Kaleib L . Higgins

 - May 7, 2011

Kaleib was visiting his father in Kentucky, this man had not known his son up to this point and it had been about five months that they were together before tragedy struck. Kaleib's fathers girlfriend, Alexis was home with him and three other children when Stacia, who is the mother of Alexis, got a call at work, from one of her other daughters:

"Momma, you need to get home from work. It's important. Kaleib can't breathe. Alexis
can't get him to breath. They think he's had an Asthma attack. She hit him on the back
and that's when a bunch of phlegm and blood, he had threw up blood and stuff on her shirt"

Then on May 7, 2011, Paramedics were called to the home of Alexis Mayes, who was 28 years old and lived with her boyfriend, his son three other small children belonging to Alexis. A call came in saying that a child had been found unresponsive, Paramedics arrived and starting working on Kaleib and then transported him to Madisonville Regional Medical Center where in the ER he was treated for about 45 minutes before he was pronounced dead. An autopsy was done and the findings were upsetting to many people:

"There we found out the child had been abused in some way and we found that the matter
of death, of course now is a homicide. But the cause of death would be multiple blunt force
trauma to the head and body. I'm not used to it. It's really bothered me and it bothers several
people, the emergency staff, the responding officers and it's very difficult to handle right now"
Coroner - Dennis Mayfield

Kaleib was living with his mother and maternal grandmother in Tennessee before going to visit his biological father. When a call came into their home, they were only told that Kaleib was not breathing and nothing else. Rushing to the get to the hospital, they were told that Kaleib had died and they were not even able to see him because he had been taken to have an autopsy done because there was suspicion of child abuse.

Alexis was claiming that she had not done anything to hurt Kaleib though she was taken to jail, charged with murder and was being held on a $500,000. bond. Stacia spoke to Alexis after she had been arrested:

"She was telling me, she said "Momma, I did not do what they say I've done. I was just
trying to help him"

Here we have another mother who refuses to believe that her daughter could do anything wrong. Stacia Mayes had talked to her daughter, Alexis Mayes after the death of Kaleib Higgins and when Alexis said she didn't kill him, her mother believed her. Alexis was being charged with murder after Kaleib was found to be unresponsive and was transported to Regional Medical Center in Madisonville, Kentucky where he was pronounced dead:

"I know that Alexis would not hurt the baby because Alexis had three children of her own"
Stacia Mayes

Stacia stated that she wanted more answers to what happened and that her thoughts and prayers were going out to the family of Kaleib giving them her "utmost sympathy" because she just felt so bad for them.

Kaleib was buried on May 14th in Springfield, Tennessee. I see pictures of this boy and he seems so happy, his smile in contagious and every time I look at the pictures, I break out in a smile because I know that he is now free from the pain he suffered at the hands of this woman, laughing and playing with the Angels. I just know that his smile could light up a room and that it's shinning brightly in Heaven.


Kaleib L. Higgins

HIGGINS, Kaleib L.Age 2. May 7, 2011. Service 2 p.m. today, Greater South Baptist Church. SERENITY FUNERAL HOME, (615) 384-3603. Published in The Tennessean on May 14, 2011

A Facebook page dedicated to the memory of Kaleib stated that the trial for Alexis would start in October of 2013.

On a message board I found this message from May 10, 2011:

Kaleibs Aunt- MYRA wrote:

This evening I saw, kissed, rubbed the head, held the hand, and kissed the cheeks of my two year old lifeless nephew. I witnessed with my own eyes the evil that was done to such an innocent soul. Now people can sit here and comment on this blog, negatively and to blast my sisters name, a person whom they don’t personally know, someone I watched break down in front of them, having to come to a hospital in another state, thinking she's coming to get her child, and be told that her child was dead. Furthermore, to have to leave her child without seeing him and being called to be told that he was MURDERED. People really don’t know the facts and people are losing sight of the issue
here. A 2 year old, innocent, little boy was murdered. I understand that people will take sides. But NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN OR ERASE THE Facts of WHAT I WITNESSED WITH MY OWN EYES today as I saw my lifeless nephew! The coroner’s officer himself reported directly to newspaper reports state that the cause of death was MULTIPLE BLUNT trauma to the head and body. Need I say anymore? Nevertheless, for legal purposes, I will not mention neither, but yes what has been done to the dark will come to the light. It is my every intent to keep the world aware of my nephew’s memory, that was cut short, but to his family and those who actually know him, it will remain ALWAYS! Furthermore, I have been by my sister’s side, watching everyday how she can’t cope with the death of her only child, a child that she was told that she could never have. My nephew was her world. I watch how my mother, Kaleib’s grandmother, the man, Kaleib’s step-father, that raised Kaleib and his children, my siblings,Kaleibs aunts-uncles, and cousin’s break down in tears every day. What happened to my nephew is unfathomable beyond words.

As of today, June 11, 2014, I am unable to find any further information about this case after the arrest of Alexis in 2011.

UPDATE: September 9, 2014

In August of 2014, Alexis Mayes, who was by then 31 years old, plead guilty to first degree manslaughter in a plea deal that allowed her to avoid a more serious charge of murder. Alexis was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Thank you to Kelly for sending me this update.

Death occurred in the state of Kentucky

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