Angel Thomas

December 2011 - February 9, 2012
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Latisha Thomas, a mother of three, who was 34 years at the time, called 911 and said that her two month old baby was not breathing. When Paramedics arrived they found that Angel Thomas had already passed. Angel was taken to the Jefferson Parish Coroner's office so and autopsy could be done.

The autopsy took several weeks to complete and when it was done, Latisha was arrested and charged with second degree murder. Police arrested Latisha at her home and her two sons were removed from the home and put in to the custody of the Department Of Children And Family Services. No details were released about the autopsy, but reports say that Angel was starved to death.

Clyde Thomas, Angel's grandfather said that Latisha had told him that the baby was no longer eating properly, she wouldn't drink her bottles and he claimed that Latisha had taken Angel to the hospital shortly before she died. Police said there was no record of that visit:

"I don't see how a medical professional would have looked at a child that was that
close to death and release it to go home"
Sheriff Craig Webre

Angel was born in December of 2011 and records were found for only one doctors visit since that time, though they did find that several scheduled appointments had been missed. A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office said that Angel had been malnourished for quite some time before she died. Latisha was held on $500,000. bond. On her death certificate, the cause of death for Angel is listed as sever malnutrition.

Felicia Thomas, cousin to Latisha, said that she had thought something might be wrong with Angel and she tried to get Latisha to bring her to the hospital, but she didn't. Golden Richardson, Angel's father, was not living in the home since they were not married. Golden's mother lived in the same apartment complex as Latisha and she said that the death of her only granddaughter shocked her:

"Come to me if you don't know nothing, I'm the grandma"
Penny Richardson

Penny said that the last time she had seen her granddaughter was in January and that Latisha was the main caregiver for all of her children. The two boys living in the home didn't seem to be suffering from any kind of abuse or neglect. Felicia tried to talk to Latisha about what happened and she wouldn't say anything to her about it:

"I guess she didn't want to tell us nothing. I guess she kept it all in her heart"

Children And Family Services will give family members a chance to take children before placing them in foster care, however, a thorough review of the home and the situation some times causes a delay or a denial of the children being placed with family members and a Judge has to agree with the decision.

Clyde told Police that Angel had had medical problems even in the womb. Clyde, who is a Pastor, presided over his granddaughter's funeral.


Angel Thomas

Angel Thomas, 2 months, a native and resident of Thibodaux, died Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012.

A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at the Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery in Raceland.

She is survived by her mother, LaTisha Thomas of Thibodaux; father, Golden Richardson of Thibodaux; brothers, Jordan Thomas and John Thomas, both of Thibodaux; sister, Cherron Thomas of Thibodaux; and grandparents, Clyde Thomas and Beverly Thomas of Raceland, and Golden Washington and Penny Richardson, both of Thibodaux.

She was Baptist.

Kennedy Funeral Home of Raceland is in charge of arrangements.

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Death occurred in the state of Louisiana

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