Heaven Octavia Woods

January 30, 2009 - May 20, 2014
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It took about a month for the Department Of Family And Children's Services to release a report on how they has tried to help Heaven Octavia Woods. The report brought to light the fact that since March of 2009, at least nine complaints of abuse and at least nine investigations into the claims of abuse had taken place. At the time of her death, a new investigation had started.

One complaint in 2009 said that Heaven was being abused and neglected and that she had bruises, welts and abrasions on her body. A similar complaint was brought to their attention in 2011 adding that she was now being emotionally abused, didn't have enough food or clothing, had welts, was sleeping in a closet and that sex acts were being done in front of her. Reports continued to come in about the abuse clear up May of 2014 with someone adding that they had seen Heaven being kicked in the back.

DCFS investigated and found nothing to substantiate the complaints and each time and sadly, Heaven was left in the home where she was suffering so much abuse. Heaven did eventually get removed from the home on May 20, 2104, when 911 was called and Paramedics found her little, badly beaten, unresponsive body and when CPR failed, they took her away. An autopsy revealed that torture that Heaven had been going through and showed that she died from blunt force trauma with old as well as new injuries to her body.

Amanda Hendrickson, Heaven's 33 year old mother and her 34 year old boyfriend, Roderick Buckner were arrested and charged with felony cruelty to children in the death of this little Angel. Later, charges of felony murder and aggravated battery were added. Senator Vincent Fort said that releasing the records on this case is the only way for child protection agencies to learn from what went wrong so that history doesn't keep repeating:

"The bottom lines is Heaven Woods was not protected. She was allowed to stay in a home
and that was a fatal decision"

She wasn't ALLOWED to stay in that home, she was FORCED to stay in that home. It was reported that there wasn't a single instance when DCFS took Heaven out of the home. The DCFS reports showed that no one had talked to the manger of the home where they lived and if they had, it would have shown that Amanda dragged Heaven around on a harness like a dog, that interview wouldn't come until AFTER Heaven died.

Bobby Cagle, the man appointed by Governor Nathan Deal to step in as DCFS Director said:

"There were issues around practice and supervision in this case"

Bobby wouldn't elaborate on what he said saying that the Prosecutors asked that he not give away a lot of details. Bobby said the case was still under review and that the Caseworker involved as well as the Supervisor of that Case- worker had been relieved of any duties they previously had that involved contact with children or their families. The case file did reveal that the Caseworker had gone to Heaven's school to talk to her and Heaven was not there and no further attempts were made to visit with a teacher who had made a complaint about abuse.

Heaven was found at home with her mother who lied and said that they had not walked home that day and that Heaven had take the bus and had been hurt while waiting. Heaven told the Caseworker the same thing. I can't find anything to show that the Caseworker had talked to the bus drive to confirm that Heaven was on the bus that day. The teacher said they were walking and she saw Amanda kick Heaven in the back.

Bobby Cagle admitted that it's hard to get children to admit they are being abused:

"Children in homes that are abusive are typically children who are very afraid"

A friend who was interviewed that same day said that Amanda never hit the children. The file had a named blacked out of someone who was also supposed to be interviewed, but that interview never took place. It was confirmed that the Caseworker didn't take any steps to check if Heaven had been on the bus or not. The file also said that other complaints had been written off as family members and the fact that Heaven's parents were fighting each other for custody. Bobby Cagle said that you can't ignore allegations just because they come from a conflict between two parents:

"Any time you make an assumption about a case, you may be making a mistake"

After Heaven died, it was revealed that Amanda had gone on Facebook asking people how to get rid of bruises. That post was made before 6:00 a.m. on the day Heaven died.


WOODS, Heaven

Little Miss Heaven Octavia Woods of Forstyth, GA. entered into eternal rest May 20, 2014.

Funeral arrangements entrusted to William Gayleano Murry & Son Funeral Home (FAIRBURN CHAPEL) 268 NW. Broad St. Fairburn, GA.


Published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on May 23, 2014

Little Miss Heaven Octavia Woods

Born: Fri., Jan. 30, 2009

Died: Tue., May 20, 2014

Visitation: 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Wed, May 28, 2014

Location: Fairburn Chapel

Funeral Service: 11:00 AM, Thu., May 29 2014

Location: Fairburn Chapel

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Death occurred in the state of Georgia

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