Alexandria Hill

November 7, 2010 - July 31, 2013
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Joshua Hill and Mary Sweeney like to smoke Marijuana, they say they didn't do it in front of their daughter but would put her to bed and then smoke it. Child Protective Services decided that their daughter, Alexandria needed to go to a Foster home and they removed her from their care. Alexandria began to show signs of being abused:

"She would show up to visitation with bruises on her and mold and mildew in hr bag. It got
to a point where I actually told CPS they would have to me arrested because I wouldn't let
her go back. We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in a hospital
and she never had any issues until she went in to state care"
Joshua Hill


The Texas Department Of Family And Protective Services which is a part of CPS is considered to be under funded and they pay private companies to do background checks on potential foster parents. CPS made the decision to remove Alexandria from the foster home she was in and place her in another foster home where Sherill Small was supposedly taking care of the children she was allowed to foster. The Hills had been told they would get their daughter back in four months.

A reunion was not going to happen because in July of 2013 Alexandria would be taken to the hospital with severe head injuries, she died two days after she was flown to Scott And White Children's Emergency Hospital in Temple.

Joshua was very upset when he found at Alexandria, who they all called Alex, was taken to the hospital and was on life support, through tears he said. He got a call that Monday night:

"I can't even describe it. They wouldn't tell me what condition she was in or what was wrong
or what had happened or anything. The only thing they would tell me is that I needed to be there
and when I got there it was about 1:00 in the morning and I found out that Alex was in a coma"

Joshua said of his last visit with Alexandria:

"We got to sit down at McDonald's and have lunch and play for awhile. She had a little
Despicable Me 2 toy in her happy meal and she loved it. She kept climbing up in my
lap and she fed me french fries"

Alex passed away two days later with her father by her side:

"Alex passed around 10:30 that night"

Alexandria Hill went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

I am of the mind that if it's illegal, people should not do it. Smoking Marijuana is illegal and the Hills should not have been doing it. Does that mean that they should have lost their daughter, first to a foster home where she was being abused and then to a foster home where she would die? It certainly does not. How is it that the same agency managed to put a child into TWO homes that were abusive and had been taking care of children for years, yet no one knew of the abuse that ALL of the children certainly had been facing?

DFPS records show that Sherill was a licensed foster parent and was required to go through training through a program called Texas Mentor. A DPS Spokeswoman said that during her time as a foster parent, Sherill was once accused of child abuse when a child had bruising and lead poisoning, but no one was able to substantiate the allegation of child abuse and Sherill was allowed to continue fostering.

Sherill called 911 on the night of July 29 and said that a child had stopped breathing:

"Initially the story was that the child was running backwards and fell. You don't get these
types of injuries from a 2 year old running backwards and falling"
Police Chief - Thomas Harris

At the hospital it was found by Doctors that Alexandria had brain and retinal hemorrhaging in both of her eyes. Sherill finally admitted that she had shaken Alexandria and then she said she accidentally let her go. Sherill was arrested on August 1, 2013 and her bail was set at $100,000. and another foster child was removed from her home.

It would come out later that the Texas Mentor program had at least 15 deficiencies including at least four in the area of doing a proper background check. Reports say that cuts made to the revenue budget for CPS is what forced them to use private companies in the first place. days after the cuts were made, Texas Republicans put Deloitte PAC, a consulting firm in charge of agency consolidation and gave them $1.8 dollars in their contract. It was said that this consolidation cause CPS to have a serious loss of ability to protect Texas children. Apparently the Republican's who had cut the budget received a lot of money in campaign contributions from Deloitte PAC. In 2011, the super majority-Republican Legislature cut an additional $27 million from programs directed towards preventing child abuse. It is apparent that someone messed up because Texas is the number one state for child abuse deaths. How many children will have to die before these IDIOTS wake up and do the right thing?

Police questioned family members and were told that Alexandria had been being punished that day because she got up before Sherill and her husband Clemons, and she got herself something to eat and drink. Alexandria was in time out for at least least three and possibly up to four hours. While Clemons is not being charged with anything in relation to the death of Alexandria it was reported that he had an arrest record that included charges related to delivery of Marijuana, Cocaine possession and forgery. I guess if a proper background check had been on the home, they would have found that record and this little Angel would still be alive today. Apparently Sherill and Clemons made their money by fostering children.

Joshua and Mary were planning on filing a lawsuit over the death of their daughter.


Alexandria Hill, beloved daughter of Joshua Hill and Mary Sweeney, was taken off life support on Wednesday, the 31st of July after being beaten by her foster parents. She will always be loved and missed extravagantly.

Visitation 1 p.m. Sunday, Cook-Walden/Capital Parks, Pflugerville. Services 1 p.m. Monday, Cook-Walden/Capital Parks.

UPDATE: November 12, 2014

In November of 2014 after a week long trial in the courtroom of Judge John Younblood, Sherril Small was found guilty of capital murder. The jury deliberated for just over four hours before coming back with the guilty verdict.

The arrest affidavit said that Sherril had become frustrated with Alexandria and then slammed her down with a great deal of force. Also stated in the arrest affidavit was this:

"She did this twice and on the time, she lost her grip and the victim was thrown to the
 ground head first"

Sherril was sentenced to live in prison without the possibility of parole (YES...THAT'S HOW ALL CHILD ABUSERS SHOULD SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES) after Prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty in her case.

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Death occurred in the state of Texas

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