Austin Davis
- March 2014

Megan McKeon, a 24 year old mother, had to go to work, she had a son, Austin. So Megan SHOULD have done the right thing and got a baby sitter for Austin, she didn't. Megan put on a movie, left some food and some juice and went to work. After work she SHOULD have gone home to Austin, did she? NO! Megan felt it was okay to leave Austin alone ALL night long and longer so she she went to spend it with her boyfriend. I wonder if her boyfriend even WONDERED where Austin was.

Megan and Austin lived in a campground cabin, a place which she kept in filthy condition and a place that had no running water. Returning home about 90 hours, on March 27,  after abandoning her son to care for himself, Megan found him face down on the floor, his eyes were open and he was dead. Paramedics arrived and tried to save his life, but it didn't work. Megan freely admitted that she had left her son alone many times.

Austin was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead and it was thought that he might have taken some kind of medication, though that would be ruled out with toxicology reports.

Megan was arrested and she plead guilty to three misdemeanor counts of child abuse. Child abuse? This child is DEAD, she is responsible, she shouldn't get to plea to child abuse charges. Luckily the District Attorney dropped the child abuse charges and plans to charge her with child abuse resulting in the death of a child. Megan was held on a bond of $250,000.

Autin's grandmother was very upset about what happened to her grandson:

"What she did was not fair, it's a shame that a little child, a beautiful kid had to go through
this for her own sake, for her own selfishness. So what she did is horrible. And I wanna
make, I'm gonna go to every hearing. I want the world to know that he was a good kid, 
it wasn't fair to him and he was loved, we loved him more than anything"
Charity O'Konski

Charity said that Austin died of extreme dehydration. Megan was recharged with two counts of felony child abuse resulting in death.

Coroner Rob Ryg made the autopsy of Austin Davis public, as was ordered by a judge. Dr Michael Burson found that a review of the toxicology reports, Austin had did of "severe dehydration":

"This is represented by the electrolyte levels"

With the toxicology tests and other autopsy findings, Dr. Michael Burson said that the manner of death was homicide. At a hearing in May, the District Attorney's office Lawyers said that releasing the public records relating to the autopsy could go against Megan in court and that the public would condemn her on the results, concern was in the interest of a fair trial. Public Defender Sheryl Uhlmann, Megan's lawyers, also didn't want the records released. The only ones who wanted the record released were from a newspaper called "Steamboat Pilot & Today, their lawyer, Chris Beall, said that since lawmakers have seen fit to consider autopsy reports as public records, they should be released. Judicial Chief Judge Michael O'Hara said that there was not sufficient evidence to show that release of the records would cause any public opinions:

"The court concludes that petitioner has failed to carry his burden of proof that the release of
this record will cause substantial injury to public interest. Specifically, the court finds that the
possibility of a change of venue, the possibility that witnesses who have been interview might
become reluctant to speak to law enforcement and the potential public condemnation, do not
rise to the level of substantial injury to public interest"

It seems that the only way Austin was going to have a better life was to be taken away from his mother and birth father. Tyler O. Davis, who was 21 years old, had legal trouble of his own. Tyler had been soliciting under aged girls, trying to pay for them for sex. Tyler had was supposed to register as sex offender and never did, Tyler was supposed to go to a probation officer and he never did. In August he plead guilty to misdemeanor harassment as part of a plea deal that was originally a charge attempt to commit inducement of a child for prostitution. Tyler had already served time for the charges and was re-arrested when he violated his terms of probation.

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Death occurred in the state of Colorado

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