Shane Daniel Walls

  October 13, 2012  - February 9, 2013
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When Shane was born, his mother and father, Cory Daniel Walls, posed in a picture with him. There is a picture of Cory asleep on the hospital bed with Shane sleeping on his chest. Both pictures are very peaceful, pictures of proud parents, happy to finally meet their precious gift from God. Shane was born premature and spent the first eight weeks of his short life in the hospital due to being underweight, he eventually went home, but it wouldn't be his last hospital stay.


In February of 2013, Shane was back in the hospital after his father shook him, Shane was only 120 days old. When 911 Paramedics got to the home they were told that Shane was having trouble breathing, would not stop crying and that he had been vomiting. Doctors in the E.R. were told the same thing. Had the Doctors been told that Shane had been shook, his life might have been saved. Neither Cory nor Shane's mother one told anyone the extent of what had happened to Shane or that Cory was addicted to painkillers. Shane weighed only 14 pounds at the time of his death.


An autopsy showed that Shane had broken ribs and cranial bleeding which showed signs of being old and new, it was obvious that he had been shaken violently. Cory was arrested after in May of 2014. In the indictment, Cory was charged with felony murder and two counts of felony child abuse causing severe injury. As it turns out, Cory was charged in December with child abuse when Shane was only two months old. Why wasn't something done then?


Cory showed up in court with his baby's mothers name tattooed on his neck and agreed that there was enough evidence to support claims that he had killed Shane. Cory was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and was facing 20 years in prison.

Sadly, Shane's obituary made no mention of any of his family, it's like he was alone in this world. Certainly there had to be SOMEONE in his family there, pictures show family members WITH him, why were they not mentioned in the obituary? I am unable to find the name of Shane's mother any where, nor if she ever showed up after she went missing.


Obituary for baby Shane Daniel Walls
October 12, 2012 0 February 9, 2013
Richmond, Virginia / Age 0

Baby Shane Daniel Walls was born on October 13, 2012 and passed away on Saturday, February 9, 2013. Baby Shane was a resident of Richmond, Virginia


February 14, 2013
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Nelsen Funeral Home
4650 S. Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23231
(804) 222-8601
Funeral Service

February 15, 2013
11:00 AM
Nelsen Funeral Home
4650 S. Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23231
(804) 222-8601

Friday February 15, 2013

Hanover Memorial Park
12360 Hanover Courthouse Rd
Hanover 23069
(804) 643-6614

UPDATE: December 1, 2016

I received and e-mail from Kendall informing me that Shane's mothers name is Kimberly Deerfield. Thank you Kendall for this information.

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Death occurred in the state of Virginia

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