Robbie Dean Gillett

July 12, 2005 - July 31, 2006

Ann Lohs was helping in the investigation into the death of Robbie Gillett as much as she could, since having had brain Cancer that year, her memory was not what she wanted it to. Ann did remember that Robbie had a fat lip and appeared emaciated the day before he died:

"He looked terrible, he just looked awful. I called him a skeletal baby, because that was what
he looked
like, with it's skin dragged over it. His little nose bone was sticking out, he was pale
his face was gaunt. His lip was fat and bruised and his bottom teeth weren't straight"

Ann was asked if she remembered that she had sold drugs to Robbie's father:

"I have no recollection of that"

A telephone call between Ann and Robbie's father would indicate that Robbie's father had bought speed from Ann for $300., enough that it was called and eight ball.

An inquest, before Deputy State Coroner Paul MacMahon, in to his death was taking place and it was revealed that Robbie had been in the hospital several times in the the months prior to his death and that the cause for hospitalization was that he had been injuries that included, a fractured skull, vomiting and a ruptured testicle. The fracture to Robbie's skull came just months after he was born and while DOCS did an investigation, Robbie's father and mother were able to blame it on one of his siblings having stepped on him while his diaper was being changed. Apparently, DOCS thought that was as good of an excuse as any and the case was closed. Robbie's father was charged with his murder in 2007, but the DPP had dropped the charges against him in 2008.

Only 12 days before he died, Robbie was taken to the hospital with a large egg shaped lump on the front of his head, Doctors were told that he fell from a lounge chair.

I guess DOCS didn't look at the other injuries Robbie had and the other times he was sent to the hospital. If they had, he might be alive today. Rebecca Mann, Robbie's mother, had discovered he was dead at their home and an autopsy showed that he had died as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen.

DOCS said that the stories in the newspaper had been false and in fact they HAD tried to help:

"The death of a child is a tragedy and the department sends its sympathies to this child's
family and friends. The child's death was reported to the department on Wednesday. There
were previous reports made to the department with actions taken including getting advice f
from other professionals working with the family and trying to get the family to accept services.
While the department would like to be able to provide further details, there are ongoing
investigations into this matter, so the department is limited in what information we can provide"
DOCS Deputy General Of Operations - Annette Gallard

Steven Gillett had hinted to a friend that he was involved in the death of Robbie and asked that friend not to think any different of him when the autopsy report was released. Thomas Kruse admitted that he lied to Police to protect Steven and he told them that Rebecca had not been feeding her son enough and that she had bragged about hitting her children:

"What were you trying to characterize Rebecca as at the time:
Assisting Counsel - Mark Higgens

"As a bad mother, because my mate was getting into trouble"
Thomas Kruse

Thomas said he wanted to be loyal to Steven and had waited outside the Police Station while he was being questioned by police. Thomas was shown a copy of the autopsy report:

"When we started driving off, Steven said, "If they have any evidence on me, I'll be sitting in the
dock facing 25 years to life. Don't think anything different of me, will you""

It would appear that Steve had another friend who was willing to cover up for him. Stephen King spoke at the inquest and said that he had been shocked when he saw Rebecca kick Robbie in the stomach and slap him in the head just a few months before Robbie died:

"The reason why you gave this statement to police was to try to take the heat off Steven
and turn the attention to allegations about Rebecca. All the instances of kicking or slapping
or mistreatment that you say you saw of Robbie by Rebecca, were made up by you"

Brian Murray - Rebecca's Laywer

"I disagree"
Stephen King

Stephen was asked about drug use in the home of Steven and Rebecca and while he denied he had seen Steven using Speed and Amphetamines, he said that he had seen both parents smoking Marijuana before.

In March of 2011, the Coroner's inquest found that Robbie had not died of accidental injuries and the case was turned over to the Director Of Public Prosecutions. During the inquest, Paul MacMahon found that Robbie had died of blunt force trauma and that the fatal blow to his abdomen had most likely come from a fist or a knee, now they just needed to find out who had murdered this child:

"I am satisfied Robbie was the victim of assaults, both new and old, injuries I conclude were more
likely than not, non accidental. While there has been some advances in evidence, they are not
significant to change the overall assessment of this matter of who caused Robbie's death"

Robbie had been found with multiple bruises, old rib fractures and a low body weight. The unsolved homicide squad was given the case. Complaints had been made at least twice in Robbie's case and his grandfather was pretty upset that the Wales Department Of Community Services failed to protect his grandson. At first, the matter was to be turned over to the Director Of Public Prosecutions and then for some reason that changed:

"That was the outcome we had hoped for. We also feel that some of the evidence
throughout this inquest is difficult to comprehend and has been of not assistance
at all in finding out what happened to Robbie and bringing about justice:
Stephen Man

The case was turned over to the unsolved homicide squad.

How can this be an unsolved crime? The father all but admitted that he was guilty, the child died of blunt for trauma and was nothing but bones when he died. His parents are the ones who should have been taking care of him, if nothing else, not feeding him didn't help to keep him alive, they should BOTH be in jail on neglect charges.

While creating this page today, I did numerous searches, too many to count, to try to find if anyone had been prosecuted for the death of Robbie, no one has as of today's date.

This page was created on June 22, 2014
Death occurred in Australia

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