Emani Gabrielle Moss
August 23, 2004 - November 2, 2013
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Emani was a beautiful little ten year old girl who by all reports, loved life, dancing, playing guitar and attending church with her grandmother, Robin Moss, who she lived with since her stepmother, Tiffany Ross, had been abusing her. In 2010, Tiffany Ross had been placed on probation after she was convicted of child cruelty for beating this little Angel with a belt. DFCS records would show that Emani was doing a lot better after being placed with her grandmother and a school counselor noted that she was even doing much better in school.

In March of 2010, at the age of six, Emani told the school nurse that she was afraid to go home with her report card because she knew that she was going to be hurt by her parents for getting bad grades. The nurse checked Emani and found bruises on her body, the Police were called. Emani and Tiffany were both taken to the Police Station where it was discovered that Emani had welts on her chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Tiffany claimed she had only hit Emani three times with the belt. Tiffany was arrested and thta's when she was placed on probation for five years.

At some point, Emani was returned to the care of the father and stepmother and DFCS was contacted once again about suspected abuse. The case worker assigned to the case reviewed the file, but never contacted anyone in the family in any way and the case was "screened out" calling the injuries that Emani was said have "insignificant". In July of 2012, Emani tried to run away from her abusive home and once again, showed up to school with bruises on her body.

Two months before she died, DFCS was called AGAIN, by a friend of the famliy who said that Emani was in trouble and being neglected, she was very thin and something was seriously wrong. Once again, the call went unanswered for a illogical reason, no address was given so the case was "screened out" with a note "no addres and no current maltreatment". How can they say there is no maltreatment when a visit wasn't even done? NO ADDRESS? Then you go to the grandmother or to the school and find out where this child is!

In November of 2013, Emani's malnourished, burned body was found in a trash can. An autopsy showed that she had been emaciated,  having gone without food for several days before she died and that someone had tried to burn her body and it was suspected that this was done in order to cover up the crime of her abuse and neglect. Eman and Tiffany Moss were arrested and charged with her murder and were held without bond.

At some point, Eman had called 911 saying that his daughter had died and he was suicidal, though the part of about him saying he was suicidal is under investigation as maybe a miscommunication during the call. Eman eventually told Police that he was in a panic when Emani died and he put her into the trash bin and had tried to burn her body.

As it turned out, Robin Moss she had told DFCS that Emani was being abused and she had been fighting over custody of her granddaughter for over three years but was not successful in getting them to pay attention and give her legal custody of Emani. That makes this statement that she gave to reporters after Emani died, odd to me:

"If I had known that him and his wife were abusing my baby, I would not have let her stay \
over there.
I have to be here voice. I will be here voice"

I realize that this woman was a loving, caring and nuturting grandmother for this little Angel, but to say IF she had known that she was being abused? That's odd because she had been fighting for custody for three years BASED on abuse. She says she would have never let Emani stay over there, did she have a choice in that matter? I thought she didn't since DFCS made the ridiculous decision to return this child to a home where she had been abused and then bascially ingored repeated attempts to get some help for her.

In January of 2014, District Attorney Danny Porter filed the necessary paperwork to seek the death penalty against Eman and Tiffany Moss. Danny Porter said that the death of Emani was the most heinous case he had been witness to in 30 years, describing her murder as: Wantonly vile, horrible or inhumane in that it involved torture and depravity of the mind.

Robin Moss had mixed feelings about the request saying that she wanted justice for Emani, but didn't want to see her son die for what he did. Two younger children who also lived in the home were taken into DFCS custody, which should be a comfort, but some how, it's not. Eman's and Tiffany's families were both trying to get custody of the younger children and Robin Moss said she couldn't believe that Eman would hurt his daughter:

"Emani was his world. What I saw was that her loved every last one of his children"

Yeah, he loved them so much that he allowed one of them to starve to death and then tried to burn her body to cover up what they had done and then put her in the trash. If that's love? I'll pass!

Obituary for Lil Miss Emanie Gabrielle Moss

Emani G. Moss of Lawrenceville, Ga passed on November 2, 2013

Emani Gabrielle Moss (Angelface) was born on April 23, 2004 in Gwinnett County.

Emani was bright and beautiful and full of life. She enjoyed reading, dancing, cooking and making up songs. She enjoyed attending church with her Grandmother and would be seen preaching to her stuffed bears and dolls.

Emani loved school and excelled in all subjects. At the age of three, she attended the Susan Chambers School of Dance where she studied ballet. At the age of five Emani attended Gwinnett School of Music, where she took guitar lessons.

Emani's presence would light up a room and her spirit would be felt, she was an angel on earth. Emani will be greatly missed but always remembered.

Those left to cherish beautiful memories of Emani are: her grandmother, Robin McCarthur Moss; grand-father, Dwight Roderick Moss; aunt, Sharoniece Rich (Terry, Zyiah, India); uncle, Dwight R. Moss Jr. (and son); great-grandfather, Robert (Beverly)McCarthur; aunts, Linda Maria Norman (and family) and Yvette Riddle (and family); uncles, Robert McCarthur Jr. (and family), Doron M. (Britney) McCarthur; great-aunt, Sandra Hill; great-cousins, Lonnie L. Gray (and family), Stephanie Gray-Clark (and family), and Charles Ray Patrick (and family); siblings, Tristan Moss and Emma Moss; and a host of other family, classmates, teachers, and friends.

Donations in honor of Emani may be made at any Wells Fargo Bank.
Death occurred in the state of Georgia
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