Garnett-Paul Thompson Spears
December 3, 2008 - January 23, 2014
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Did Lacey Spears love the attention she got from her Facebook friends so much that it caused her to kill her son? That's what reports say say happened to Garnett Spears, the five year old son who was in and out of hospital his entire life. In what is being called a case of Munchausen by proxy, reports say that Lacey intentionally hurt her son because she craved the attention it got her when she would continuously post accounts of her sons illness on her Facebook wall.

In the first year of Garnett's life, he was said to have been in the hospital 23 times with one stay lasting five weeks. With her friends supporting her and offering up prayers when her son was sick and celebrating with her when he was well. Lacy had moved a couple of  times in Garnett's short life. In 2010 she move from Alabama to Florida, in 2012, she moved from what was said to be the "good life" for Garnett, to a place in New York known as the Fellowship Community, claiming that she hoped the good living there would be medically healthy for Garnett.

On her blog titled: "Garnett's Journey" which is still up today, she talked about Garnett asked where is daddy was and how they miss him. Lacey posted about once a month as far as I can tell, she posted pictures and just a short paragraph talking about new beginnings and such. Garnett was talking about a man named Blake, who she told people was the father of her son, that would turn out to be a lie. In September of 2012 she posted:

"Here's to another year. Many memories. Lots of laughs, most of all hoping
we both find peace, balance, happiness and light"

As it turned out, "Blake" was not the father of Garnett, a man named Chris Hill was and he found out that his son, who he had never met his son because Lacey had moved to Alabama before he was born. Chris tried to get Lacey to accept a friend request on Facebook, but she never did. The day Garnett died, Chris had gone to Lacey's Facebook page and in the public area, he saved a picture of Garnett and posted a message, (posted just the way he wrote it):

"This is my other son, Garnett, and he is 5 years old. I never get to see him because his mom just
up, and moved to New York. Well, Friday he had some severe seizures that caused his brain to
swell, and now is brain dead, and on life support....Even though I don't get to see him, I feel like he's
been with this hole time. IM not going to lie. I cried for hours when I found this out , and it will continue
to hurt till the day I die"

Chris was still wanting Lacey to accept his friend request, he knew if she did, he would be able to see the many pictures she had posted of Garnett, in fact, Garnett's life had been posted on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Lacey told everyone who she could that Garnett's father was a Policeman named Blake who had died in a car accident. There are NO pictures of Garnett with Blake and as we can tell, if he had been there, we would have seen him in pictures. Chris had tried to get Lacey to marry him so they could be a family and make things work, saying she had changed, Chris says that she told him the baby was not his child and then she moved away before he was born. Lacey even threatened to call the Police if he didn't stay away from her and leave her alone:

"All of a sudden, she just acted like I didn't exist. She just ended it. She just wanted to
be a mother and not have a father involved"
Chris Hill

Friend of Lacey had been told that Garnett had not been her first child. Lacey said she had been pregnant once before, but had lost that baby. When friends would ask if she wanted to talk about the lost child, she would say no. A week after Garnett died, Lacey finally accepted the friend request Chris had sent her. Chris and Lacey talked on the phone a few times and they acted like grieving parents, though years had passed since they even talked. Lacey finally admitted that she had made "Blake" up and said she did it to protect her son and that everything she did was to protect Garnett. At times, Lacey would tell Chris she was okay and then at other times she would say she wanted her son back  and that she wanted to die.

Lacey told Chris that she knew the Police were suspicious of her and thought she had killed her son, she tried to assure him that she would never have hurt him. Chris asked her in one text:

"Did they tell u about a salt deal"

To which she replied:

"What? ... Salt? lll What does this mean. Just in disbelief"

Lacey knew EXACTLY what it meant or she would not have asked someone to get rid of the bad she had fed Garnett with. Lacey was fooling her social media friends from the start. On Lacey's Facebook page were dozens of pictures of "Garnett", with titles saying things like "My World My Everything" and "He Completes Me". Unfortunately, it would be reported that the child who smiled at the world from the pictures, was NOT Garnett, instead he was a little boy named Jonathon, a child Lacey used to baby sit. People would tell her how cute this boy was and when asked if he was her son, she would lie and say yes. When a friend of Jonathan's mother, Autumn, saw the pictures, she brought them to her attention and asked her if it was her son:

"I went and looked. And it was a picture of Jonathon. In a comment under the picture, someone
wrote, "He's so cute, is he yours" and Lacey replied: "Yes, he is. That's the love of my my life. He
was born February 14""

Autumn talked to Lacey about it and Lacey told her she loved Jonathan and would never do anything to hurt him:

"It was just a little off-putting to have her do that. It wasn't okay. I found it odd. We were both posting
pictures of the same baby. Decatur's not that big of a town"

Autumn did the right thing and found someone else to care for Jonathan. Autumn and Lacey had worked together at a hamburger place and Autumn said that Lacey had been the person to go to if you needed anything. When Jonathon had been born, Autumn needed a baby sitter and Lacey was there for her. Lacey had worked at two day care centers and both centers say that she was wonderful with children and would often care for five babies at one time and was happy to work until closing time. Lacy worked during the day and on the weekends would take Jonathon home with her, at times she would have him all weekend. Lacey had Jonathon so much, people thought he was her child and when they would ask her about him, she would never deny that he was, Autumn thought that Lacey liked the attention she got from it:

"Being a teen mom, everybody's your friend. When Jonathon was born, people I didn't even know
were coming to the hospital and to the house to see me. Having a child made you the center of
attention for a short period of time. That very well could have been the case with her and Jonathan
and her and Garnett"

After Garnett's death, Autumn found out that Lacey had taken Jonathan to a Baptist Church, telling them she was his mother and needed baby supplies:

"I don't know for sure whether she got assistance from the church. I do know I've never had
to provide her with diapers or wipes"

Senior Pastor Todd Evans said that he remembered Lacey coming to Church with a baby and no one else which he thought was odd since mothers were never in church alone:

"She was almost like an isolated person who came in"

Pastor Todd had no idea if she had received charity from the church. Autumn said that now Garnette had died and Lacey was being investigated, she started to think about things she had not given a second though before. It seems that Jonathon would get a lot of ear infections:

"His ears would actually leak puss. He developed a hole in his ear drum. After he turned
two, there were no longer any issues with ear problems"

It seems that Garnett would also get ear infections at in the same time frame, they were so bad he would end up in the hospital. Autumn had trusted Lacey without question though now she DID question things though she wondered how someone could cause and ear infection. I trust she has done research now to find out how it can be done, because it can.

On January 19, 2014, Garnett was life flighted from Nuack Hospital to Westchester Medical Center. Doctors found extremely high levels of sodium in Garnett's system and he was placed on life support. Lacey, of course, couldn't wait to post pictures of her son online, surely it was to get more sympathy. When Garnett died on January 23, an investigation was done and it was found that while Garnett was on life support, Lacey had called someone at the Fellowship and asked them to her a favor, that favor was to throw away a bag she had used to feed Garnett, who had a feeding tube in his stomach. Luckily, the Police were able to get that bag and found high levels of sodium inside.

In June of 2014, Lacey Spears, who was 26 years old at the time, was arrested on charges of depraved murder and first degree manslaughter, which would carry a maximum sentence of 25 years to life, in prison, if she is convicted. Lacey of course denied that she had done anything wrong and her lawyer said:

"Lacey is completely devastated by the loss of her son and absolutely denies harming
her son in any way"
David Sachs

There was an investigation being done of Garnett's medical battles clear back to when he was only five days old and began to suffer from mysterious medical troubles:

"This is a very sad day for everyone, but it is a day for justice. Justice for the betrayal of
the intimate trust between a mother and child, justice for a mother's continual abuse and
death of her innocent child for her own selfish psychological needs and financial gain,
Justice for Garnett"

It was reported that Lacey was no stranger to the Florida Department Of Children And Families who has had an open case on her since 2011 when anonymous phone calls were made about her odd behavior. Police think that Lacey poisoned Garnett on at least two different occasions with the first one being on January 17 which caused him to have seizures and then again on the day he had to be life flighted to a hospital:

"The defendant provided the medical staff with a medical history for her son, including extensive
medical visits, hospitalizations and invasive surgical procedures"
District Attorney's Office

The medical history combined with the high sodium levels is what caused an investigation to begin:

"During the victims stays in both hospitals, the defendant shared the room with him. This
mother was intentionally feeding her son salt in toxic levels"
Assistant District Attorney - Doreen Lloyd

In the indictment, there wasn't an outright accusation that Lacey had killed Garnett, but it said that she had shown "a depraved indifference to human life" and the she "did recklessly engage in conduct which created a grave risk of serious physical injury or death of another person and thereby cause the death of such person".

Lacey would be held in jail on bond and a court date was set for July 2, 2014. People were interviewed in Alabama and Florida in an attempt to find out what happened to Garnett. People said that Lacey's world was centered around her son and that she was attentive to him and would not allow him out of her sight. A search warrant was obtained and Policed removed many items from the home including food, her computer and her cell phone.

Ginger Dabbs-Anderson, used to be a nurse and has known Lacey since Garnett was only six months old:

"I'm happy they got her and I do believe that she's had this problem for years and that he's been
suffering at her hands. I really wish we could have prevented this because there were signs. Maybe
the hospitals should have caught it, maybe her parents should have caught it, maybe those people
closest to her should have caught it. She put all over Facebook how wonderful she was. She had us
all snowed, she had us believing she was wonderful, but obviously not"

Lacey's last post on social networks read:

"Garnett the great journeyed onward today at 10:20 a.m."

UPDATE: February 12, 2015

In January of 2015, Prosecutors announced that they intended to try to convict Lacey Spears of poisoning Garnett Paul with salt, they intended to show medical records, however, they did not plan to raise any suspicions of Lacey suffering from Munchausen Sydrome by Proxy. It was also decided by Judge Robert Neary that the media would be able to film and take pictures during opening statements, closing arguments and during the verdict, though he would not allow it during the time when witnesses would testify. Jury selection was set to begin on January 26th.

David Sachs, Lacey's Lawyer, said that she is looking forward to her day in court. Prosecutors said that medical records would clearly show that there had been previous episodes of salt poisoning and that a record of her cell phone activity shows that Lacey was aware that salt could hard her son and she kept doing it any way. Lacey had done searches for "dangers of high sodium in a child" and other things related to salt poisoning on her phone. Garnett had been diagnosed with Hupernatremia which is elevated sodium levels before his first birthday though there was no indication that the hospital staff suspected anything along the line of child abuse.

Garnett's chlid fatality report says that medical records indicate a concern for Lacey suffering with Postpartum Depression, emotional instability and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

UPDATE: March 6, 2015

In March of 2015, Lacey Spears was found guilty of murder in the death of Garnett. A jury handed down a guilty verdict for second degree murder after deliberating for three days. Blogs had been introduced in to evidence and video showed Lacey taking her son into a hospital bathroom with a connector tube and then later he would be suffering:

"The way she came out of the bathroom, sat on the bed with him and just
watched him, you know, kind of like if you put, like something in the microwave,
put it on two minutes and just sit there waiting for something to happen that you
know is going to happen eventually"
Alternate Juror - Andrew DiGiacomo

"The motive is bizarre, the notion is scary, but it exists. She apparently
craved the attention of her family, her friends, her co-workers and most
particularly the medical profession. Her actions were nothing short of
Assistant District Attorney Patricia Murphy

Doctors testified that there was no medical reason for Garbetts sodium levels to spike and cause his death. Defense Lawyer Stephen Riebling said that there was no direct evidence of a crime and said that Lacey seemed to be devastated by Garnett's death and he said that the hospital had edited the video presented to take out the moments when Lacey was loving and caring and at one point put two pairs of socks on Garnett's feet:

"If she's planning on killing him, why does she care whether
his feet are cold"

I guess Stephen thinks that the blog where Lacey BRAGGED about what she was doing and other evidence should be thrown out because at ONE point in his life, Lacey actually cared if her sons feet were cold or not. Stephen should be asking himself, if she didn't want him to die, why did she keep poisoning him with salt and he should consider if she was loving and caring and putting two pairs of socks on Garnett if there had NOT been a video being made of her behavior.

Among the evidence were two bags meant to feed and nourish Garnett, though they were both tainted with salt and one was said to be the one that Lacey had asked a friend of hers to hide. One bag was said to have contained what would be equal to 69 McDonald's salt packets in it. That evidence along with her blog and searches for the effects of sodium in children and the damage it could cause, was presented and proved that she had intentionally poisoned this little boy.

Lacey Pears, who was 27 years old at the time, looked away from the jury and while her sister and father sobbed and comforted each other in the court room. Lacey was lead away in handcuffs.

"At sentencing, my office will be asking the court to sentence Ms. Spears
to the maximum sentence allowed under the law. In the end, this was not
a close case. It was on overwhelming body of evidence that convcited
this woman"
District Attorney Janet DiFiore

Janet DiFirore said that she believes justice was served, Lacey was facing 25 years to life in prison and she would be sentenced during a hearing set for April 8, 2015.

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Death occurred in the state of New York

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