Evelynne Deuman
April 2011 - August 12, 2011
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Steven Deuman called his girlfriend, Natasha Maitland, to tell her that their daughter was not breathing. Steven said he had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, leaving 15 week old Evelynne on the bed surrounded by blankets and pillows to prevent her from falling off and when he returned, she was on the floor and not breathing. The couple didn't call 911 to get help for their daughter, instead, Natasha drove home from work and THEN they called 911, though they didn't wait for an ambulance, they drove to the hospital on their own. On the way, they were met by the ambulance crew who did their best to revive Evelynne, but she had been dead too long to be saved.

Evelynne had blood coming out of her nose and could not be revived and later that day Steven whispered to Natasha and that he had pulled a used condom out of their daughters mouth. A condom was found underneath a diaper in the bedroom and on the outside, was Evenlynn's DNA, on the inside, Steven's DNA was found.

Steven was arrested and charged with murder. Prosecutors said that Steven had orally raped his 15 month old daughter, killing her in the process as she choked on the condom. Steven's Defense Attorney said that Steven had not raped his daughter, that she had rolled off of the bed and managed to suck in the used condom and choke on it. The Prosecution said it didn't happen that way:

"This was no accident. She couldn't roll over, much less crawl. She certainly wasn't capable of
overcoming the obstacles on her bed, the pillows, to end up on the floor. Even if she did, how
is she going to suck that condom up"
Assistant U.S. Attorney - Phil Green

Phil Green said this case was "as heinous as it gets". An autopsy was done and no evidence of a fall was found and the cause of death was listed as asphyxiation. A Forensic Pathologist who had been hired by the defense said that this didn't prove that Steven had raped his daughter:

"Anything's possible, but I have difficulty envisioning that"
Ljubisa Jovan Dragovic

Steven stood firm on stating that he did not harm his daughter in any way and that it was only an accident, however, in court were other witnesses who claimed that as children, Steven had also sexually assaulted them.

In September of 2012, Steven Deuman was 26 years old when he was convicted of first degree murder and aggravated sexual assault in the death of this little Angel. Steven was facing a mandatory life in prison without parole, sentence. Due to the death of Evelynne happening on what is considered "Tribal Land", this would be a federal case. Evelynne's death occurred on the American Indian Reservation in Suttons Bay in Leelanau County. This land was held in trust by the Federal Government for the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Serious crimes that are committed on Indian Reservations are prosecuted by the Federal Government and Prosecutor Phil Green said:

"This crime was among the most contempt able and horrific crimes on can commit. He didn't
just orally rape the girl. He put her on the floor and left her to die. He didn't call 911. He didn't
do anything to save her life"

In July of 2013, Steven Deuman was sentenced to two life terms in prison. Natasha spoke in court and saying that her daughter had been smart and beautiful and telling Steven how she felt:

"If I was asked to describe you, two words stick out, coward and monster. You are a monster
what you did to Evelynne, that you would do such horrific things to take her life. I wish I could come up
with the words to explain how deeply I hurt. I will never hear her first words, see her first steps.
Evelynne had such great potential before the defendant stole it all away from her. You still
can't own up to what you did.
You are an evil person and you deserve the treatment you are
about to receive

Steven was still claming to be innocent:

"There really isn't much to say. In a way, I do feel responsible. My heart does deeply mourn the
loss of her. I feel bad for my son because he doesn't get to know his sister"

Judge Gordan Quist said this was one of the most serious and perverse crimes a person could commit, saying that he thought Steven to be a danger to all children:

"He would be very dangerous, in my judgment, at any stage of life"

Death occurred in the state of Michigan
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