Zachary Dutro-Boggas Jr.
August 13, 2008 - August 16, 2012
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While doing research and looking at pictures for the story of Zachary Dutro-Boggas Jr., I was only able to find two pictures of the child, while there were plenty of Jessica Dutro, who was 25 years old at the time and her boyfriend, Brian Canady, who was 24 years old at the time. I saw pictures of them looking smug in their mug shots as well as picture of them both in court, smiling and looking to be having a good time. How could they behave that way after what they to Zachary and his siblings?

It was said that Jessica treated her children like they were living in an Army camp, when in reality, they lived in a homeless shelter. Think about that, a homeless shelter, where surely there were people around to hear the cries of these children, why didn't anyone help them? In a Facebook message, Jessica told her boyfriend that Zachary was facing the wall because he had made her mad. One of the ways Jessica would punish her children was to make them stand against the wall with their hands up and if their hands came down, she would hit them. The children were warned that they better not tell anyone that they were being hit.

Jessica and her ex-husband, Zachary Dutro had three children together, a daughter who was born in 2005, Zachary who was born in 2008 and another son who was born in 2009. Brian and Jessica had a baby together and that child was born in 2011, thankfully that child was never abused, he was the only one of the four children who was spared.

Jessica said in that very Facebook message that she thought her son was going to be gay and she wanted Brian to "work on" him:

"He walks and talks like it. Ugh"

Jessica, there are FAR worse things to be in life than gay and being a child abuser and a child killer are two of those things. Jessica would make her children march to meals from their room at the Good Neighbor Center, when they were going to eat their meals. The children were often given traumatic beatings, with Zachary getting the worst of it. Again I have to ask, why didn't anyone hear the pain these children were in and help them?

On August 12, 2012, Brian and Jessica beat Zachary so bad that his intestine ripped in two places, she did this because she was sure he was going to be gay. Zachary would receive no medical help for the beating he had taken until any help would do no good. Paramedics took Zachary to a hospital in Portland where he was placed on life support. On August 16, 2012, life support was turned off and Zachary died.

At the hospital all of the children were examined by doctors and and found injuries ranging from broken ribs to bruises all over their bodies. It was found that Zachary's intestines had burst open and leaked out of his bowels for at least two days before Brian and Jessica decided to take him to the hospital.

Brian originally told Police that he had kicked Zachary in the stomach because he had been misbehaving by taking his shoes off before sitting down to watch television instead of just sitting down like he was told. Of course Brian changed his story later and said that Jessica was the one who had hit Zachary.

Brian Canady ended up pleading guilty to first degree manslaughter and second degree assault in March of 2014. Brian testified against Jessica and he was sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison.

Jessica Dutro was charged with murder, murder by abuse and second degree assault. Jurors convicted Jessica of murder in April of 2014. Jessica was sentenced to life in prison.

Zachary's siblings went to live with Jessica's family and are said to be happy and thriving. Zachary's biological father, who lives in Hawaii, said of the little Angel:

"He was a really happy child"

Zachary told of how while living in Hawaii, Jessica had been convicted of assaulting a child and her children were taken away and put in foster care for over a year before they were returned to her. In December of 2010, Jessica left Hawaii and went to live in Oregon. Zachary felt bad for what his children had been going through:

“The relationship I had with my kids was wonderful. I would sing to them, take them to the
 park, take them grocery shopping. Even have my daughter help me with dinner. Zachary
was my little man. I did a lot with him. Spoiled him with so much love. He was a big brother.
The only trouble they get into would be sneaking into the pantry to get snacks. Man, I would
watch them do it and all I could do was laugh.
My daughter  is my baby girl, my little princess.
She was like the boys’ second mother. She would help me with them. She always said that she
wants to help. She picked out their clothes and grabbed their diapers, helping with tasks of that
sort. I was amazed”

Zachary was devastated when her learned that his son had died:

“Every father's nightmare. I was told by the doctors how my son ended up in the hospital.
I was terrified scared, angry and feeling hopeless. Knowing that my son is fighting for his life
and there is nothing that I can do about it. The day I heard the news that my son passed away it
 was 11:16 a.m. Hawaii time. All I could feel of was pain. My legs gave out, falling to my knees
crying my heart out. Asking God to take my life away and give it to my son. Because I don't
deserve my life. Still to this day I blame myself that I couldn't protect my children from that
abuse from their evil mother.
My feelings about Jessica right now is that this woman deserves
more than just prison time”

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Death occurred in the state of Oregon

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