Devlin Weaver & Daelin Fregia
1997 - December 18, 2003
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2001 - December 18, 2003
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Devlin Weaver ADORED her younger brother, Daelin Fregia. On December 18, 2003, she and her brother would be killed in terrible and tragic way, by a man who was out to get their mother, Erin Weaver. 

Mark Fregia and Erin Weaver met while in rehab and fell in love. Mark had a past in which he had been physically abusive to his girlfriends, the abuse of Erin Weaver was to be no different. 

Who could predict that this pattern of abuse would have such a horrific outcome? Sometimes, abuse can be directed at one person only to be suffered by others.

With one child, Devlin - a beautiful little girl, from a previous relationship, Erin started to date Mark and a short time later became pregnant with her second child, fathered by him. Trying to be a family become very hard for Erin because of the abuse she was suffering. During the summer of 2002, Erin had been through enough and made the decision to end the relationship with Mark. Custody of Daelin would be shared by the two parents.

A short time after she left him, Mark was looking through the window of her home and saw her with another man. After breaking into the house, he choked Erin and though she was naked, he dragged her out of the house, only letting her go after neighbors called the police. Mark was arrested and was out on bail by December 18, 2003. Mark made a call to Erin asking her to go Christmas shopping with him at Toys R Us. Erin agreed to go and arranged to meet him a  block from the home of her boyfriend, who she was staying with at the time. After noticing they were going the wrong way, she asked him where he was taking her and demanded that he stop the car.

Mark asked Devlin to pass him his soda and she did. Immediately when the cap was removed from the soda, Erin smelled gas. Mark started pouring the gas over her and when she looked over at him, he was holding two lighters, it was then that he set her on fire. Grabbing the steering wheel, Erin managed to get the car to the side of the road. With the children in the back seat of the car, both Erin and Mark got out and tried to put the fire out. Erin was completely engulfed and Mark only had a bit of fire on his pants. According to several witnesses, Mark didn't make any attempts to try to save the children, he was also not trying to help Erin.

As the car started to roll backwards down a slope, Erin started chasing it screaming that he had killed her babies. While Erin was trying to save her children, Mark was trying to find a ride away from the scene. According to witnesses, Mark stole the car of a woman who had stopped to help, pushing her daughter out of the way and taking off in the car. When firefighters finally arrived, they found the children had both burned to death in the back seat of the car. Erin suffered burns over 80% of her body, though she did survive, she was in the hospital for over a year with most of that time being spent in a coma.

The Public Defender, David Headley, in his opening statement said that Mark was in a jealous rage when he set Erin on fire, but, that he never intended to kill her or the children. David Headley stated that it had only been Mark's intention to scare Erin. 

The prosecutor in the case, Paul Graves said  that Mark had intentionally set Erin, Devlin who was six years old and Daelin who was two years old, on fire that night of December 18, 2003. Paul Graves added:

"He intended to kill Erin Weaver. He intended to kill those kids," 
"He left those kids with the last image of him dousing their mother with 
gasoline, gas flying all over the car, then black smoke. That, ladies 
and gentlemen, is a far cry from a Christmas shopping trip"

David Headley has stated that Mark is shattered and devastated by what happened as he never intended to kill anyone. In the past, Mark had threatened ex-girlfriends with knives, but, because he is not a homicidal man, he never stabbed anyone. In the case of Erin, Devlin and Daelin, Mark had only intended to scare Erin, adding:

"He had the wrong weapon and he lost control of it,"

David Headley states that Mark only poured gas on Erin and did not splash it all over the car and the fire was not intentional. Mark claims that Erin was high on a large dose of Meth Amphetamine and while trying to push the lighters away, she caught herself on fire. Mark claims it was during this time that she knocked over the bottle of gas and it spilled out onto the floor. Mark also claims that he burned his face and his hands trying to save Devlin and Daelin, though witnesses say this is not true. He says that when he looked in the car and saw the children were dead, that is when he left the scene. Mark was arrested the next day.

Mark Anthony Fregia has been charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, arson causing great bodily injury, aggravated mayhem, kidnapping and car jacking. Mark also faces several enhancement and special circumstances charges which include committing multiple murders and killing Devlin and Daelin while involved in mayhem. These allegations could lead Mark to death row where he would await the death penalty.

I want to express my gratitude to Loralyn for calling to my attention, the story of these two precious Angels and for sending me pictures and allowing me to to tell their story on this site.


On December 3, 2007, a jury found Mark Anthony Fregia age 39, guilty on all seven counts, the first degree murder of Devlin and Daelin Fregia, arson, kidnapping, aggravated mayhem, car jacking and causing great bodily injury to Erin Weaver, the mother of the two children. The jury did not find him guilty of the attempted murder of Erin Weaver, instead they found him guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter. Mark showed no emotion as the verdicts were read. 

The jury had the option of sentencing Mark Fregia receive the death penalty for his convictions. After a week long penalty phase in the case, the jury deliberated for only one day before deciding that he would spend the rest of his life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

The formal sentencing phase of the trial will be February 8, 2008 with Superior Court Judge Mary Ann O'Malley handing down the sentence.

Loralyn had this to say:

"It's tough, but yes, I'm satisfied with the verdict - 
as long as he never gets out and does this to anyone else again."

I couldn't agree with her more!

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