpless little babies, those who could not fight back, that's not a man, that's a monster and Leanne deserves him, these children did not! There was a time in my life when I didn't believe in forced sterilization, my mind has changed about that. I believe women and men who abuse children and/or kill them this way should NEVER be given the chance to have more children.

It was reported that when Leanne gets out of prison after her RIDICULOUS sentence of three years, she will not be able to have contact with Ella until she turned 18 years old. Though her present condition was not known at the time, it was said that Ella was happy with Leanne's family, in Kentucky.

"On Valentines Day Piper Ann, at the precious age of four months
old, died. We must no longer sit back and be quiet.
Bishop William McCarty

The Message William was trying to send was very clear, it's time to wake up and stop the abuse. There were about 200 people gathered at the Smithfield
High School as the community had a memorial service for Piper.

William was using the memorial as a first step in his challenge to the community
and other members of the clergy to wake up and start facing the realities that come with child abuse. A memorial fund was set up in Piper's memory that would fund education about child abuse and part of the money would be given to help support Ella.

The Pastor of Soteria Christian Center, Reverend Perry Moss, spoke during the service and hope that people would have forgiveness in their hearts:

"We don't have a right to judge something that God has
already taken care of"

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Death occurred in the state of Virginia

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