Gabrielle Paige "Gabby" Randel

December 1, 2006 - March 8, 2009
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Why would Danielle McCleary write the words "Dumb A**" on the forehead of a three year old child, her OWN child? The child didn't know WHY it was written there, he only had the piece of mind to tell Police that it was written there by his mother. Danielle had called 911 at about 5:00 a.m. on  on March 8, 2009, to say that her daughter had stopped breathing. What she FAILED to tell them was that her daughter had stopped breathing because a man who had been her boyfriend for ONLY three months and who she lived with in a in a hotel, had beaten her to death. It seems that whenever these calls are made, that kind of detail is left out of the information given to the 911 operator.

When first responders got to the hotel, they found the little boy with the comment on his forehead and they also found Gabrielle Randel having marks and bruises all over her body, blunt force trauma to her head, a hand mark on her body and serious trauma to her genitalia. Gabrielle was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and took her brother to be placed in foster care. Gabrielle died a few hours later.

Kenneth G. Lopez, who was 21 years old at the time, admitted that he had rolled Gabrielle up in a sheet and hit her over and over in an attempt to get her to stop crying. Danielle stood there, watching and did nothing to help her daughter. Kenneth was arrested and held on aggravated child abuse charges. Danielle had the nerve to cry in court as it was determined that she was not a fit mother and would not be given custody of her son. Danielle admitted that she had written that horrible word on her sons forehead. It was reported that the boy was having trouble sleeping at night and had made comments to his biological father, Michael Randel, about his sister and that when he was shown her picture he said:

"Look, Gabbie's not dead"

Michael had driven 17 hours to Tampa from his own home in Texas the minute he got the call about his daughter having been injured. Michael had not even known where his children were because Danielle had moved away about three months prior and had not told him where she was going. It was decided that the three year old boy could go to Texas with his father until it could be decided where he would live permanently. I don't understand that, if this man did nothing wrong, why wouldn't he be given custody of his son?

In March of 2010, in order to get Danielle to testify against Kenneth, who was facing life in prison, she was offered a deal where charges of aggravated murder would be dropped against her and she could plead to aggravated child neglect without knowing what sentence she would face, that would be up to a Judge who could give her the maximum of 15 years in prison. The sentence would not be given until she upheld her part of the bargain and cooperated in the prosecution of Kenneth.

Before Judge Chet A. Tharpe, Danielle stood and listened to the Prosecutor read about how Gabrielle had been fussy so Kenneth tied her hands behind her back, wrapped her in a sheet, sat her down and put a karate pad over her. Kenneth then hit the karate pad until Danielle was quiet. Danielle cried as Michael Sinacore said about her:

"She failed to intervene on behalf of her child"

I wonder if Danielle was crying for herself, or for Gabrielle, I like to THINK it was for Gabrielle, but why would she cry for a child she clearly didn't love? She was crying for herself!

In August of 2011, Kenneth G. Lopez, who was by then 23 years old, having plead guilty to second degree murder and aggravated child abuse, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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Death occurred in the state of Florida

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