Gabriel Trujillo
April 23, 2007 - February 17, 2012
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Most of the records connected with the case of Gabriel Trujillo have been sealed by the court, however, it was reported that in January of 2012, he had bruises and other injuries to his body that could not be explained. Reports say that the age of this child made it hard to determine if any of the bruises and scrapes on his body were just normal injuries due to him being a child or if they were due to abuse:

"It's a tough art to try and sort out intentional versus unintentional injuries once the kids are old
enough to walk. Once the children are older, then they understand that other people can be bad
and everything that happens to them isn't their fault"
Dr. Desmond Runyan

Gabriel and two of his siblings had been living with their maternal grandmother, Doris Becky Trujillo when his mother called the Human Services Department to report that she had seen a hug bruise on her son. She was told that she would need to call the Police, which she did. The Police told her the very next day, that everything seemed to be okay in the home.

on February 14, Doris called 911 and when the emergency crew arrived, she was holding the naked body of her grandson. Gabriel's temperature was only 89 degrees and Doris said she had punished him by making him stand out in the cold, naked. Gabriel was taken by ambulance, emaciated, covered in bruises and having what looked like cigarette burns on his body. Gabriel died a few days later with the cause of death being listed as blunt force injuries to his head as well as his neck. Children's Hospital Doctors said that he had "catastrophic head injuries" including cranial bleeding and that he was malnourished, had multiple contusions and hypothermia.

Teachers and family members did all they could to help Gabriel, once again, we see, that reporting abuse to the people paid to protect them, does no good.  A week before he died, members of Gabriel's paternal side of the family had called Child Protective Services to say that he was being abused, teachers had already called and an investigation had taken place in January when Social Workers visited this home. Elizabeth Trujillo, Gabriel's paternal grandmother had called to make a complaint.

For whatever reason, he was left there and on Valentines day, he was finally taken from the home, only not in a good way. A picture shows a very thin little boy with a broken arm and no smile on his face.

Gabriel was found, naked and unresponsive in the home of his grandmother and died after being removed from life support a few days later. In March of 2012, another woman living in the home of Doris Trujillo was arrested. Lana Roberts, a 48 year old woman, turned herself in and was charged with one count of child abuse, resulting in death. The charges against Lana would eventually be dropped.

Doris Trujillo had been awarded custody of her two granddaughters, age ten and 13 in March of 2011 and she was taking care of Gabriel as well. In court, a jury acquitted Doris Trujillo, who was the 60 year old grandmother of Gabriel, of murder charges. Doris WAS found guilty of criminally negligent child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury.

Prosecutors said that Gabriel had died of a subdural hematoma, a brain bleed, which was caused by a fall a few months before his death. It was reported that his body was bruised because the hematoma had made him very clumsy and he would fall a lot. Becky told the Judge that she would never hurt her grandson:

"Please don't send me to prison. I don't deserve that. I'm a good person. I didn't hurt him. I love my
grandchild. If I could do it over, I would get 100 Doctors"

Gabriel's older sisters asked the Judge to send her to prison:

'The things that she has done has made me very sad. It hurts. I wish she could stay in jail"
Krista - 14 years old

Christine Trujillo had testified about what she had seen her mother do to her son while she had legal custody of him and she wanted justice for him:

"I just want her to pay, to feel the pain my son felt"

The jury had not been able to prove that anything Becky had done to Gabriel had caused his death and the Judge said that even so, the charges that she faced were not due to any mistakes:

"Children the age of Gabriel are completely helpless. As a result, we as caretakers of children of
tender years bear the highest responsibility. This child received numerous bruises. They all occurred
when he was under your care, when you were supposed to be protecting him and you failed"
Judge Thomas Richard Ensor

Prosecutors said throughout the trail that Becky's story kept changing and never fully explained the full extent of the injuries Gabriel had suffered. When Police first responded to her home, she told them that Gabriel had fallen off of a chair, Police noticed that there was carpet under the chair. At the hospital, part of Gabriel's skull had to be cut away and removed in order for Doctors to relieve the pressure on his brain, he was hypothermic and badly bruised up.

Christine was happy that her mother got the maximum sentence, but as well as losing her son, she lost some family because they believed that Doris was innocent.


Death occurred in the state of Colorado
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