Alan Fesler
May 10. 2007 - December 11, 2009
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In September of 2010, almost a year after the death of Wyatt Fesler, Katherine Stanfield, who was 57 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with first degree murder. In court, Katherine was appointed a public defender and her bail was set at $250,000., Wyatt is her step grandson.

In December of 2011, Paramedics were called to Katherine's home where she ran a daycare, watching her biological grandchildren, Wyatt and a few other children. Wyatt was rushed to the hospital where he died wo days later. No charges were filed at first, then in September of 2010, a Grand Jury indicted Katherine. Katherine's family stands behind her saying that while Wyatt is not her biological grandchild, her called her grandma. Lance Fesler, the father of Wyatt and Katherine's daughter, Stacie Duval say that she loved Wyatt and would never do anything to hurt him. Stacie says that Wyatt was prone to fainting and holding his breath:

"Wyatt was fine, happy and laughing. They went to the store to buy cars. My mom called
me an hour later and said Wyatt had passed out. She ran a daycare for 22 years, she
would never harm a child. She watched my children"
Stacie Duval

"I think the detective's trying to make a name for himself. He's just trying to make a name
for himself"
Lance Fesler

Stacie wondered if there was anger towards her sister who had been shot and killed in 2007 during a standoff in which she pointed a gun at Police and they shot and killed her. Katherine's family feels that the incident is the reason the Police are targeting her in the death of Wyatt.

Katherine heard the charges against her while in court:

"The defendant, katherine Lea Stanfield, on or about December 11, 2009, did unlawfully
kill with malice and forethought, murder Wyatt Fesler, a human being"
Judge Richard Schmidt

Bob Stanfield, Katherine's husband, said that during her interview with Police, it was obvious they were trying to make it seem like she killed Wyatt and that their claim holds no merit:

"He started accusing her, "You're gonna go down for first degree murder", he asked her
questions like, "Did you throw this little boy against the wall" and "Did you push him down"
and "Were you mad cause he didn't take his coat off""

The only explanation that Katherine had was that Wyatt suffered from dizzy spells in which he would pass out and fall down and maybe he fell and hit his head. In October Katherine was bailed out of jail and her husband was still saying that Wyatt suffered from a medical condition that cause his injury:

"Ever since my daughter met him, he's always been, he'd hold his breath and pass out.
I don't know if he was actually holding his breath or losing his breath"
Bob Stanfield

Bob said that Lance was standing by his wife and that he doesn't feel she did anything to his son. On the day that Wyatt was taken to the hospital, Katherine said that she took his coat off and when he went to stand up, she heard a thump and when she turned around, he was laying on the floor. Bob told reports that his wife loves children so much that she wouldn't even correct them when they were acting up or doing something wrong. Bob said that his family had been through a lot since his son Jeremy had died after falling off a 240 foot cliff in California and then he talked about his daughter, Sarah, who had been shot and killed in the standoff with Police in 2007 adding that all they can do now is hope for the best.

Site creators note: I have become more aware of the fact that things are not always as they seem, not always the way they are reported. I had been skeptical about the guilt of this grandmother until I read about the injuries this child suffered. I am of the mind that something more than passing out happened to Wyatt

When Wyatt got to the hospital, he was in a coma. Paramedics had made not of hand prints on his shoulders and he had injuries to his spinal cord, bran and massive internal bleeding. Wyatt died two days later. From the sound of it, there is no way that a child this small could faint and land so hard that he would get these injuries. Hand prints could be explained by someone grabbing the child and trying to shake him away, though you'd have to be pressing pretty darn hard to leave a hand print. Wyatt's cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma, by homicide.

In court during the June 2012 trial, in his closing argument, Daniel Dinger said:

"Number one: ws a crime committed? Was Wyatt murdered? And number two: did this
defendant commit that crime? Is she the person who killed Wyatt? The answer to both
of these questions is yes. This incident that caused Wyatt's injury was very physically

Daniel said that the injuries Wyatt had suffered could not have been from a fall and that Katherine had given different stories about how it happened and had lied throughout the investigation:

"That tells you that this child was a victim of physical abuse. There's no question on that.
The injuries also tell that you that Wyatt died from abusive head trauma. This was not an
accident, this was not a child falling back, this was an intentional act of violence, abusive
head trauma that cause his death"

Ed Odessey, Katherine's lawyer, said:

"Kathy loved Wyatt. Wyatt loved her. It's a sad, tragic thing. but because it's a sad tragic
thing, does not mean that the last adult present with him has a criminal responsibility.
Kathy suffered a lost here. She's the one who lost her grandchild but it was not at
her hand"

Ed Odessey added that Katherine was a loving caretaker who just happened to be the one who was there when Wyatt fell that day.

In June of 2012, Katherine was still saying she was innocent. Katherine was found guilty of first degree murder and in August of 2012, she was sentenced to life in prison without parole for at least ten years:

"It was an act of violence, an act of significant violence on a helpless child"
Deputy Country Prosecutor - Dan Dinger

Wyatt Allen Fesler

This is not a good bye to our baby Wyatt, but a new day to celebrate all of our love and moments of joy and fun times. What a handsome little man was he! O' baby, how you will be so greatly missed.

The tears are not of sadness but tears of precious moments, so smile baby Wyatt! While being held in the arms of his daddy, he went to meet Jesus.

Wyatt is survived by his daddy, Lance; mom, Stacie; two brothers, Chad and Jake; Grandpa Bob; Grandma Kathy; Grandma Denise, and Great Grandma Barbra. Funeral arrangements are by Summers Funeral Homes, Ustick Chapel, Meridian.

Published in Idaho Statesman on December 17, 2009

Wyatt Allen Fesler May 10, 2007 Dec. 11, 2009

We have finally been able to lay our darling little Wyatt to rest after three long agonizing years.

He was such a sweet, handsome, intelligent, loving little boy. Everyone he met in his short little life loved him. Wyatt's little soul was released to the care of our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ while being held in the arms of his Daddy.

He is survived by his daddy, Lance Fesler of Boise, his grandmother Denise Dockstader of Boise, his great-grandmother Barbara Stearns of Caldwell, Idaho, Aunts Amber Newkirk (Brock) of Kuna, Idaho, Sarai Fesler of San Diego, CA., three Cousins of Kuna, Idaho and numerous Great Aunts and Great Uncles and Cousins.

We carry your heart in our hearts. Bone of our bone, blood of our blood, flesh of our flesh. Our Darling, we miss you so.

Published in Idaho Statesman on June 26, 2012

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Death occurred in the state of Idaho

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