Emanuel Wesley Murray
January 25, 2009 - May 5, 2009
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Reports say that Jasmine Bedwell had a rough life from early on. Jasmine had run away from home at least 21 times by the time she was 14 year old and she had a Police record that included a battery charge against her own mother, from when she a fifth grade student and only 11 years old. Jasmine had a fight with her mother and during that fight, she shoved her and punched her in the ribs because she didn't want to do her chores. Lillie Bedwell had asked a boyfriend to call the police, during the attack.

By the age of 14 years old, Social Workers were involved in her life and though her first reactions were defiance, she was put into a program called "Hillsborough Kids" where she was given counseling. At the age of 17, she gave birth to her son, Emanuel, who was also the son of Emanuel Wesley Murray, though he would soon be out of the child's life because he went to prison for weapons charges.

Jasmine wanted her son to have a good life and case workers said that she did all she could to turn her life around so that he son could live a good life. Jasmine got help with getting a place to live and since she didn't have a car, she was given bus passes and was able to ask "Hillsborough Kids" for things the baby needed when she could not afford to get them:

" From everyone we talked to, she was a very good mother"
Jeff Rainey - President And Ceo - Hillsborough Kids Inc.

Early in the year 2009, Jasmine met Richard Anthony McTear, who was 21 years old at the time and after becoming involved in a relationship with him, they moved in together. Reports don't say if Jasmine knew it or not, but Richard also had a violent past having had fights with his mother. Jackie Patton had tried to break up a fight that Richard was having with his then girlfriend when he was 16 years old. Richard cornered his own mother and then hit her in the face. That same year, Jackie had tried to defend herself against her son, using a knife. Richard punched her and kicked her many times in her face and on her stomach and the Police report says that she was bleeding from her mouth.

In April of 2009, Jasmine knew the full force of his violent capabilities when Richard started beating on her. Jasmine ended up in the hospital and the department Of Children And Families was called. Richard had kicked her and beat her and threatened to come with a gun and kill her. Child Protection Officers with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office said that Jasmine tried to do all of the right things in order to protect herself and her son.

On April 7, 2009, Jasmine was in court with a Case Worker, with her paperwork filled out to get a temporary restraining order against Richard. The Judge granted the restraining order, but the next problem would be to find Richard and serve him with the order, 15 days later, Richard still had not been found and Jasmine was supposed to go back to court and inform that Judge that she still wanted the restraining order. Jasmine didn't return to court to pick up the needed paperwork so she didn't know that a court appearance had been scheduled for that following monday. Richard had not been located up to that point, so he also didn't know about the court date.

On May 5th of 2009, Richard showed up at Jasmine's home. There are no reports, that I can find, that say Jasmine called the police to say he was there, though she called them at about 3:15 a.m. after he left with her son. Jasmine and Richard got into a fight, he attacked her and threw Emanuel on the floor of her apartment, then he picked him up and  drove away with him. Jasmine told police that Richard had hit her and said "I'll kill the both of ya'll", before taking her son and leaving.

Emanuel was found on the side of the road, dead, at 4:30 a.m. that same day. At some point, Richard threw this precious little gift from God, out of the window of his Chevy Impala, on to the side of the road.This little Angels body was found by a television photographer who was on his way to work when he spotted something beside the road:

"It had to be a baby doll but it was too big to be a doll. I almost passed out, I started shaking:
Jason Bird

Jeff Rainey stated that Jasmine had been trying to do everything she could to protect him:

"That week, she had agreed to move out of the that apartment and we worked with her and
she had found a new apartment that she was going to move in to"

Jasmine sent an e-mail to a St. Petersburg Times reporter saying:

"I love my baby with all my heart and Emanuel was the only thing else I had left in my life.
I am really hurt. Not just bodywise, but feelings too"

Richard was caught and arrested just a few hours later. As this monster was being taken from the Police car to the Sheriff's offices he was asked what happened and he said:

"It's a dirty game. It's a dirty game"

Richard was facing ten charges including first degree murder, burglary, battery, felony battery aggravated child abuse and kidnapping. In his first court appearance, a Judge denied bail for Richard. An autopsy showed that Emanuel died of blunt force trauma to his head.

Emanuel's biological father sent a letter from prison. It is printed below the way it was when he sent it:

Dear Mr. Poltilove,

I received your letter, and thought about what you asked me in it. While I don’t mind let you know how I feel about Richard McTear Jr. I don’t know that much about the dude only what the news and my family told me. I know I hate Richard for what he did to my son. My son Emanuel W Murray Jr. didn’t have anything to do with him an Jasmine Bedwell relationship. So, I don’t know why he toke it out on my son. Then as I read in the paper a reporter ask him why? He replyed “it’s a dirty game.” I hope he die in jail. I look at my son’s picture ever night ask why my son. My family and I are going threw something that no one have to go threw. Me and Jasmine have to [bury] our son an feel we shouldn’t have to do. Our son should have [buried] us. It’s time I can’t go to sleep think about my son. I just hope we can get some justice. This McTear dude should die much as I want it to be from my hands. I know I shouldn’t think let that but if it was your son what would you do. I hope the judge give him the death pently for hes actions. That’s how I Emanuel Murray Sr. feel about Richard McTear Jr. Anything else you know how to reach me.


Emanuel W Murray Sr.

In January of 2013, Jasmine's second child was taken away from her and placed in a temporary foster home by the Department Of Children And Families. Jasmine sat in court with Emanuel, who she was dating again since his release from prison. Since A'Jon is a juvenile, DCF could not release any reason for his being removed from the home. After the death of her son, Jasmine had told a reporter that she planned to get back with Emanuel when he was released. Jasmine had previously told a Case Worker that Emanuel had abused her, but was now saying that it wasn't true, that she loves him. Jasmine was saying on her Facebook page that she loves her son A'Jon and that he is everything to her.

Jasmine Lovelyladi Bedwell
Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 12:26am


I find it disgusting that she couldn't post about her son without being foul that way. She also had a video on her Facebook page where her son was seen with a large dog, playing and she was cussing as she was saying that her phone would shut down in 30 seconds.

In August of 2013, while on the stand in court, Jasmine told about threats that had been made by Richard towards Emanuel, about killing him. Something happened that I will never understand. A mistrial was declared because Jasmine was not supposed to mention the threats, though she had never been told not to. Because the threats had been made and were related to charges that Richard had been acquitted of, the Judge had ruled they were not to be discussed in this court proceeding. Public Defender, Mike Peacock, said that Assistant State Attorney Ron Gale had not properly prepared Jasmine before court:

"The highly inflammatory nature of the alleged statements could have and should have been anticipated
by the state of Florida in the questioning of Jasmine Bedwell"

Ron Gale said that he had met with her for several hours but had not mentioned that she could not talk about the threats that had been made. Mike Peacock was saying that there should not be a second trial because of this mistake. Ron Gale said that only in situations where there is intentional misconduct by Prosecutors could there be a chance of no second trial and that since it the was the first day of trial, the state had no motive to cause a mistrial and they had nothing to gain from a mistrial.

Judge William Fuente gave time for both lawyers to submit more arguments and set a trial date for the month of July in 2014. The Judge ruled that Richard would face another trial. The Judge agreed that there was no intentional solicitation of comments from Jasmine. Assistant State Attorney Jalal Harb was going to seek the death penalty.



Emanuel Wesley Murray, who was four months old, died on May 5.

Published in TBO.com from May 5 to May 10, 2009

Sadly, another child dies of abuse and his obituary is nothing more than he lived and died.

UPDATE: January 8, 2017 -  Thank you Kami for another update.

In August of 2014 26 year old Richard McTear, who had been found guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping, battery and aggravated child abuse, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, though prosecutors had been asking for the death penalty. The jury took about seven hours to deliberate before deciding on this sentence.

To the very end, Richard's Lawyer Assistant Public Defender Mike Peacock claimed that there was no clear evidence stating that Richard had thrown Emanuel out of the car and onto the road. I guess the fact that this is where the baby was found escapes the mind of Mike Peacock.

Death occurred in the state of Tennessee

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