Alexis Rose McClain
February 10, 2007 - July 9 2010
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Alexis lived in a home with her father, stepmother and three other people. This beautiful little Angel suffered at the hands of her father and stepmother and on July 8, 2010, she was taken to the hospital, on July 9, she was pronounced dead.

An indictment handed down against her father and stepmother says that the couple abused this little girl from October of 2009 up until her death in July of 2010 saying that these two people: "engaged in a continued pattern of conduct that resulted in cruel punishment, mistreatment or accumulation of injuries that resulted in the death of the child".

What could this child have done to enrage this couple so much that they would cause her death? My guess is that she had done NOTHING wrong and these two were just a couple of evil monsters. On July 8, Alexis was taken to Sterling Regional Medical Center and from there she was taken to Children's Hospital with a fractured skull, which later was described as a "crushed head", as well as an old fracture on one of her ribs, which was in the process of healing:

"She had physical injuries, which I know is pretty broad and head injuries. I can't really get
too specific right now until the autopsy results are released"
Lt. Joe McBride

An investigation was started and  Mark Weeks, who was 27 years old and Ginger Weeks, who was 34 years old were arrested for first degree murder and child abuse under a law that is directed at people who are in the position of trust and fatally injure children under the age of 12. The indictment said that the couple knowingly or recklessly caused the death of Alexis Rose McClain. Most of the details of the case were, at first, kept quiet due to a gag order that was in place though people in Sterling said that crimes of this nature never happened in their small town:

"Sterling is actually a pretty safe place to live. We don't have a lot issues like that here, very often.
It's a thing that it's one family's tragedy is what it amounts to"
Dennis Wilcox

"I believe this is the first child abuse resulting in death that they know of in the last 40 years"
Lt. Joe McBride

Police Chief Roy Breivick said that this was the first murder in this town since 2004.

Kim McClain just wanted justice for her daughter:

"I do. I really do. Because if I didn't feel that, I wouldn't express it. But I really do feel in my
heart that they're going to get what they deserve. I still don't know what happened to such a
beautiful, happy child. I think the longest conversation I was able to have with Alexis was
when she counted from zero to ten for me, you know and she told me she loved me and then
she did her ABC's"

Kim said she had met Mark when she was 18 years old and they both lived in California and she ended up pregnant and that there had been a custody battle in San Diego and that she had lost custody in 2009 and he had moved to Kansas to work with family, though he had moved to Colorado a short time ago and that after losing custody, she didn't know anything that was going on with her daughter and the abuse:

"It was just San Diego and they screwed up on a lot of stuff. The court system just wasn't very
justifiable out there. I was never told anything about my daughter. Nothing. Which breaks
my heart because if I would've known this was going on, I would've came her and got her
right away. I would've fought for her"

Kim was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Alexis on it as well as a bracelet on her left wrist, when she was interviewed:

"I bought it for Alexis but it was too big. So I told her when she gets bigger and it fits her, she can
have it back and I haven't taken it off since I've been here"

Kim had the sad task of having to go and get her daughters ashes:

"I had to pick up her ashes. But I was going able to get some of them. I've got to fight for the
rest of them.
I'm not going to just go with half of her, I want all of her. This is my first time 
coming to Colorado. When I
found this out, I thought it was like some kind of a cruel joke
Mark was playing"

Because of an ongoing custody battle, Kim was only able to pick up part of her daughter's ashes and she said that Mark has some animosity towards her and that he had made an obscene gesture towards her in court. Apparently there had been several people who saw the gesture and that Prosecutors would mention it at a later date, to the Judge.

In March of 2011 Ginger Weeks was in court after pleading guilty to child abuse resulting in death, which is a class three felony. Ginger, of course, was able to plea bargain and get a lighter sentence when she agreed to testify against Mark. Ginger's original indictment had been for a class one felony of murder one and a class two felony of child abuse.
Ginger's sentence after she avoided a trial by her plea to the lesser charges, was a RIDICULOUS 12 years with five years of probation upon her release. Judge Michael Singer made it very clear to her that there was no way for her back out of her plea deal and that her right to trial was gone with her guilty plea:

"There won't be any start over or any do over. There is no question that you are guilty"

Ginger told the Judge that she understood what he had just said. Ginger's Lawyer, Christopher Collins, said that they had not asked for bond because it would have been impractical and dangerous though he did ask that a no contact order between Ginger and Mark be lifted. Mark had plead not guilty to the charges against him and the Judge said there was a need for a protection order to ensure the integrity of the upcoming trial of Mark and that it would remain in place until the end of his trial.

In January of 2012, Mark Weeks was in court, handcuffed, looking at down as he appeared before Judge Michael Singer, waiting to be sentenced. Mark had been found guilty on charges of child abuse causing death and first degree murder of a victim under the age of 12 by one in a position of trust, on November 8, 2011. The mandatory sentence for this conviction was life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Brittany Lewton said that Weeks never gave any indication that he was the least bit sorry for what he did, he showed no remorse at all during any of the trial not even when pictures of Alexis during the autopsy were shown in court:

"We hope he suffers every day. There is never going to be a punishment that is good enough"

Brittany Lewton said that everyone involved on the Prosecution side of the case had given the best fight the could from the very beginning of this case and that the professionalism in this case proved that the justice system does work saying that the DA's Office has the job of representing the state, not the victim though she added:

"We do give a voice to those who have none. The child, when she died at the hands of her father, that
was a gift to her, setting her free from the torture and abuse that she had experienced"

Evidence in this case had shown that Alexis died of blunt force trauma, though what exactly had taken place the day she was taken to the hospital had never really come out and would remain a mystery. Evidence also showed that there was a pattern of abuse since Alexis' little body showed signs of bruises and injuries that were in various stages of healing.

Judge Michael Singer could not impose consecutive sentences which would mean that at some point, Mark could get out of prison. Mark Weeks was sentenced to 48 years in prison with five years of parole upon his release:

"If I could impose a consecutive sentence, I would do so. Nothing the court does today can satisfy
Alexis' interests. I hope before you meet your maker, you find out who you are and beg to make

Brittany Lewton said that this case had made it clear that there was a need for parenting education and that there is no one right way to raise a child, all parents struggle and need to know how to deal with challenges that come up with issues such as potty training and other things that can frustrate parents.

It's not a matter of educating someone to be a parent. People don't NEED an education in how NOT to beat a child, they need a heart, they need to NOT be evil and selfish! If a child is only in the way, find someone who will take care of them for you, don't kill them.

Death occurred in the state of Colorado
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