Serenity Jade Reedy

September 1, 2012 - June 7, 2013
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Jennifer Reedy wanted what most of us want, a happy family for her and her daughter. Jennifer hoped that the man she met and wanted to marry was going to give them a happy home:

"I wanted her to have what every child should have, a mom and a dad and a happy home"

What Jennifer soon found out was that the man she thought was going to make her dreams come true, was really a nightmare. Jose Luis Aguilar was a convicted sex offender, Jennifer said she had no idea about his past:

"I met him online and I had one a background check to see if there was any sex
offender thing and it doesn't come up because he's a level one"

Unfortunately, Jennifer is another woman who wanted a man in her life so badly that before she REALLY got to know him, she moved him into her home, that was after only a few weeks. Jennifer said they were really close and they talked about having a family together, they went to church together and had Bible studies in their home, Serenity soon began to call him daddy. Serenity was described as a bubbly, talkative, beautiful nine month old baby. Jennifer would soon find out that her happy home was going to be torn apart. Serenity was raped and killed by Jose.

Jennifer said that people had opinions of her that were not right:

"There are a lot of people who have a lot of bad opinions about me and it's not fair because
I did what I thought I needed to do to protect my child. I did everything humanly possible to
protect my child. There was no way for me to know he would have done this to my daughter.
I love my daughter and I would anything to have her back"

The time to do ANYTHING to protect children is BEFORE you let a man or a woman who you barely know, in to the lives of you and your children. If nothing else, history shows that being cautious is the best way to proceed in relationships because a lot of times, the "perfect" ones are not who they seem.

Jose had tried to run after the death of Serenity. Using the GPS tracker in his cell phone, Police were able to track him to California and they were sure he was trying to get to Mexico. Jose had taken the car he and Jennifer had bought together and driven to Oregon and when a Detective was able to reach him on him cell phone, he was still there. Jose told the Detective he would return but he had no intention of doing it. Jose got on a bus to Las Vegas and from there he caught another bus that had a stop in Barstow. Police surrounded the bus there and when they found him, they identified him by a tattoo on his head after making him remove a baseball cap he had been given by another passenger to hide the tattoo.

In March of 2014, Jose was in court and said that though he had previously admitted to Police that he had raped and killed Serenity, he only did it because he has Diabetes and was having trouble during his interview and he thought the Police were going to abuse him if he didn't confess. Jose claimed that he had been abused by Police Officer Sgt. Adam G. Cortinas while he was in the holding cell. Shelly Ajax, Jose's lawyer said that his comments during the interview were not "free and voluntary" because of his Diabetes and how he felt pressured into saying what they wanted to hear, even though it was a lie. Jose said:

"At this point my Diabetes, my hands are starting to go numb, my face is starting to go numb,
I'm feeling it already. I thought Id' better tell something they want to hear because I was afraid.
At first I wasn't taking responsibility and then towards the end I said, well fine and I told them"

Prosecutor Andy Miller said that if Jose was so scared, how would he have been able to get through the first part of the interview by denying that he had raped and killed Serenity KNOWING that the Adam Cortinas wanted him to confess to crime. Of course Jose had an explanation for that:

"Well, sir, there's a thing called pride and I was letting pride get a hold of me until I realized
what the situation was and the I let fear get back into me again. That's when I said these
guys are going to keep going and going"

Jose said that he had to take Insulin in the morning and at night and he said during his interrogation, he had not eaten since he had been in Oregon and that his high blood pressure as well as his Diabetes was starting to affect his ability to focus and that he wasn't offered anything to eat until after 6:00 a.m. on June 9 and that had been after he was taken to the hospital and cleared medically.

When asked how he had managed to take all of the money from the home yet leave his medication behind, Jose said he didn't even have to think about it because the money was on a table by the front door. Adam Cortinas and Cpl. Daniel Arthur agreed in court that Jose didn't seem to be suffering at all during the interview and had seemed alter and not under the influence of any medications or alcohol at the time. Jose waived his rights and then he agree to talk to the Police and was later allowed to write two letters, one to Jennifer and one to the court. Jose said that he had really wanted to ask for a lawyer, but he was afraid since while he was in the holding cell, the window had been covered with a piece of paper and then when Adam Cortinas had come in to check on him, he started to get rough, hitting him, kicking his legs and pushing him around the room all the while calling him a "sick ba****d".

Shelly Ajax asked about the paper over the window and was told that it was to protect Jose from those passing by who might recognize him. After speaking to a lawyer, Jose's rights kicked in and he was transported from  California to Washington. Jose said he wanted to speak to Jenny and tell her it was an accident.

Luckily, Judge Vic VanderSchoor did not believe him. Judge VanderSchoor said he didn't find the statements to be credible. Jose was charged with first degree rape of a child and second degree murder with the aggravating circumstance that Serenity was so young that she was unable to defend herself against his attack as well as the fact that her death had been a destructive impact on the lives of those around her.


Serenity Jade Reedy

Born in Richland, WA on Sep.1, 2012
Departed on Jun.7, 2013 and resided in Richland, WA.

Rosary with No Visitation: Monday, Sep. 30, 2013 6:00 pm
Mass of Christian Burial: Tuesday, Oct.1, 2013 10:00 am
Cemetery: Sunset Memorial Gardens

Serenity Jade Reedy

September 1, 2012- June 7, 2013

Born in Richland, WA to Jennifer Kathyrn (Inglis) Reedy and James Patrick Reedy. Serenity was the light of her mother's life. Watching them bond, filled my heart with joy.

Serenity studied people and things at great length, to remember every detail. She brought a smile and something special to each person she encountered.

Survivors include her momma, father, sister- Savannah Rose Reedy- Renton, WA; brothers, Timothy James and Samuel Patrick Reedy- Spokane, WA; Grandparents, Richard and Kathryn Inglis, Kevin and Kathie Walker, and Steve and DeAnn Reedy; Uncle Ben, cousins Ben Jr. and Bobby Inglis and numerous others.

Rosary Service Monday Sept. 30th @ 6pm, Einan's Funeral Home, Richland.

Funeral Service Tuesday Oct.1st @ 10am, Christ the King Church, Gravesite service to follow at Sunset Memorial Gardens, Richland. Reception to follow at the Seventh day Adventist Church on McMurray, Richland.

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Crime Victims, Einan's, and/or Christ the King Parish.

UPDATE: November 3, 2014

I read that Serenity's body was being held for more tests and then in October of 2013, Serenity was finally released to her family:

"For me personally, it has just been too hard to talk about. I am not sure if I will
have closure. I didn't get to see my baby. I am one of those people that would
like to kiss her good bye. I will never be able to do that"
Kathy Inglis - Grandmother

Family and friends of Serenity gathered at the Christ The King Church for a celebration of her short life. Some of Serenity's favorite toys were with her as pallbearers carried her small, white casket into the church. On top of her casket were pink and purple flowers and floral arrangements shaped like a cross and a heart were near her casket. Reverend Thomas Champoux told those in attendance that Serenity had been a happy, precious infant who had been taken away from her family far too soon:

"A child as innocent as Serenity immediately sees God face to face. This family
how has a saint in Heaven praying for them"

Kathy said that Serenity had been an affectionate little girl who loved her toy monkey and her toy elephant and that she was having difficulty living with the death of her granddaughter:

"She was everything to us. With that big smile on her face. She loved everyone. She
touched everyone. That's the kind of kid Serenity was"

Holding hands on the way out of the church, family members walked behind her as the song "Fly Like A bird" was played. In the cemetery, Reverend Champoux blessed Serenity and said one final prayer. Family members hugged and walked away after saying their good byes to Serenity. Kathy watched as her daughter kissed Serenity's casket:

"This has been so hard for Jennifer. Can you imagine? She is doing as good as she
could be. We are all suffering. We are all hurting"

Site creators note: I am torn about how I feel about Jennifer. Not knowing a man well enough and then moving him in with you and your child, that makes me cringe. Nobody is perfect and I am not saying that Jennifer should have known that this man was a sex offender, I am saying that taking her time and getting to know the REAL man would have been best for her and Serenity. You can't fully know a person after six months of dating, Jennifer should have waited longer, in my opinion, to move this man in with her.

In July of 2013, it had been just over a year since Serenity had been killed. Jose Luis Aguilar, who was 37 years old at the time,  was waiting for his trial when he decided to plead guilty, as he was charged, to second degree murder and first degree child rape. Jose also plead guilty to the aggravating circumstances of Serenity being too young to defend herself and that fact that the crime he committed had a destructive impact on other people. The sad part is that Jose did this using the Alford Plea which allows him to admit that evidence against his would convict him, but he was not admitting to any guilt.

Prosecutors were asking for 40 years in prison and if a parole board decided he was a threat to children in the community, he could end up dying in prison. Prosecutor Andy Miller said that even if the case had gone to trial, he was sure a jury would have found Jose guilty and that he had spoken to Serenity's family and let them know that Jose was about to plead guilty:

"I think the main goal of the family and us was that we were not going to reduce any
charges and that we weren't going to back off the recommended over the top sentence"
Prosecutor - Andy Miller

Judge Robert Swisher heard the plea deal as Jose was fighting to urge to cry and Judge Swisher read the account of what had taken place on the day of Serenity's death, though it was lies because that's when Jose had said that she had fallen and hit the wall:

"My theory is that the defendant sexually abused Serenity. She started crying and
he panicked after he was worried that the sexual abuse was going to be discovered.
I don't buy this story about vomiting and throwing against the wall. I think he either hit
her or slammed her against the wall on at least two different occasions"

Jose had been convicted in 1998 of indecent solicitation of a child in Kansas, which is a level 1 offense and considered to be the least likely to re-offend.
Serenity's family was going to speak at the sentencing hearing.

In September of 2014 Jose Luis Aguilar was in court for sentencing and had this to say:

"I carry the burden of what happened to Serenity. I don't know why I didn't do things
right. Every day I feel sorry for Serenity and her family. My heart aches"

Judge Vic VanderSchoor gave Jose the maximum sentence, life in prison for second degree murder and first degree rape of a child, with the aggravating circumstances considered, the term was able to be doubled. Jose would have to serve the minimum sentence before parole would be considered and that decision was based on the fact that he would be in his 70's by then and if he had acknowledge his crime and participated in a treatment program while in prison.

Defense Attorney Shelly Ajax had asked the Judge to consider a lesser sentence between 20 and 40 years saying that Jose had taken responsibility for what he had done and was being honest about what had happened that day. How does Shelly figure that he was taking responsibility when he plead under the Alford Plea which means he is DENYING that he did anything wrong?

Jose had written a pre sentencing report and in that report, was still denying any wrong doing:

"I was very intoxicated. I was dancing and going in circles while holding the baby in my arms.
She began to vomit and it shocked me and I threw her up in the air. She hit on the wall and
then the floor. I thought she'd be okay, but she was not the next day"

Jose was also still denying that he had raped this precious little Angel. Prosecutor Andy Miller said they didn't believe his story and said that there had been inconsistencies and evidence of what had happened:

"It was a horrific crime and we can only imagine the terror that Serenity went through. The
defendant's conduct was already reprehensible and it was, of course, made worse by the
fact that he didn't have the courage to stay"

An autopsy had shown that Serenity had two skull fractures, hemorrhaging around her eyes and a cut in her vaginal
area and it was reported that one of the skull fractures was very close to the size of the open end of a beer bottle which was taken from the home that day. Jose said that he had been trying to figure out what happened that night and the he had prayed Serenity would be okay and that if he had to do it all over again, he would have called 911 to get her some help:

"I cannot take back what happened, I cannot ask for forgiveness from anyone. Serenity did
not deserve to have me come into her life. I was not ready to be a responsible adult. I was too
wrapped up in alcohol and I knew I had a problem Please know that there's nothing no one can
do to me that I have not done to myself"

Kathy held a picture of Serenity as she told the court how she had already missed two of Serenity's birthdays:

"I will look at it every day and she smiles at me and tries to make it better, but I will never
have her back. I don't think Jose should be out in society ever again"

James Reedy said:

"I've been through pain and trauma that nothing could have prepare me and us for this"

James said that Serenity was the most precious gift life had given to him but that his faith in the justice system was intact and he thanked Law Enforcement Officers for the work they had done in making sure that this case was brought to a close and justice was served:

"I deserve a chance to live and never again worry that this man will have the change to
harm any of our precious kids ever again"

Jennifer had moved away hoping that she could get a fresh start in her life. I find it sad that she did not want to be there to see her daughter get justice. No matter where I lived, no matter what, I would have had to be there to see that the person how took my child from me, was getting what they deserved, that my child was getting justice. Jennifer's attitude is a total mystery to me.

Read more here: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/2014/09/24/3168962/man-sentenced-to-xx-for-raping.html#storylink=cpy
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Death occurred in the state of Washington

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