Peter Connelly - Baby P
March 1, 2006 - August 2, 2007
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Today, January 27, 2009 I learned that this little Angels
name is Peter Connelly.
Born in London, England and at this time, December 29, 2008 known only as "Baby P.", a child who would die after more than 60 visits from the same social services who failed to protect Victoria Climbie. Baby P. was known to his family as "Smiley". This child managed to smile even though at home he suffered unimaginable horror at the hands of those trusted with his life. They betrayed that trust and took his life from him.

Born on March 1, 2006, Baby P. was able to say his first words, among those words, was the word "dad" which is what he called his mothers boyfriend who she moved in shortly after her marriage to Smiley's biological father ended. Just four short months after his parents split up, his mother was already living with another man and his life of torture had begun. On December 11, Baby P. was taken to the hospital and admitted with a two inch bruise on his forehead as well as bruises on his chest and shoulder.

The picture above shows Peter with several bruises on his face.

A pattern that I have seen many many times while researching child abuse cases, this seems to be a case of a mother who wanted to keep her boyfriend happy and would allow him to do anything he wanted to in order to achieve that. I wish that I could shake some sense into these women and tell them that no man is worth the life of their children.


While his mother was on the computer, her boyfriend put Smiley through some of the most horrific things I have ever heard of putting a child through. Smiley was used as a punching bag, his finger nails were pinched with pliers until they fell off. He was wrapped in so many layers of clothing that he began to sweat and had trouble breathing. He was treated like a dog so much that when the boyfriend would go towards him, he would put his head to the floor like an abused dog.

When the home was searched, police found dog and human feces on the floor as well as rat holes in the walls. Pornography was found and along with that the bodies of mice, baby chicks and a dismembered rabbit. Smiley's bed and bedroom walls had stains of his own blood on them. He weighed less than a child five months younger than he was. Smiley had been hitting his own head on the walls and the floor.

Doctors and social workers had seen the injuries and the bruises which should have indicated that that Smiley was being abused. His mother was arrested while under suspicion of abuse and was let go both times due to supposed lack of evidence. How can there be a lack of evidence when a child has that many injuries? None of these people were aware that the mother had moved in a man who was obsessed with causing pain to others. That is NO excuse though, this child was suffering and they had an obligation to help him. They failed another child!

WARNING...Graphic in nature! Please do not click on the link if you are easily triggered. Chart of Smiley's injuries

The man Smiley called dad wore combat gear, collected Nazi memorabilia, was obsessed with knives and was rarely seen without his Rottweiler dog. Also in the home he kept martial arts weapons and a crossbow. Relatives told stories of his torture and killing of small animals. Smiley's "dad" had been prosecuted for the torture of animals and also was investigated for torturing his own grandmother in an attempt to get her to change her will to benefit him. Unfortunately, the grandmother died of pneumonia before this could happen. This 32 year old, illiterate man moved into Smiley's mothers home in North London and within weeks, began torturing the poor little baby boy.

Resources which were given to this mother included social services paying for a woman named Ann Walker who was a registered child minder, to take care of Smiley four days a week.  Ann said this:

"He came to me always very dirty and smelly. You could see he was a child who was neglected. He had the most sad eyes. You knew something was wrong."

Doctors who saw Smiley said that the wounds they were seeing were "very suggestive of on-accidental injury" and they called social services. Smiley's mother and grandmother were arrested on suspicion of abuse. On December 22, Smiley was placed on Haringey's child protection register. Of course this would prove to be of no help to Smiley. Smiley was returned to his mother on January 26, 2007. This was done AGAINST police advice. By March the case worker assigned to Smiley's case noticed a red spot on his face and was told by his mother than he had hit his head on the side of a table and that he bruised easily.

The claim was checked out by doctors who didn't believe the mothers story. A report made stating this some how managed to NOT make it to the police or to the social workers until after Smiley's death on August 3. In April, after Smiley had turned one, he was taken to the hospital with a large swelling and bruises on his head. Even though social services was informed of this, Smiley was once again returned to his mother with Miss Ward stating that she had no concerns.

Smiley's mother missed scheduled appointments with Paulette Thomas who was her health visitor and was told in June to take Smiley to the hospital for a protection order check up. At that time, doctors found 12 places on his body with scratches and bruising with what they called a grip mark on his leg. Once again, his mother was arrested on suspicion of abuse. SHOCKINGLY, smiley was once again sent home with his mother. She, once again, failed to take Smiley to scheduled check ups.

On two occasions police asked for cross agency meetings, in the week before Smiley would die. Both times Haringey's lawyers claimed there was not enough information to begin what is are known as care proceedings.

In July a man moved into the home as a lodger, his name was Jason Own. He also had three children and a 15 year old girlfriend. Owen says that Smiley's mother and stepfather put chocolate and nappy cream on his face and hands  to hide his injuries from the social worker. The social worker and Sabah Al-Zayyat, the pediatrician missed injuries on the child.

On July 29, Smiley spent what would be his last visit with his biological father. The father said that Smiley's head had been shaved and that his hand had bandages on it to cover a missing fingernail. On July 30 when he brought Smiley back to his mother he says this happened:

"As she walked away he screamed 'daddy, daddy, daddy', so much so that she brought him 
back so I could say good bye."

On his last day alive, Smiley was failed by even the police who had tried to protect him. On August 2, the police told his mother that no further action would be taken against her due to the suspicions of her abusing him. That day, Smiley would receive one final blow that would knock out one of his teeth and cause him  to stop breathing. The tooth would be found later, in his stomach.

Found dead in his cot the next morning, the police went to the North Middlesex Hospital and had the nerve to be shocked that his mother showed no emotion. Smiley's mother was arrested as well as her boyfriend. Police went to her house to do a search and found that the mother who had claimed to be a "damned good mum", was nothing of the sort. Having ben raised by a drug addicted mother, she knew all about social workers and how to manipulate them. One of the senior officers said"

"She knew how to play the system, how to tell social workers what they wanted to hear, and 
how to press the right buttons to get what she wanted, whether it was a new council house 
or child care"

Having not known her biological father until adulthood, she was told as a teenager that she would have to choose between going into care or being sent to a boarding school. Choosing boarding school, she ended up leaving there at the age of 15 and worked as a barmaid and a hairdresser. She married a man twice her age in 2003. Their relationship went bad shortly after Smiley was born, in 2006.

On November 13, 2008, Smiley's mother gave birth to another child, while in prison. She is fighting for visitation rights with that child. While in prison she is said to have discussed the case with an anonymous source who claims she said:

"She showed no remorse and showed off about how she watched porn while her boyfriend 
abused the child. She described her bloke as 'a bit of a nutter' as if it was all quite funny. 
She said she loved him so would  just let him get on with whatever he wanted to do." 

Surprisingly, a jury was unable to make a decision as for who struck the blow that killed little Smiley and the man who tortured him for all those months was found not guilty of murder. He was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child. What is the difference? The man should go away for life. ALL three of the people involved should never be free again and should never be able to be around children again. 

Smiley's mother, stepfather and Jason Owen were scheduled to be sentenced in this case, on December 11, 2008. Disgustingly, each of them faces only a 14 year sentence for the horrible things that were done to this child. Names of Smiley's parents are being withheld due to another charge of abused involving another child in the family. How disgusting is it that these two people get more protection after what they did, than an innocent child was ever given in his life?

At the end of November 2008, sentencing was postponed until March or April of 2009. What is the hold up? Sentence them and get it over with. Let these monsters know that what they did was horrible and make it count. Giving a child killer a 14 year sentence is not enough. ANYONE who kills a child through abuse, should get and DESERVES to get, life in prison without parole.

I just today, March 1, 2009, became aware of the name of the people responsible for the death of this Angel. His mother, Tracey Connelly, and his stepfather, Steven Barker as well as Jason Owen are the ones who tortured and killed this little boy.

On Christmas 2008, about 100,000 people released blue balloons for Smiley. It does my heart good to know that so many people care about this little Angel and that he will be remembered.


There is grave marker to memorialize this little boy. After his death, he was cremated and his ashes were spread over St. Pancreas cemetery in Einfled North London England. There was as small memorial that was created by other people, for Peter. I thank God for those people who may not even know these little Angels, but they do all they can to keep their memory alive.

The black stone with the teddy bear which gives Peter's date of birth and the date when he died, is the headstone on his grave.




Peter's grave covered in hundreds of toys and messages from people who cared about him and loved him more than he had been cared for or loved by those who were supposed to take care of him.


People were so outraged as details of what happened to Peter come out that they were refusing to pay what is known as council tax. What was being demanded was that Sharon Shoesmith director of Haringey's Children and Young People's Service lose her job as well as others who had failed to protect Peter from his abusers. Stephanie Biber posted a message on the window of the Hornsey And Wood Green Labour Party offices asking for Sharon to be sacked:

"This is the final straw. I'm just so angry about it all. I've written to my bank asking it not to 
pay council tax to Haringey Council"

More people felt the same way and had done the same thing. A spokesman for the council said that the police had been receiving  many calls from angry residents:

"As you might expect, views are being expressed by local people."

The Sun Newspaper donated this plaque as a memorial to Peter and his ashes
were scattered near by.

I want to thank a very special woman for sending me this story and for giving me updates and information that I was not aware of. Kelly, thank you so much for calling to my attention, the story of this little Angel. People like you make a world of difference in a world so full of hatred and evil. Thanks for being a new friend "across the pond"   :)


Thank you to Lisa for making me aware that the sentences had been handed down. People like you help me to be able to give the most current information about these children.

In May of 2009, the sentences (If you could call them that) for those responsible for the death of Peter Connelly. Tracey Connelly, who was 27 years old at the time, was given an indefinite sentence, however, she will be allowed to apply for parole in three years due to time she has already served in prison. In a letter she had written to the court in order to plead for leniency, Tracy said:

“I have lost all I hold dear to me. Now every day of my life
is full of guilt... I am truly sorry”

Tracey begged her family and Peter's biological father for forgiveness for what had happened to Peter:

"I accept I failed my son Peter for which I have pleaded guilty. By not being fully open with social services I stopped them from being able to do a full job. As a direct result of this, my son got 
hurt and sadly lost his short life"

Peter's biological father said that he felt horrible about how Peter had suffered through months of pain, fear and loneliness at the hands of these people, before his death. He added that his life had become a living nightmare since he had lost his son.

Steven barker, who was 32 at that time and was found to have raped a two year old girl was sentenced to only 12 years for Peter's death and was sentenced to life for raping the two year old girl. There was a recommendation that he serve at least ten years. 

Jason Owen, who was 37 at that time, was also given an indefinite sentence, though he will be allowed to apply for parole in two years.

Judge Stephen Kramer, who was the judge who gave these ridiculous sentences, said they would be held in prison until such time as they are no longer a risk to the public or to children.

Stephen Kramer, said the two given indefinite sentences would both be held until "deemed no longer to be a risk to the public, in particular to small children", the sentences were subject to widespread media criticism last weekend. The mother's tariff of five years means that in practice she could be released three years from now, because of the time she spent on remand awaiting trial.

In court, Judge Stephen Kramer admitted that Peter had died:

 “In horrific circumstances with injuries that can only  have caused great pain and distress 
prior to his death. Any decent person who heard the catalogue of medical conditions and 
non accidental injuries suffered by Peter cannot fail to have been appalled” 

He also said to Tracey that she was:

 “Manipulative and self-centered person, with a calculating side as well as a temper”, who had 
“actively deceived” the authorities in order to protect her boyfriend"

This IDIOT Judge said all of that and then imposed less than life in prison without the possibility of parole? Who is he trying to fool? He obviously has no regard for the life of Peter.

Jack Straw  defended the use of these sentences saying that the tariff that had been set was only the minimum sentence that would be served. He said that he knew Lady Scotland, the attorney general, would ask the appeals court to review the cases as she sees these sentences as being unduly lenient:

 "We have called for the papers in this case since the attorney general has the power to 
refer certain sentences to the court of appeal for review if, after looking at all the facts, she 
thinks the sentence was unduly lenient. Within this power, the attorney general can look at
minimum tariffs imposed on life and indeterminate sentence prisoners"

It was said that the public needs to understand that these sentences do not mean that the prisoners will be released for sure after their minimum sentences had been served. Release of these prisoners would come when a parole board was satisfied that they were no longer a threat to society.

Some children's charities were extremely upset with the sentences. The National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children said that these sentences were unacceptable since they were so short:

 "It raises the question of how bad the abuse has to be before offenders get a longer time in prison" 
Chief Executive - Andrew Flannagan

A petition was set up and over night it already had 50,000 signatures of people who were demanding longer sentences for Peter's killers. Tracey's own mother said she would sign the petition:

“She may think I'm a traitor but I will be signing your petition. My daughter is pure evil. 
I've lost my grandson"

Some comments from the public:

"There has never been a better example of how out of touch our soft judges are" 

"Judges, like MPs have lost touch. I'd spend longer locked up if I fiddled my taxes" 

“This light sentence does not reflect in any way the seriousness of this crime"

“It certainly does not take into account the unimaginable suffering of a little boy.” 

 "I’m sickened. When will these lawmakers, judges, and politicians get a feel for the mood in this country? Is that really the paltry price for a child’s life” 

“The problem is people are no longer scared of the judicial system. These evil people will live a comfortable life in prison and want for nothing"

“The only appropriate sentence would be life without the possibility of parole.” 

 “Britain is lost in red tape” 

A mother, Sara Payne, who lost her own eight year old daughter, Sarah, when she was murdered in 2000 by a Pedophile named Roy Whiting commented:

 “I am sickened to learn of the pitiful tariffs handed down to the individuals directly responsible f
or this baby’s death. They are wicked, loathsome and unquestionably on a par with every child 
killer in the country. These laughable prison terms have enraged the public. And it’s an insult 
to the all-too-short life of a harmless 17-month-old. As a mother, I implore the relevant authorities 
to reconsider their decisions. This is all about justice for Baby P.” 

On May 22, 2009, a second review of the way this case was handled, determined that Peter's death could and should have been prevented. It was found that doctors, lawyers, police and social workers should have been able to stop this abuse the very first time time Peter was seriously injured.

Though Peter had been placed under child protective services due to concerns about his care, his case was considered routine with the injuries being normal childhood injuries. The director of Haringey Council of children's services and four other of the employees there were fired from their jobs and two of the doctors involved have been suspended.

Lord William Laming, who was the head of a nationwide review of child protections services after Peter's death said that he was very confident that a wide ranging reform of the system to protect children would be introduced. He stated that Peter's case had brought out shock and concern due to the failure of public services to step in and
protect young children who had already been shown to be at a serious risk:

“I am confident that the recommendations I have made will be implemented fully and will 
produce the step change needed to improve children’s services across the whole of the country” 

Baby P prison terms to be reviewed
May 27, 2009

Baroness Scotland could refer the case to the Court of Appeal if she concludes the sentences were "unduly lenient".

Children's charities have condemned the jail terms given to the three people convicted of causing or allowing the little boy's death.

Last week at the Old Bailey Baby P's mother, 27, was given an indefinite sentence with a minimum term of five years after pleading guilty to causing or allowing her son's death.

Her boyfriend, 32, was jailed for life with a minimum of 10 years for raping a two-year-old girl. He was also given a 12-year term to run concurrently for his "major role" in Peter's death.

The couple's lodger, Jason Owen, 37, of Bromley, south east London, was jailed for a minimum of three years.

A spokesman for the Attorney General's office said she could appeal against the minimum terms handed down.

He said: "We have called for the papers in this case since the Attorney General has the power to refer certain sentences to the Court of Appeal for review if, after looking at all the facts, she thinks the sentence was unduly lenient.

"Within this power, the Attorney General can look at minimum tariffs imposed on life and indeterminate sentence prisoners.

"However, it is important to understand that such prisoners are not released automatically after the minimum term has been served - they are only released when the independent Parole Board is satisfied that their continued detention is no longer necessary to protect the public."

UPDATE: August 4, 2014

In April of 2014 reports said that Tracey Connelly had been allowed to leave the "bail hostel" she had been living in, at the expense of the taxpayers, to a home of her own. Tracey would still be living off of the taxpayers with money for rent on her apartment, money to look for a job as well as money to buy furnishings for her new home:

"She wanted out of the bail hostel and it was decided it was time for her to go. She is hundreds
of miles away from where she was, which should increase her chances of not being recognized"
Probation Office

Tracey had been out of jail for six months by this time and she would be supervised by Probation Officers. It was reported that she was given instructions on how to remain anonymous to the public by changing her name as well as her appearance and she was instructed not to tell anyone about her past.

Tracy claimed that she had already been recognized by people in a McDonald's and that there were some mothers there who had "abused" her, which caused her to leave. Jason Owen had been released in 2011 after his sentence was changed from a minimum of three years to a fixed term of six years. In 2013, Jason was arrested again after he was found in an area that he had been banned from.

In August of 2014, the father of Steven and Jason Owen, called them monsters and said they deserved to be punished for what they did to Peter. Their father was a 63 year old man who chose to remain anonymous and he spoke about his two sons saying that Steven had an obsession with violence and he had a collection of knives as well as Nazi memorabilia, but was dominated by his older brother Jason.

When these two boys were growing up, they used to terrorize their grandmother and they even tortured her in an attempt to get her to write them into her will, she was 82 years old at the time. Monsters even at a young age, they would wear masks to scare her and they were arrested and charged with assault when they beat her up, locked her in a closet and tried to force her to change her will. Hilda Barker was so traumatized by what they did to her that she moved into a nursing home and where in 1996, she died of Pneumonia. Unfortunately, Steven and Jason got lucky because after she died, there was a lack of evidence against them and the charges were dropped. Their father didn't forget though:

"What they did was awful and they deserve to be punished. I don't care what happens to them.
Everyone thinks they are monsters and I don't think any different. I can't eat, I can't sleep. I'm
terrified. I've tried to explain to people but people don't understand. I have to watch my back. I
haven't had any sleep for days. I am absolutely exhausted"

Neighbors say that these parents rarely leave their home because they are afraid people will take it out on them for what their sons did. I would hope that is not true, most of us as parents, raise our children and hope they turn out to be good, decent people, if they don't, we are not to blame.

UPDATE: February 24, 2015 (Thank you goes out to Gill for this update)

In February of 2015 Tracey Connelly was sent back to prison after having been out since October of 2013. Tracey was arrested and charged with uploading and trying to sell pornographic pictures of herself, a breach of the terms of her license and she would have to appear before the Parole Board to answer to the charges.

As it turns out, people who are fascinated by her and are said to be "turned on" by her notoriety, are willing to buy pornographic pictures of her, for some reason. Once source said:

"It doesn't get any more depraved than this. She clearly wasn't
ready to be released into the community"

Richard Johnson, Tracey's father had said that he didn't think she should ever be released from prison and he had wondered who in their right mind would allow her out saying it was a crazy, stupid decision because she had no served enough time:

"She allowed her own son, my beautiful baby grandson, to be tortured
to death. She's evil and should never ever be freed"

A spokesman for the Minstry Of Justice said that offenders on license are subject to strict controls and conditions and able to be sent back to prison if they breach their license.

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