Alexis Catherine Greene
September 28, 2010 - November 13, 2010
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Alexis Catherine Greene was not a planned baby, but in 2010, her mother, Stephanie Greene, was pregnant and she and her husband were happy about having another child. Stephanie had been a nurse, but in 2004, her license was taken away because she tried to obtain mediations illegally, had been acting irrationally at work and she refused to take a drug test. Stephanie had been in a car accident in 1998 that left her in pain all the time, she needed relief from that pain and as the story of the life and death of Alexis shows, she would do ANYTHING to get that relief.

Stephanie took a  home pregnancy test and found out that she was for sure pregnant. Rather than talk to her family Doctor about it and find out the alternatives for pain management during pregnancy, Stephanie told her Doctor she was going to go to a Gynecologist to get birth control. Stephanie lied so that she could keep getting her Morphine pain patches from her family Doctor. Being a nurse, Stephanie knew that there was danger in taking pain killers while she was pregnant and if she chose to breast feed.

Alexis was born and Stephanie chose to continue with the pain patches and other medications she was taking. Only 45 days after her life had begun, Alexis was in trouble and Stephanie called 911 saying her baby was unconscious. The 911 call she made has her sounding groggy and a bit confused, Stephanie was unable to do proper CPR on Alexis, she couldn't count or keep the right pace. Police found many pill bottles and painkiller patches on the night stand next to her bed, easily accessible to her four year old son. Unfortunately, Alexis had no choice since her mother was breast feeding, she was found to have levels of Morphine in her system that could have killed a full grown adult.

Stephanie was arrested and her Defense Attorney, Rauch Wise, said that she had only been trying to ease the pain she had been feeling from the accident and that there was no proof that she had been the cause the of the level of Morphine in her daughter's system, adding that there was a lack of scientific evidence to show that Morphine builds up in breast milk. Well, Rauch, it seems we don't need Scientists to tell us that, we see it in this case, the baby is dead from a Morphine overdose. Rauch said that Stephanie had gone online to read about breast feeding while taking pain medications and that she decided not to listen to Doctors advice and do thinks that way she thought best.

Rauch Wise said that Stephanie was distraught and still grieving the loss of her daughter:

"The court can't punish her any more than she already has been by losing a child"

Rauch appears to believe this child died of natural causes. WRONG, Rauch, this child died because of the selfish, deceitful actions of a woman who cared more about herself than an helpless little child. She didn't LOSE a child, she CAUSED A CHILD TO DIE, there is a HUGE difference between those two things.

Stephanie was the first women in the United States to be convicted for killing a child while passing something to that child through breast feeding. Let's hope other women learn from that. Stephanie Greene, who was 39 years old at the time, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, the minimum allowed and she would have to serve at least 16 years before she could be up for parole. Rauch Wise said he was going to appeal that decision:

"She was a nurse. She knew how to work the system. She caused the loss of that child. We make
sacrifices every day for our children. She decided she was going to have her drugs and sacrifice
the health and ultimately, the life of her child"
Barry Barnette - Prosecutor

"She needed those meds to get up in the morning and function. She was on total disability because of her
pain, her Fibromyalgia and all the other things wrong with her"
Rauch Wise - Defense Attorney



Alexis Catherine Greene, 5 1/2 weeks old, went to be with the Lord, passing away peacefully in her sleep on Saturday, November 13, 2010.

She was born September 28, 2010, at Mary Black Memorial Hospital, and was the beloved daughter of Randall (Randy) T. and Stephanie I. Havko Greene.

In addition to her parents, she is survived by five siblings.

She was predeceased by paternal grandfather, Edward E. Greene, and maternal great-grandparents, A. Homer Havko, Sr., Joseph R. Zikmund, III and Irene Zikmund.

Funeral services will be 11:00 AM Wednesday, November 17, 2010, at the Chapel, conducted by the Rev. Michael P. Bragg. Burial will be in Greenlawn Memorial Gardens.

Floyd's Greenlawn Chapel

Published in Spartanburg Herald-Journal from November 16 to November 17, 2010

Death occurred in the state of South Carolina
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