Logan Bruce Borchik

January 13, 2013 - May 13, 2014
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On May 6, 2014, a call came in to 911 saying that a baby boy was choking. When police got to the home of Haley Stanfield,  they found Logan unresponsive and CPR was started, though it was obvious that choking was not the problem. Injuries that were clearly visible on Logan's body suggested he was being abused. Logan was life flighted to Children's Hospital where he was placed on life support. Police Chief Dave Wohlers said that Logan's injuries were not consistent with anything related to life saving efforts or to choking. Logan was taken off of life support and on May 13, he died. A team of experts was put together with all of the top people who were educated in crimes against children and they were waiting to hear the results of the autopsy.

Site creators note: I have been asked why I put pictures on my site, like the one above. The reason is that I have SO often seen people say "I don't think a parent would do that to a child" or "It's probably not as bad they are making it out to be". YES, parents will DO this to a child and YES it is as bad as it is being made out to be and the best way to prove that is to SHOW how bad it really is. I don't mean to offend anyone with the pictures, I just want people to be aware that it DOES happen and it's not going to change until people wake up and start paying REAL attention to the problem Don't pay attention after every death and then let it go away until the next one. Child abuse and deaths related to child abuse happen EVERY day and until people start taking it seriously, it's not going to stop.

Haley Stanfield was at work during the time the call was made, she had been staying at the home of Corey Olsen for a short time:

"I thought she needed help is what I thought. Who doesn't help people when they need help"
Corey Olsen

It was later discovered that the Department Of Health And Human Services was part of the lives of this family. Josh and Haley were both being investigated in the death of Logan.

In May of 2014, Haley Stanfield, who was 20 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit first degree murder. Haley asked a man to kill her ex-boyfriend, Josh Olsen. In recorded conversations with this man, Haley told him how to kill Josh and said that her plan was fool proof and he would get away with it, but she didn't want to be involved in the actual act of killing him. Haley gave the man she wanted to kill Josh, a map of the area in which he lived. Haley was arrested and held on $50,000. bond. It was said by Corey that Haley had never acted like she thought Josh had hurt Logan, she even comforted him when he would cry, telling him it was going to be okay.


Logan Bruce BORCHIK

Logan Bruce BORCHIK, age 1, of Lawson, CO, died Tuesday, May 13, 2014, at Children's Hospital in Aurora, CO.

He was the son of Victor BORCHIK and Haley Stanfield

Arrangements are being handled by Hegmann Funeral Service, Inc., P.O. Box 2017, Idaho Springs, CO

Date of Birth:
Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Date of Death:
Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Funeral Home:
Hegmann Funeral Service INC.

PO BOX 2017
Idaho Springs, Colorado UNITED STATES

UPDATE: August 31, 2014

In July of 2014, it was reported that Haley Stanfield was bound over for a trial after she tried to talk her Logan's father in to killer her boyfriend. Bruce Brown, the District Attorney in the case also said that Haley was a person of interest in case of Logan's child abuse death. Judge Wayne Patton said there was enough evidence to hold a criminal trial for solicitation of first degree murder against Haley. If convicted, Haley could face up to 24 years in prison.

Bryan Garrett, a Deputy District Attorney said that Haley could be convicted on what she asked her sons father to do even though no money was given to him and he never carried out her request:

"Simply asking someone to commit first degree murder is enough so long as it was with
the intent to promote and facilitate a crime"

Haley had supposedly given Victor detailed maps of Josh's home and had asked Victor on several occasions to kill him:

"Finally, there's the fact that she gave a photograph to Borchik. If Victor Borchik is actually
going to go through with this murder, he's going to need to know who he's going to be murdering"

While being questioned, Victor was asked by Bryan:

"Did Stanfield as you to do something in regard to Joshua Olson"

"She did"

"What did she ask you to do"

"She asked me to kill him"

A tape recording was played in court and on the tape Haley can be heard saying that if Josh were to go to prison, she would put money on the books of any inmate who agreed to kill him. Defense Attorney Thea Reiff tried to say that Haley had made the comments but might have been in the best state of mind when she did because she had been drinking and was grieving the death of Logan:

"There has to be a strong corroboration of the intent to commit murder, not just a desire
to see someone dead or to see harm come to someone"

Thea tried to say there was no plan to carry out the murder and wondered why the conversations that had been taped seemed to have pauses and skips in the conversation.

I guess maps, continued requests for Victor to kill Josh and a picture of Josh are not evidence enough in the mind of this woman. The Judge said:

"This preliminary hearing is just a screening device, it certainly is not in any way a trial.
The finding of probably cause is not in any way an indication of ultimate finding of guilt"

A request was denied for a reduced bond and Haley stayed in jail with a $50,000. bond.

UPDATE: June 17, 2016 - Thank you Kami for this update.

In November of 2015, Haley Stanfield was found guilty of child abuse resulting in the death of a child. Haley had plead guilty to charges of child abuse resulting in death and was sentenced to to 12 years in prison by Judge Wayne Patton and Haley would have five years of probation upon her release:

"There is nothing that will bring back Logan who was a beautiful,
young boy and while a modicum of justice is served through this
conviction for a horrible crime, the primary lesson here is never,
ever shake a child. Our appreciation goes to the many professionals
who were involved in this case, including Clear Creek County's Law
Enforcement, Health and Human Services and the Colorado Bureau
of Investigations, professionals whose extensive work on this case
enabled a successful prosecution"
District Attorney - Bruce Brown

At this point, Joshua Olsen was scheduled to be in court in November for a change of plea hearing.

I was contacted by a woman named Sandy who noticed on Logan's Find A Grave memorial that he had a twin sister. I have read every news story that is available and there is no mention of her at all. If anyone knows anything about her, where she is and how she is doing, please let me know, if you can. I hope God is holding her close where ever she is and surrounding her with Angels to get her through this part of her life.

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Death occurred in the state of Colorado

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