Lydia Charity Schatz
March 15, 2002 - February 6, 2010
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Once again we have a death in connection with the same book that has been in connection with the deaths of two other children. Lydia Schatz was abused to death by parents who to all of their neighbors, seemed like good, Christian, God fearing people who loved their children. Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz had six children of their own and three children who they had adopted. Lydia and her sister Zariah are two sisters who had been adopted from Liberia, brought here to live a better life than what they had been living, too bad that never happened for them.

Kevin Schatz, who was 46 years old at the time and Elizabeth Schatz, who was 42 years old at the time, were arrested  after their adopted daughter Lydia was found not breathing and her sister Zariah, was left in critical condition, fighting for her life. Seven children were removed from their home and placed in protective custody and it sounds like it happened just in time or they might also end up like Lydia and Zariah. Interviews with the children in the home brought out the fact that the "book" was something the parents used to guide them in their discipline of the children. District Attorney Mike Ramsey was checking into the fact that there might also be a connection to a web site that encourages "Biblical discipline" in which parents were encouraged to use plastic and rubber tubing to "spank" their children.

A Defense Attorney for Kevin would not speak much about the case saying he had not had adequate time to review the case:

"All I can say is that the family is shocked, they are grieving the loss of their daughter and ask
that people of faith pray for everybody involved"

Prosecutors said that Lydia and Zariah had been beaten for hours with a quarter inch wide length of tubing which was removed from bedroom of their parents. Lydia, who was only seven years old was said to have been beaten because she couldn't pronounce a word properly while she was being home schooled, that was the day before she died. Lydia and Zariah were found to have deep tissue bruising and had whip like marks on their backs, bottoms and legs which looked to be the cause of significant tissue breakdown impairing their kidneys and other vital organs.

Some of the other children in the home said that their parents participated in what was considered a Christian way of disciplining children to make them grow up happy and healthy. I wonder how these monsters expected any of their children to grow up at all if they were intent on hurting them to the point of killing them. The children said that they were all disciplined with the rubber tube, but not as much as the two sisters had been. Kevin and Elizabeth were held on charges of torture and murder and their bonds were set at $2 million dollars each.

Trial dates were set and then reset and delays took place before a trial date was finally set. But a trial would never take place because in April of 2011, Kevin and Elizabeth entered guilty pleas, with Kevin pleading guilty to one count of second degree murder and torture and misdemeanor cruelty to a child. Kevin would serve 22 years to life for killing one daughter and abusing another. Elizabeth plead guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter, infliction of unlawful corporal punishment on a child and misdemeanor cruelty to a child and was sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison. Each was also sentenced to six months in the county jail and given a $20,000. fine.

A couple who knew the family well were quite shocked to learn what had happened. Paul and Laurie Mathers had met the family and become friends through their mutual Church. Paul and Laurie were shocked and upset to learn that the couple had been arrested and that they had been following the advice of the book and web sites that supposedly used Biblical discipline to raise children. The Mathers' had no idea that type of thing even existed until their friends were arrested for the death of their daughter, they had always thought highly of the Schatz's and thought there had to have been a mistake:

"I didn't know what was going on. We thought it was a mistake. Like maybe she fell we
didn't think this, we thought it had to be a mistake. Then we heard Zariah was in the
hospital and we had to face this. It didn't make any sense until we learned about the
***** teachings. I wanted understanding of what could have led to this tragedy and I
got it. The **** method was the missing link. My husband and I have spent hours
upon hours since this discovery pour over ***** literature, disgusted, horrified"
Laurie Mathers

"The ****** preach lies from the pit of Hell. I will not sit back and allow them to continue
to drag the name of Christ through the mud"
Paul Mathers
(**** indicates the name of the monsters who teach the supposed Biblical discipline, I will not print their names here because they are not worthy of mention)

Paul and Laurie did a ton of research and said this method of discipline was "morally repugnant outrageously evil and anti Christian":

"It was one of the most hate filled, wicked and evil systems I've encountered in my life, all with the
sheen of Christian and Happy families. It gets worse the more you dig. One of the major problems
is the extremely dangerous and wildly unBiblical position that they preach of sinless perfection being
achievable in this life time. Mix that with the strict discipline system with one's children and you can
probably put together for yourself how something like this could happen. You expect sinless perfection
and you will whip your child as often as needed if they fall short. They claim to be a Christian organization
and yet offer no grace and no mercy"
Paul and Laurie Mathers

Sadly, over a million people, or should I say brain dead followers,  have used this method of child rearing and in my opinion, each and every one of them should be found and their children taken from them immediately! This is the third child to be entered on to my site who has died with a connection to this evil teaching: Hannah Grace Rose Williams, Sean Paddock.


Lydia Charity Schatz (2002 - 2010)

Lydia, born in Liberia, went to be with the Lord on February 6, 2010 in Paradise, CA. Beloved daughter, sister, grandchild and niece. Lydia is survived by her family in Paradise as well as those out of the area.

Jesus said about children, "To such belongs the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 19:14

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations through The Memorial Bible Program of "The Gideon's International," Chico Camp, P.O. Box 1015, Chico, CA 95927 or in care of Newton-Bracewell Funeral Homes.

Remembering Lydia…
When first seen,
So quiet, so somber,
Her spirit grew,
Unfolding as a flower,
Bringing laughs, hugs,
Bright twinkling eyes,
And her unbelievably
Radiant smile.

Published in Paradise Post from February 22 to March 24, 2010

Death occurred in the state of California
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