Edmond Michael "Eddie" Crimmins
October 17, 1959 - July 14, 1965
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 Alice Marie "Missy" Crimmins
October 24, 1960 - July 14, 1965
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On July 14, 1965 a call went out that two children had gone missing from their apartment in New York. Eddie and Alice Crimmins were going through a divorce as well as a nasty custody battle so she told Police she thought he might have taken her children. Calling Eddie, she found out that he did not have the children and he immediately called the Police to report Eddie and Missy as missing.

Detective Gerard H. Piering was the one in charge of the investigation and it was said that he had a dislike for Alice fro the first time he saw her. Alice was in tight fitting pants, white high heels, perfectly teased red hair and she appeared to be wearing a lot of makeup. Alice had scars from teen aged acne and she had always tried to hide them by wearing a lot of makeup.

Her appearance made Alice seem like she really didn't care much that her children were missing and when Detectives got there, Gerard was quoted as saying "You interview the guy. I'll take the b***h". Gerard didn't even bother to take notes or pictures which was against what he had been trained to do.

On the very day they went missing, Missy's body was found in a vacant lot. Alice was taken to the lot without being told what was there and when she saw her daughter's body, she fainted and was said to not shed a tear until reporters started taking her picture, at that point, she cried to the point of being hysterical. Eddie's decomposing body was found several days later when a ten year old boy named Ralph Warnecke was taking a walk with his father, Vernon. The father and son had taken a walk and gone into the bushes and while poking at a blanket with a stick, a body rolled out.

It didn't appear to take Alice all that long to get over the deaths of her children, she was out partying and hanging out with different men just a few days later, earning herself the name of "Sexpot" or "Sexy Redhead". Supposedly, the Police were harassing Alice who could not get a job even when she applied for jobs using the name Alice Burke. Alice said that harassment got so bad that eventually she would just pick up the phone and say "Hi boys, drop dead".

At some point after the children were buried, Eddie and Alice got back together and together they went through the investigation into the deaths of the children. Reports came in of strange intruders in their area and names of men in Alice's "little black book" of names of men suspected to be her "boyfriends".

A man named Anthony Grace had been interviewed before and was being interviewed again, only this time, he admitted that he had lied in the first interview. Anthony said that though he had originally said he had not left the Bronx on the morning the children had disappeared, he was now saying that he had gone to a restaurant called Ripples On The Water with a group of girls who were all married but partied as though they were single. Anthony said that since Alice had been going through a divorce and a nasty custody battle, he had not been seeing much of her and though she had called him on July 13 and said she wanted to have a drink with him, he was able to dodge her request.

A year and a half after their deaths, a tip came in to the Police with the claim that on the morning of the July 14, at about 2:00 a.m., a woman who appeared to be small, like Alice Crimmins and a man who could not be identified, had been seen carrying a small child and what looked to be a small child wrapped up and putting them into the car. Police eventually found that anonymous called had been Sophie Earomirski and she admitted the woman she had seen that morning was Alice Crimmins. Alice was arrested on September 11, 1967 for the murder of Missy.

The trial began on May 9, 1968 and the papers dubbed her case "The Sexpot On Trial" and in court her many liaisons with men were brought up and when Sophie took the stand and told about seeing a child bundled up that morning Alice yelled:

"You liar, you liar, you liar"

Alice was convicted of manslaughter and fainted which caused her to become hospitalized for two weeks. Upon her release from the hospital she went to prison where she stayed for only 24 days until her Lawyers were able to get her conviction overturned. Alice would be on trial again in March of 1971 which resulted in her being convicted of first degree murder for Eddie's death and manslaughter for Missy's death. Comments said to be tainted, made by the Prosecutor, caused her conviction to be overturned again in 1973. The decision was appealed by the District Attorney and Alice was once again sent to Prison for the charge of manslaughter.

in January of 1976, Alice was eligible for work release and she was allowed to leave the prison during the day to work as a secretary. In August of 1977, reports from the New Your Post said that Alice had spent time on a luxury cruiser since prisoners on work release were given the luxury of spending every other weekend out of prison.

Alice married Anthony Grace in July of 1977 while she was still in prison. Speculation had been that he was the man seen helping her on the morning she had been seen putting her children into the car. Pictures were shown in the paper, of her in a bikini and a t-shirt to which the District Attorney commented:

"Alice should be behind bars"

Alice was granted parole in 1977 and a further attempt to retry her was denied in November of that year.


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