Lamar Hayslett

2012 - December 2012

In December of 2008, Enoch A. Hayslett brought his one month old baby son to the E.R. and told Doctors that the baby was constipated. What Doctors found instead was that the baby had a broken femur that his parents could not explain to the Department Of Children And Family Services, so they stepped in and took custody of the three children living in the home and they were placed in foster care.

That didn't stop Enoch from abusing children, he and his wife just had more, first a son and then twin sons. These children lived with their parents while they were trying to get their other children out of foster care. While trying to get their children back, DCFS received two complaints about Enoch abusing his children, but when a visit was made, DCFS claims the allegations were not true.

A month after DCFS closed the second case against Enoch, this man, who was a large man, 5 foot 10 inches and weighing about 280 pounds, beat one of his twin sons to death. Police found Lamar floating in the tub and family members tried to say he had drowned. Lamar Hayslett was eight months old, weighed about 20 pounds at the time of his death and he had bruises all over his body and a fractured skull. The other children in the home had not been safe from abuse, though they did not die from it. An autopsy revealed that he had not drowned, he had died from the injuries he had sustained while being beat by his father.

In December of 2012, Enoch A. Hayslett, who was 27 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated battery. A judge set his bail at $300,000. and scheduled a date for him to return to court. Enoch would never make it to that court date. On Father's Day of 2013, Enoch was found hanging in his cell and pronounced dead at 9:00 p.m. that day.

Officers tried to do CPR before transporting him to Mount Sinai Hospital. An autopsy said that he died from a hanging and his death was ruled a suicide. No charges were ever filed against the mother of these little Angels, though they were all taken out of her custody.

This page was created on June 25, 2014
Death occurred in the state of Illinois

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