Amanda Michelle Lane-Woodall
1992 - August 30, 2013

As a five week old infant, Amanda was beaten by her father, Anthony Shannon Lee. Anthony was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. Stephanie Pinson, Amanda's mother, was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact of child abuse and she was sentenced to two years in prison.

Anthony was out after serving his time, however, a second child, Ryan, was also beaten by this man upon his release and he was again convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Ryan and Amanda both survived their initial attacks by this man and being half siblings, they would meet later in life.

At the age of three months old after being beaten severely by her father, Amanda was accepted into the home of a woman named Nancy Woodall-Holmes, who took over the care of Amanda:

"She could only do less than a new born baby. She couldn't suck or swallow. She was blind and
non-verbal, fed through a tube in her stomach. The only movement she had was seizures. She
couldn't sit up, crawl, roll over, scratch or hold a toy. She stayed in the same bed for 22 years"

Nancy had cared for special needs children for 32 years and eventually adopted Amanda who had Cerebral Palsy as well as Diabetes which called for four injections every day. Nancy had help taking care of Amanda, her children, Michelle, Hannah and Matthew all helped over the years. Amanda was said to be a pure joy to those who knew her, always smiling, waking up and falling asleep each day with a smile on her face, laughing a lot and just a happy person. Nancy said that Amanda recognized her voice and would respond to her:

"Her life was such a gift to me. Everybody who crossed her path walked away a different person"

At one point, Nancy was asked if she would be willing to allow her pool to be used for other special needs children. Of course Nancy readily agreed and that lead to Amanda meeting her half brother, Ryan, who had also been beaten by their father and was now disabled and in a wheelchair:

"She and Ryan had their wheelchairs next to each other and their hands touched. It was like they
made a connection with each other"

The very day she had therapy in the pool with her half brother Ryan, Amanda was taken to the hospital where she died with her family around her:

"I want Amanda's death to mean something. I want her life to mean something. I know it will be a
controversial issue. Amanda had a life sentence. Her brother Ryan had a life sentence. Her death
ended in a death sentence. I don't think we should accept anything less for him"

Nancy was referring to Anthony Shannon Lane, who was charged with first degree murder 22 years after he beat his five week old daughter causing her to live the next 22 years with the problems she suffered as a result of that beating. An autopsy was done and it listed Amanda's cause of death as homicide caused by complications of blunt force head injury. Cold Case Detective Sgt. Dan Goodwin and Detective Steve Kohler interviewed doctors and other witnesses and then presented the case to the District Attorney's Office before Detective Kohler charged Anthony, in July of 2014.

Nancy says that she believes Amanda's death will make an impact on what happens to child abusers in the state of Tennessee, possibly helping to ensure longer sentences:

"But when the victim dies, then real justice will happen. It may take 23 years but justice will be served.
That's the message I want to get out there. I want Amanda's life and death to speak volumes for the
victims in Tennessee and for the abusers who get a slap on the wrist"


Amanda Lane Woodall, age 22 of LaVergne died Friday August 30, 2013. She was born in Nashville and is survived by her mother, Nancy Woodall of LaVergne; siblings, Michelle Durham of Smyrna, Hannah Woodall of Florida, Matthew Adam Woodall of Murfreesboro. Ms. Woodall is also survived by a host of loving Aunts Uncles and Cousins; as well as countless number of step and foster siblings. She was preceded in death by her father, Berley Holmes and step-father, Gary Grooms; grandparents, Leo and Jewel Butler.

Celebration of Mrs. Woodall’s life will be 3:00PM Monday at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna. Brother Milton Hick will officiate. Visitation will be after 12 Noon on Monday at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna 615-459-3254

Death occurred in the state of Tennessee
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