Kaydn William Hancock
2009 - May 12, 2010
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Andrea M. Rizzitano is the maternal great aunt of Kaydn Hancock called the Department Of Families And Children many times to try and get help for her nephew. Kaydn was being abused by his mother, Christina Hancock who said the 13 month old was fat and lazy, eventually beat him to death.

Police were called to Christina's home at about 4:29 a.m. on May 12 and told that Kaydn had fallen out of his crib. When the Fire Department arrived, Kaydn was unresponsive and having trouble breathing. Kaydn was taken to Emerson Hospital and pronounced dead and 5:17 a.m. Kaydn had many injuries which included internal bleeding, brain hemorrhaging and bruising on his liver and lungs. It was determined that there was no way that Kaydn had been injured that way by falling out of his crib and his death was ruled a homicide by the Medical Examiner. Kaydn had an older injury, his arm had been broken and that meant that he was not able to learn how to crawl. Christina had given up one child for adoption, she had a two year old little girl, she had Kaydn and she was pregnant with her fourth child when she was arrested.

Andrea was going after DCF and Governor Deval Patrick since her repeated attempts to get help to save this little Angel were ignored, she filed a lawsuit for negligence:

"No more excuses. Get rid of the people who are not being accountable. Replace them with
people who are competent and who care about children. What I really want is reform. To a certain
degree, DCF isn't accountable to anyone. He was a real, living, breathing boy who should still
be here. I begged and pleaded, I cried. At the end of the day, we have a dead baby and there's
no justification for that"

Andrea loved her nephew and is now raising his sister. Andrea and Elana Mikelus Gordon, her Lawyer, said that DCF had a very long history with Christina and her two children and that only two months before Kaydn died he had been taken to the hospital with a broken arm and a complaint was filed by the Doctor. Kaydn was removed from the home at that time, though he was returned just a week later:

"They failed to act and that's the issue. They knew the mother was not capable of taking
care of him and they did nothing"
Elana Mikelus Gordon

Andrea said:

"There were 54 prior 51A's filed against Ms. Hancock that were ignored, 64. If Kaydn had
been placed with me, or anyone else, he would be alive"

In March of 2014, Christina Hancock, who was 27 years old at the time, plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced by Superior Judge Maureen Hogan, to eight to ten years in prison. Christina admitted that she had punched Kaydn hard enough to rupture his spleen, just because he wouldn't stop crying:

"Kadyn's death was an avoidable tragedy that occurred when his own mother, the person who
should have loved and protected him from harm, assaulted him so violently that the broad scope
and nature of his injuries were fatal. With this plea, the defendant has now admitted to and taken
responsibility for her actions and this is a just and proper resolution to this case, given the complex
factual, legal and medical issues, the admissible evidence this case and our very high burdens
of proof and persuasion. Children are out most vulnerable victims and we will continue to fight on
behalf of those with no voice. I commend the Massachusetts State Police assigned to our office
and the Acton Police for their diligent work in investigation the circumstances of little Kaydn's
and for achieving a measure of justice for this little boy's family"
District Attorney - Gerry Leone

Kaydn had been home alone with Christine and his big sister, no one else could have done what was done to him, other than Christina.
Why wouldn't the evidence show, along with her confession, that she killed this child, why wouldn't she spend the rest of her life in prison for beating this child this way? Prosecutors said that Christina preferred girls to boys and that was part of why she beat Kaydn.

Even the schools were disgusted with the way DCF handled complaints and staff at a school in Northbridge said that they became frustrated because they had filed 13 complaints about one child who had been being sexually abused before the child was removed from the home. Of course there are people who will ALWAYS find a way to back up their failings and it was said that some of the complaints were not acted on because the school didn't understand how complaints were handled:

"The allegations are different from fact. Our job is to get the facts"
Governor Deval Patrick

REALLY? If even ONE of those complaints was filed correctly and admittedly by your own words there were only SOME that were not, then that child should have been taken OUT of that home with the first FACTUAL complaint filed, when 13 complaints are filed and nothing is done before the 13th one, someone is allowing the abuse of a child and should face criminal persecution for that. The FACT is that children are being abused and some abused to death while someone sits back and does NOTHING!

Not all State leaders felt the way Deval did and Martha Coakly, the Attorney General was asking that there be a complete overhaul of DCF and new investigations units with a sole purpose of keeping children safe.
Others agreed with Martha and expressed the need for an entirely new approach:

"Somebody who can take a good skeptical view and make sure that everything is either
happening the way it should, or, where there are deficiencies that those get recited"
Senator - Richard Moore


Martha Coakly was running for Governor at the time, sadly, she didn't win.

Governor Deval Patrick was said to be a bit cold about what was being proposed by Martha Coakly, he hinted that an independent review might take place:

"We're talking about that. We may have something more to say about this soon"

An Assistant Attorney General was quoted as having said:

"It is not an exact science and DCF doesn't always get it right and agency is not
an absolute guarantor of children in their care:

I have to wonder if this person would feel the same way it if was one of THEIR children who had been killed because DCF ignored 65 warnings about how that child was being abused and then the child ended up dead.

Andrea asked the same question I have been asking for over 20 years "HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE TO DIE":

"Their mission should be to protect children, it isn't. DCF is a political organization and they
cater to biological parents even when they're abusing and killing their children"
Andrea Rizzitano

Andrea is in the process of adopting her five year old niece while Christina's nine year old son is living with a cousin and the baby she gave birth to while in jail was put in foster care. I hope that someone from the family will step up and take custody of that baby as well.


Kadyn W. Hancock

Kaydn William Hancock, age 1, of Acton died Wednesday, May 12, 2010, at Emerson Hospital in Concord following a fall in his Acton home.

He was the beloved son of Christina M. Hancock of Acton and Lamar D. Woodard of Framingham.

Kaydn was the brother of Dashaun A. Hancock and Kayanna T. Hancock, both of Acton, grandson of Charlene R. Hancock of Acton, great-grandson of Dominic Rizzitano of Concord and the late Theresa J. Olivo, formerly of Waltham, nephew of Larry N. Hancock and Alanna M. Rizzitano, both of Maynard, and great-nephew of Deborah J. Rizzitano of Maynard, Nicholas Kenneth Rizzitano of Concord, Dominic A. Rizzitano of Medfield and Andrea M. Rizzitano of Waltham.

Kaydn brought happiness, love and joy to all he touched in his short life. He will never be forgotten and will be forever loved and missed.

Funeral was held Tuesday, May 18, from Dee Funeral Home, 27 Bedford St., Concord Center, at 9 a.m., followed by a funeral Mass in Holy Family Parish, Monument Square, Concord, at 10 a.m. Interment followed in St. Bernard's Cemetery, Concord.

Visiting hours were held Monday, May 17, 2010, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

Contributions in Kaydn's memory may be made to Kaydn W. Hancock Memorial Fund, c/o Sovereign Bank, 409 Mass. Ave., Acton, MA 01720. Arrangements were under the care of Charles W. Dee and Susan M. Dee, Dee Funeral Home of Concord. For online guestbook visit www.deefuneralhome.com.

Published in The BoxBorough Beacon From May 17 to May 24 2010

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Death occurred in the state of Massachusetts

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