Keilly Cianna Hoyt
August 2012 - January 16, 2013
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As a parent, I like to believe that my son would never do anything against a child. I know my son, I see how he is with children and the thought of him ever abusing a child or killing a child, is one that never enters my mind. I am sure everyone wants to believe that their children are in capable of doing horrible things to children, but when someone DOES do something horrible to a child and their parent refuses to accept it, that angers me. It doesn't mean that we failed as parents, when our children do wrong, it doesn't make us bad people, ignoring what our children do or trying to day they don't do bad things when they OBVIOUSLY did, that's just wrong!

Shakeitha Cartwright, who was 29 years old at the time, was arrested and taken in for questioning in the death of her child. Her father, Marlon Cartwright, did what most of us would do, he stood by her and waited for over eight hours while she was being questioned and when Police told him his daughter had all but admitted to what she did and was going to be charged, he still didn't believe it:

"I can't see my daughter doing that, you know. Something had to go wrong, something bd
go wrong because I can't see, something had to really go wrong in her heard you , if she
done it. I still don't believe it, you know, but they say she just about admitted it. They came
out about something to ten, the detective did and said "Uhh, well, we're going to charge her
with murder", she said "I'm going to write a warrant out and we're going to arrest her and
charge her with murder". She said she admitted to it. We're going to tray and get her some
help because she needs help. You know, she needs help"

When Paramedics arrived at her home that day, Shakeitha was sitting on her front porch holding Keilly.  Shakeitha claimed that she had checked o her daughter at about 4:00 a.m. and then again at 5:00 a.m. and when she went to check on her at 9:00 a.m., she was laying on her stomach in her bassinet. Paramedics took Keilly and noticing odd bruising on her, they called Police. While Paramedics took Keilly to the hospital, Police questioned Shakeitha

Keilly had a bruised left eye, multiple bite marks, she was dehydrated and had bruises all over her body. A large bruise was found on her back and bottom, Keilly had bruises on the soles of her feet and an x-ray showed that she had many broken bones including both femurs, both forearms, both shoulders and her jaw. It would later be said that it was easier to count the bones that were NOT broken, than those that were.

Police searched the house and found that the bassinet appeared to have vomit pad as well of some other kind of stain and there was no sheet covering the matters. A fitted sheet was later found to have a red stain which matched the stain on the matters and other blankets and clothing were found with blood stains on them. Shakeitha admitted that she had picked her daughter up and shook her, bit her on her feet, slapped her in the mouth and squeezed her shoulders together as well as throwing her into her car seat, though she said she didn't know how her bones had been broken.
How could she NOT know how this child's bones got broken after ALL that she had just admitted to doing to her?
With no history of abuse in the home before that day, Sherri Pulliam, a CPS Spokesperson said that three other children were removed from the home ranging in age from nine years old to 18 months old, two girls and one boy.

In court, District Attorney Ken Florence spoke about the injuries inflicted on this little Angel:

"The law stands for justice, but here, there's no justice for five month old baby Keilly Hoyt.
It was easier to identify which bones in her body were not broken than those that were. Her
little 20 ribs were broken, started healing, were broken and started healing again before she
simply could not take it any more. Her injuries were so numerous, so horrific, I simply
can't go on"

Keilly had three fractures in her skull and her back was broken so badly that x-rays clearly showed a separation of her little vertebrae. The death penalty was not an option in this case:

"Because Ms. Cartwright murdered only her own child and she had no prior criminal record,
the state cannot prove that she will be a future danger to others, which is required to impose
a sentence of death. The reasoning behind the case is that Cartwright will not have access
to potential child victims while serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of
Ken Florence

Ken Florence apologized to the jury for the pictures that they had been forced to look at and told them that he felt that when Shakeitha had known her daughter was dead when she had checked on her the first time that morning. Witnesses, including Shakeitha's own cousin, testified that she never seemed to care about anyone other than herself, not even Keilly. Ken talked about the Doctor who had testified about the abuse he saw on the body of Keilly:

"Dr. Bianco said this is the worst case in his 40 years of practice. That is a BIG statement.
This is the worst case I have seen as well, in my 25 years"

At first, Shakeitha tried to blame the other children in the home, but had finally admitted that there was no way they could have hurt Keilly to the extent that she was hurt. Shakeitha had beaten her child and then tried to smother her with a shirt.

Rudy Valasquez, Shakeitha's lawyer addressed the jury by saying that the Shakeitha had felt attacked from all different directions when the three officers had been questioning her saying they would cut her off, not allow her to finish her sentences and say things like, "I don't want to hear it right now" when she tried to say she had not hurt her daughter:

"They literally beat her down"

Rudy said that while Shakeitha was filling out her statement, Police would enter the room and tell her what she should be writing and that it was visible on video as well as the fact that she was crying, though Police say she wasn't. Rudy pointed out that Dr's had said that this baby could have died after rolling over in bed and claimed that the Police were just saying she hadn't shown remorse because that was what they were supposed to say:

"Some people cry and scream and others go in to shock. The state has not shown Cartwright killed
her baby. What the state has shown is that the baby died of serious injuries"

Rudy Valasquez told jurors that Shakeitha has said no less than 50 times that she had not killed her baby. Where does Rudy think this baby got those injuries? Certainly he doesn't believe that this child rolled over in bed and broke all of those bones and got all bruised up.

Ken came back and told the jury that the Medical Examiner had said that the skull injuries were enough evidence and he pointed out that he had never asked about if Shakeitha had shown remorse and that only one witness had said she didn't show any. Apparently, Shakeitha had told admitted that at 5:00 a.m. when she was hold Keilly, she could hear her gasping for air and she knew she was taking her last breath and that she knew she had killed this child.

In January of 2014, Shakeitha Cartwright, who was by then 31 years old, was found guilty after a jury took a little over an hour to deliberate. Shakeitha was sentenced to life without parole. Marlon Cartwright talked to his daughter as she was being lead from the courtroom and he said he didn't feel the verdict was fair. Shakeitha only told him:

"Take care of my babies"

Ken Florence stressed that crimes like the one committed on Keilly could be prevented if people would spread the word about the Emergency Infant Care Provider under Texas law. A parent is able to drop off an infant at any EICA location such as a hospital, Fire Station or a Police Station, no questions will be asked and no criminal charges will be filed:

"The Texas Legislature enacted this law to avoid cases like this. If a parent feels her or she can't
take it any more, there is an option. The option was available to Shakeitha Cartwright. Keilly could
remain alive in a loving, adoptive home and Cartwright would not be spending the rest of her
natural life, without the possibility of parole, in prison"


Keilly Ciana Hoyt, 5 months old of Center, passed away Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at Shelby Regional Medical Center. Funeral services will be held at 1pm Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Bright Morning Star Baptist Church, Center, Texas. Interment to follow at New Hope Baptist Cemetery, Mansfield, Louisiana with Rev. James Jenkins officiating.

She is survived by:

Mother: ShaKeitha Cartwright of Center
Father: Ellis Hoyt of Center

Destiny Jones of Washington D.C.
DeVincent Hoyt of Center
DeBreik Hoyt of Center
Keshun Hoyt of Shelbyville

Charvia Bell of Nacogdoches
Makenzie Mireles of Center
Jerlexis Hoyt of Center
Kenndie Mireles of Center
Marisha Lopaz of Center
Dominique Hoyt of San Antonio, TX
Makayla Cartwright of Center

Marilyn Fields of Center
Rev. James Jenkins of Center
Keith Cartwright of Shelbyville

Services are under the direction of Community Funeral Home, Center, Texas.

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Death occurred in the state of Texas

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