Landon Cole Lee Robbins

  October 16, 2007 - August 30, 2013
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Landon sounds like every other boy who loves life, energetic, loves to ride his bike, eat pizza and corn on the cob, watch "American Ninja Warrior", write and color. Along with Jessica and Bradley, Landon and his younger sisters, Brooklyn and Samantha were living in a 25 foot camp trailer for just a few weeks, that is until August 30, 2013 when Landon's life came to an end. Jessica Robbins, Landon's mother and her boyfriend, Bradley Adox, would be charged with child abuse as when details of his life in the trailer were revealed. Landon died from blunt force trauma to his head and he had been forced to drink dish soap and eat cigarette butts.

Landon's aunt, Jennifer Thompson, said:

"He wanted to play football but he didn't get to"

Sherry Robbins, Landon's grandmother said that he loved to enter contests where he would color a picture for the newspaper. Jennifer said that last time she had seen Landon was on July 4 when she went to visit her sister Jessica for the 4th of July celebration. The fireworks had been canceled that day due to rain, but the children had been playing in the mud and enjoying it. Sherry wrote a tribute to Landon:

"You had so many years to look forward to, like finishing elementary school, middle school,
graduating high school, college, marriage and whatever else in between"

Family members were having a very hard time dealing with the death of this handsome, little Angel. Jerry Wells, who is Landon's grandfather on his father's side of the family said that Gerald Wells was not doing well with his son's death and that previous addiction problems had become more serious since his son had died. Landon's sisters  had stayed with him the weekend before:

"They was telling a story about Landon and he had come to see them and they went to play
with him. They were both telling the same story. Landon came and put wings on us and took u
to play and brought us back to bed. one of them said: "He gave me a hug, kissed me goodnight
and told me he loved me". The other one said: "I'm mad. He just put me to bed and told me he
loved me, but he didn't give me no kiss". Her sister said: "Well, two kisses next time"

It was reported that Landon has missed a lot of school, having only attended one day out of the two weeks since it had started, before he died:

"It's very tough. It's very tough to lose a five year old student. It's very tough to know he may
have been the victim of abuse at home. It's very tough after watching him grow taller month
by month and to now be faced with his death"
Principal - Tammy Boles

When asked how Landon's absence was explained to the children, she said:

'We compare it to the circle of life. They tell students to think about a pet they lost. Or a
grandparent. Or a loved one or friend. There's nothing that can guide you trough this"

Landon's attendance the year before had been good, he even won awards for self discipline and perseverance. Barbara Robbins, Landon's great grandmother had seen him earlier in the Summer:

"He was just a sweet little boy"

Though Barbara loves her granddaughter, Jessica, she said she knows that she will need to be punished for what she did to Landon and her only hope ws that she finds salvation before she dies. Barbara believes that God was there and had a part in Landon's death saying that her sister had told her that God had taken one, to protect two. Saying that she knows all families involved are hurting, Barbara said she was praying for all involved.

Jessica Robbins, who was 24 years old at the time, Landon's mother and her boyfriend, Bradley Adox, who was 22 years old at the time, were eventually charged with felony first degree murder when evidence became available:

"There's just no telling what he went through. He was just a big bruise. He was
the most
precious child"
Jerry Wells - grandfather

"I really had plans to love him. I just hope they see what they've done,
I hope they
open their eyes"
Gerald Wells

This comment seems odd to me, having PLANS to love your child? You should already have loved him. I know that a live of addiction makes a person act differently, but no one should have to make plans to love their children, it should come naturally.

On the afternoon that he died, Jessica called 911 saying that her son wasn't breathing. When Paramedics arrived, Landon was laying on a make shift bed in the living room:

"She had said that the young boy had had a backyard accident the night before"
Detective Rocky Potter

Investigators notice that he had so many injuries and they were NOT consistent with an accident that could happen while playing. Detectives said it was the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen:

"We haven't had anything like this though. I've been a child abuse investigator
since Sheriff
Neal took over in 2002 and this is the worst one I've had to work.
We all have children"

Rocky Potter

Two other children who Jessica had custody of, were taken away and were living with family members.


A Kissing Hand Poem

A piece of me I give to you
The special heart because
"I love you"
The hear is you, the hand is me
It shows that we are
A family.


Landon Cole Lee Robbins, age 5 of Spring City, Tennessee passed away at Rhea County Medical Center in Dayton, Tennessee on Friday, August 30, 2013.  Landon was a student at Spring City Elementary in Spring City, Tennessee.  He was a young boy who enjoyed life.  He is preceded in death by Great-Grandparents, Alfred & Dorothy Boles; Great-Grandmother, JoAnn Powell; Special Cousin, Wesley Frady; Special Friend, Bentlee Jenkins.

Landon leaves behind to cherish his Memory:

Father: Gerald Wells of Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Mother: Jessica Robbins of Spring City, Tennessee
Sisters: Brooklyn Wells and Samantha Wells of Spring City, Tennessee
Grandparents: Michael Boles & Sherry Robbins of Spring City, Tennessee
Denny & Karen Mullins of Oakdale, Tennessee
Jerry Wells & Misty of Rockwood, Tennessee
Great-Grandparents: Ray & Barbara Robbins of Marion, North Carolina
Great-Grandfather: Earl Powell of Rockwood, Tennessee
Special Aunt: Jennifer Thompson of Marion, North Carolina
Special Uncles: Brian Thompson of Marion, North Carolina
Mitchell Boles of Spring City, Tennessee
Other Aunts: Ashley Green, Tonya Wilson
Uncles: Matt Humfleet, Bradley Wells, Buddy Wells
Special Friend: Eli King
Host of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

Arrangements are as follows:

Visitation will be on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Chapel of Evans Mortuary of Rockwood, Tennessee

Funeral Services will be on Thursday, September 5, at 2:00pm in the Chapel of Evans Mortuary of Rockwood, Tennessee with Rev. Thomas Waldo & Rev. Don Long, Officiating. Interment and Concluding Services will follow in the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery in Spring City, Tennessee.

In lieu of Flowers the Family request donations to be made to Evans Mortuary to support Funeral Expenses.Evans Mortuary of Rockwood, Tennessee is serving the family of Landon Cole Lee Robbins

UPDATE: January 28, 2015

In September of 2014 it was reported that a trial date had been set for March 30, 2015 for both Bradley and Jessica. The trial was set to take place over three days and Bradley's Lawyer said:

"We are continuing to work on the case"
Public Defender - Jeff Harmon

Howard Upchurch was the Lawyer for Jessica. District Attorney Mike Taylor said that a notice was filed that if the couple is convicted, they plan to seek life without parole.

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Death occurred in the state of Tennessee

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