In December of 2014, the inquest into the death of Chloe continued. It was reported that in six years, Families SA had ten Supervisors because the stress of the job was too much. Chloe had been the subject of more than 20 complaints to Families SA before she died. Ms. Tara Liston had visited with Chloe's mother in August of 2011 which was two months after Joy Rann had reported the abuse of Chloe, abuse reports are supposed to be followed up on within ten days of the complaints being made. Tara Liston said that Chloe's case was not as bad as other she had seen:

"In comparison to other cases, when you read it, there some things that Ashlee
did well and there were other times she didn't. It would be a case that not as
significant as other cases. Chloe was clean, she had really curly hair, there was
a washing machine going, Chloe and Ashlee engaged really well, there was no
fear, we look in the cupboards and fridge and this was an unannounced visit and
they were well stocked with fresh food. Chloe's room ahd curtains and linen and
a bed, which is always a bonus with our families. It wasn't what we'd look at in
middle class society and say "it was okay", but in child protection, it appeared
to myself to be okay"

Tara was asked if she would to anything differently if she were able to do things over. Through tears she answered:

"Would I do anything differently? I don't know, but given what happened there is
always a question. I always question that. It appeared that things were picking
up, compared to previous visits by other Social Workers. She appeared clean.
Ashlee appeared clean as well. She didn't appear to be scared or neglect. She
was happy and laughing"

Tara said that on the way to the home visit she had spoken with a manager of the respite program, Time 4 Kids, this was a conversation with someone other than Joy Rann, but had never actually spoken to Joy and admitted that she probably should have spoken to Joy:

"I guess I just thought the manager would be overseeing the program and it would be more
professional to talk to her"

Tara spoke to the Inquest about a document that Coroner Mark Johns and Counsel Assisting Naomi Kereru did not have. Mark. Johns questioned why Families SA had not provided the document and said he was considering asking the Police to investigate Families SA for not complying with a court order that said they were responsible to provide all documents related to Chloe's death. Realizing that they did not have all of the documentation they were entitled to, Mr. Johns said they would have to do the best they could without the missing documents.

Tara said that she had seen the document on a computer, but that the system it was on was hard to navigate. During the inquest it came up that Ashlee had posted on her Facebook wall that she had passed out at one point and left Chloe alone for at least five hours with no one watching her. Tara said that in 2011, Families SA didn't allow their staff to use Facebook, but that had changed in 2012 and supervisors were allowed to use Facebook if it was necessary.

Wrapping up for the time it was said that the Social Workers made a decision to leave Chloe in a rat infested house with her drunk, drug using mother and they ignored signs that the child was in danger. Former SA director Anthony Kemp said in truth, they had used "the premature cessation of search" which put in simple terms mean they had stopped looking.  Anthony said that the case was mishandled and that Chloe should have been removed from the home within weeks of her birth. The staff had protected Ashlee instead of looking out for Chloe.

The inquest was set to continue in February of 2015.

Site creators note: In looking at the pictures of Chloe, I am wondering if I am the only one who seems to think this child looks worried, even in the pictures where she looks happy.
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